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You’re Not Lazy and You’re Not Crazy; It’s Just Your Hormones.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI recently tested my estrogen and progesterone levels – at home. ūüôā ¬†I’m 50 in a few weeks, and passed the “12 months no period = menopause” mark in January. I was curious.

It’s not the first time I’ve tested my sex hormones. ¬†Three times in the past, I went through my OB-Gyn for hormone blood tests, covered by insurance; and then 3 times I did both saliva and blood spot tests through a Functional Medicine doctor, and payed a fortune out of pocket. ¬†I also tested my cortisol levels throughout the day.

Not this time! ¬†Same lab, same tests, I paid $70, and had the results sent right to me. ¬†Freedom! I’ll explain how you can do this at the end of this post. ¬†First, let me explain why I think it’s a good idea to know what’s going on with our hormones.

Hormones Rule Us. ¬†This isn’t a Post on menopause, it’s a Post about body weight, and how we can use information to really tailor that whole “Food is Medicine” thing. ¬†It’s also a Post to reinforce that our body is a Chemistry Set, not a Math Equation. ¬†The whole calories in/calories out….. we don’t run that way.

Let me bullet point some facts about food and hormones to illustrate the futileness of believing that weight loss comes from calorie deficits, and the hormonal effects when we employ traditional diet methods, or even a Standard American Diet.

* The thyroid gland slows down production of thyroid hormone Рwhich slows down metabolism Рas soon as it even suspects a lack of food.  Our thyroid gland is supposed to protect us from starving.  The result of a few rounds of dieting?  A thyroid that stays sluggish even when calorie consumption rises.

* When we eat grains and sugar (all grains digest to sugar in the gut), the result is high blood sugar. ¬†High blood sugar induces high levels of the hormone Insulin. ¬†Insulin is a building, storage hormone, it’s also a caustic damaging hormone when in excess. ¬†For most Americans, insulin is in excess.

* Studies show that chronically high blood sugar actually destroys the thyroid gland, lowering metabolism even more via less thyroid hormone.

* When the hormone Insulin is elevated (say, after a breakfast of cereal, or a dinner of pasta), our cells are literally prohibited from burning fat for fuel. ¬†They’re only allowed to burn sugar. In our body, that’s a rule we can’t change. ¬†It’s part of our design.

* What happens when Insulin remains high – a la Insulin Resistance? ¬†Insulin resistance leads to Leptin resistance. ¬†Leptin is a satiety hormone. ¬†“Resistance” means the hormone can’t get into the cells to deliver it’s message. ¬† Leptin resistance means constant hunger.

* Ghrelin is a hunger hormone. It’s supposed to rise when our stomach is empty, and fall after we eat. ¬†Studies show that in people who eat “diet food”, ghrelin doesn’t fall, or fall properly. ¬†The result: ¬†we stay hungry. ¬†We need Real Whole Food to make the hunger hormones and the satiety hormones function correctly. ¬†Diet Coke with a Protein Bar won’t work; actually, that’s a recipe for hormonal disaster.

* Estrogen Dominance is pervasive today, in men, women, and children.  Too much estrogen causes low testosterone in men.  Excess estrogen causes low progesterone in women.  These are both hormonal situations that lead to weight gain.

* Cortisol is a hormone produced in the adrenal glands in response to the brains perception of stress, any kind of stress, even fake stress as in a scary movie.  Cortisol production inhibits sex hormone production.  Chronically high cortisol means chronically low sex hormones.  Chronically high cortisol is linked to insulin resistance ( it blocks insulin receptors on cells) and belly fat Рand heart disease.

* Lack of sleep messes up more hormones than we can count.  One of them is ghrelin.  Lack of sleep raises ghrelin, which increases hunger.

* Thyroid hormone Рagain, responsible for our metabolism Рis negatively affected by consumption of soy, fluoride, and chlorine.  Think protein bars, processed food, and municipal water.

* Drinking alcohol, any alcohol, causes an enzyme called aromatase to convert testosterone into estrogen. ¬†This happens to both men and women, and it causes “estrogen belly”, formerly know as “beer belly”.

*A diet full of processed foods, flour, sugar, and chemicals, severely disrupts our gut flora (even if this diet is low calorie). ¬†Our gut flora are highly involved in whether we burn predominantly fat or sugar. ¬†One example, and there’s many, is that the more diverse our gut species are, the better our liver gets rid of old hormones, like estrogen. ¬†Poor gut flora means poor elimination, and those hormones stay dangerously high in the blood.

* Numerous studies show that Vitamin D Рwhich is actually a hormone, greatly influences both weight loss and inflammation levels.  Vitamin D deficiency is epidemic!

* Numerous studies show that excessive exercise and chronic dieting raise levels of cortisol in the blood. ¬†Just like when Insulin is high, when cortisol is high, the body doesn’t burn fat, it burns sugar.

* Both Fructose and Trans Fats (present in most prepared foods, “diet” or not) both cause Insulin Resistance and raise markers of inflammatory hormones, again, inhibiting fat burning in the cell.

All that’s just the tip of the iceberg. ¬†Hopefully it was enough to convince you that losing weight isn’t about starving yourself, mini meals, excessive exercise, and diet foods. ¬†All that stuff does the opposite of permanent weight loss; those kind of diet efforts put you into a hormonal state that makes weight loss impossible.

How does this tie in with me testing some of my hormones at home? ¬†My health doesn’t come from my doctor; my health – and a healthy weight – comes from me paying attention to my body and making changes when I need too. ¬†Having normal levels of sex hormones is really important, to my weight, my brain, my energy, my immune system.

Everything is so connected. ¬†We’re not a bunch of individual parts that work independently, not even close. ¬†I also test my blood sugar, at least a couple times a month, and just recently I did an A1C ( which shows a 90 day average of blood sugar – a great marker for Alzheimer’s and inflammation ).

Food is medicine, or food is poison. ¬†When I know what’s going on in my body, I can literally use food as my medicine. ¬†For instance, now that I know how low my estrogen is, and that I’m fully menopausal, I’m using particular foods and herbs to naturally raise my estrogen, and progesterone. ¬†I’ll test again this summer and see how that’s working.

Last year I got really into Bikram yoga. ¬†A friend of mind wondered if that level of heat stress caused a cortisol release, which causes high blood sugar. ¬†So I took my glucometer to the studio and tested a couple times. ¬†I’ve also tested after I’ve taught some tough boot camp classes. ¬†Exercise doesn’t stress me, I know that now because my blood sugar was good each time.

However, I’ve also tested after tornados blow through my house and seen that my blood sugar is high. ¬†( we’re a big family who loves each other but … stress happens. )

Testing at home is fun, affordable, and while a full CBC panel can be confusing to interpret, a hormone panel, blood sugar numbers, and A1C aren’t, at all. ¬†And they give you some real black and white answers about the state of your health.

I encourage all my weight loss clients to regularly test their blood sugar as it’s such a strong tool for weight loss: ¬†if blood sugar’s high, the hormone Insulin is high. ¬†When insulin is high, fat loss doesn’t happen. ¬†Notice I said fat loss not weight loss. ¬†You can starve some weight off, but if insulin is high, and worse, if the hormone cortisol is high from the stress of dieting/hunger/excessive exercise, the weight comes mostly in the form of muscle tissue, not fat tissue. ¬†Less muscle tissue means a lower daily calorie burn.

Again, we’re a big cycle. ¬†Here’s the links to the tests, if you want help with using them to lose weight or get healthy, or both, contact me and let’s work together.

To order the hormone panel:

To buy a glucometer/blood sugar meter:

To buy an A1C:

Weight Loss, Heart Disease, Sugar Addiction, Plus, How I Stopped My Cravings.

I received some good emails this week that I want to address in the blog. ¬†In one, a 43 year old man described himself as diabetic, overweight, hypertensive ( high blood pressure ), and on a blood thinner (from thick, sticky, blood). ¬†He needs help losing weight, and doesn’t understand why I would say he has Heart Disease. ¬†He’s gained 14 pounds in the past month.

Another email was a plea for help with sugar addiction, from a woman who has chronic fatigue and depression to the point of not being able to get out of bed for 7 weeks. ¬†She’s also gained 28 pounds since September.

While these 2 people seem to present different problems, honestly, their issues are the same: ¬†they’re incredibly nutrient deficient; their cells haven’t received the vitamins, minerals, fats and proteins they need to function normally, and now their bodies are breaking down.

How can you be nutrient deficient and overweight? ¬†Easy. ¬†Just because our fat cells are stuffed, doesn’t mean we’re getting the nutrients our body needs to run correctly.

Imagine putting water in your car’s gas tank. ¬†It’s a liquid. ¬†The tank would be full, but it wouldn’t run. That’s not the right fuel for the car.

Sugar, grains, bad fats, and chemicals aren’t the right fuels for us. Food is medicine, or food is poison. ¬†That stuff is poison and it’ll kill us eventually, after making us sick for years.

Resources and suggestions will be at the end of the Post, but first:

Robert wants to know why I said he has Heart Disease when his doctors have given his heart a clean bill of health. ¬†I’m so glad he asked, because this applies to so many people.

The causes of Heart Disease are being re-identified by modern science. ¬†Inflammation ( anywhere in the body ) that’s persistent or chronic ( i.e., not just a response to a cut or injury ) is damaging, and a huge cause of Heart Disease, the number one killer in the US.

Diabetes causes inflammation from high blood sugar and high insulin, that’s because blood sugar(glucose) and insulin do a lot of damage when they zip too long and too often through the blood stream. Diabetes causes heart disease. ¬†Heart disease and stroke are the #1 cause of death among Type 2 Diabetics. ¬†Think you’re okay because you’re on diabetes meds? ¬†You’re not. ¬†In the studies determining who died of what, the diabetics who died from heart disease were¬†on meds. ¬†Besides that, meds all come with a long and dangerous list of side effects. ¬†Medications address symptoms – not causes. ¬†Diabetes drugs cause pancreatitis, pancreatic cancer, kidney problems and more. ¬†These diseases take years to manifest, just like diabetes takes years to manifest, and while it’s “manifesting”, damage is happening.

Other clues to Robert having heart disease: ¬†high blood pressure (HBP) and thick blood. ¬†This means the arteries are either narrowed or stiff, which makes the heart pump harder, and thick blood is also harder for the heart to push around. ¬†HBP is the #1 cause for Cardiovascular Disease. ¬†Thick blood is on that list too. ¬†Medications mask the symptoms, but the REASON for the symptom isn’t solved by meds, so the problems persist all the while the side effects of the medications are building.

Natasha, you ate a healthy diet and ran 20 miles a week before you fell ill. ¬†I thought that I ate a healthy diet, but I still got blood clots, asthma, fatigue, and horrible IBS ( inflammatory bowel syndrome ). That’s because I actually just “dieted”: ¬†low calorie, low fat foods, many of them processed. ¬†Luckily for me, I’ve always eaten a lot of vegetables, and I’m going to assume you did too. ¬†Unluckily for me, thanks to keeping my fat grams to 20 or less a DAY (except for the days I’d binge), I absorbed very little of the vitamins or minerals in those vegetables. ¬†I also consumed an enormous amount of trans fats and hydrogenated oils in all my fake cheese and dairy products, protein bars, and frozen diet meals. To add insult to injury, I was a big “healthy whole grain” believer/ addict, and did my best to get the 6 to 12 daily servings our government recommended.

I was at a lecture yesterday by the Weston A Price foundation, and the speaker РSally Fallon Рcalled this kind of diet a Diabetes Starter Kit.  I love that!!

Anyway, Natasha’s struggle with fatigue and depression are the result of her brain, her heart, and her mitochondria/ fuel burners in her cells, NOT getting the fuel they need to function optimally.

Luckily, our body wants to be normal, and our cells are constantly renewing themselves. ¬†For most of us, we can fix what’s wrong. ¬†Robert and Natasha can. I did, you can too. ¬†All we have to do is eat a diet that supplies the nutrients our body craves: ¬†healthy fats, good proteins, tons of vegetables, some nuts and seeds, and a little fruit. ¬†Whole fat dairy, preferably raw, if you tolerate it.

Try this:  Buy Kerry Gold Butter, a good Olive Oil, and unrefined Coconut Oil.  Start using these in Every Single Meal.  For me, this is the #1 key to stopping cravings, losing weight, and changing our cells for the better.  What do you have to lose???

Eggs/sausage/bacon/veggies for breakfast?  Fry them in 2 to 3 tablespoons of butter or coconut oil.  Or add Coconut oil to your smoothie.

Cover your lunch meats and veggies and cheeses with olive oil – and I mean cover.

Make sure every dinner is cooked or covered in these fats.

No more tiny meals either, on small plates with baby forks, THAT’S JUST DUMB. Small meals of insufficient calories slow down your thyroid, something NOT conducive to losing weight. ¬†Use a grown up plate and eat a serving size that makes your brain relax and not go into starvation mode.

Make your own salad dressings, again, using those good fats. ¬†Go through your pantry and THROW OUT all your crackers, cereal, breads, cookies, and junk food. ¬†Anything “snackie”; ¬†this might include NUTS.

Here’s my opinion on nuts (which I literally get asked at least once a week): ¬†nuts have a TON of nutrients. ¬†Unfortunately, for so many, they’re a trigger food, and most people, and ALL ADDICTS, can’t stop at a handful. ¬†Trigger foods in your house will ALWAYS rule you, ALWAYS. ¬†This is a fact, so get rid of your trigger foods today.

Make a shopping list, then shop, chop, prep, and do power cooking ( cook in big batches ) if you need too. ¬†Take your weekly schedule into consideration when you make your list and then make a food plan of when and where and what you’re going to eat in the coming week. ¬†Got a bunch of kid’s activities in the evening? ¬†Put food in a crock pot that morning. ¬†Need to pack lunches but know your morning is going to be rushed? ¬†Do it the night before. ¬†Bake 10 potatoes at one time and refrigerate them. ¬†Make a batch of broth ( another great source of fats and nutrients ) and use that like water in your food all week. ¬†Make and refrigerate chili’s or stews or soups, their flavors intensify after a few days.

The more attention you give to making Real Whole Food work in your daily life, the easier it gets, and the healthier – and leaner – you get. ¬†You can do this. ¬†I met a woman yesterday who, at age 55, lost 70 pounds by switching to Real Whole Foods, and she’s kept if off for 8 years. ¬†After years of dieting, she now eats a ton of fat and is thin.

You can be too, I promise. ¬†Please investigate the resources below; fill your mind with the why’s and how-to’s of feeding your body the nutrients it needs to remake and repair itself every single day.

Cruises, Vacations, and Holiday’s Don’t Have To Mean Weight-Gain; and a Recipe

20150218_073710Mark and I just got back from our fourth Marriage Cruise. I call it “The Love Boat”, but it’s really the Family Life Love Like You Mean It Cruise, and it’s fantastic! ¬†The lectures, meetings, and services are all focused on being a Godly, loving, couple, and we so believe in it we’re committed to going every year for the rest of our lives. ¬†Plus, we love cruises:)

I get asked, “how do you eat well on a ship?” ¬†Everyone know that cruise ships are Food Central, ¬†food (seems) free, and it’s everywhere, 24-7.

Mark and I weighed ourselves the day we left, and we weighed ourselves the day we got back,…… we both weighed the same. ¬†No weight gain and I didn’t expect any weight gain, so no surprise either.

I don’t gain weight over the holidays, on vacation, or – and this used to be a problem for me for years – over the weekend, ever. ¬†I don’t diet, and I eat enormous amounts of fat, and big hearty dinners.

I’m not bragging, I’m not lucky, and I’m not special. ¬†I just know that I’m not a Calories In – Calories Out body, I’m a Chemistry Set. ¬†My body is full of cells and hormones and enzymes and I need to put food in that allows everything to run like God intended.

Here’s the secret when it comes to food: ¬†3 meals a day of Real Whole Food: plenty of healthy fats, TONS of vegetables, clean and lean meats, a little fruit, a little nuts and seeds, and whole fat, raw dairy. ¬†I never snack, neither does Mark. ¬†We don’t need to because we’re not hungry between meals. ¬†It’s actually really easy to eat healthy on a cruise ship; nothing’s organic or local, but there’s a great selection of meats and vegetables, and olive oil galore; our plates are stacked!

When we get to a holiday or a vacation, we STICK TO OUR PLAN, here’s why.

(1) We’re scared of gluten and chemicals. They cause cancer and chronic diseases. ¬†(2) We shy away from causing ourselves Food Hangovers or Bloated Stomachs. ¬†(3) We remember we love feeling awake, alert, energetic, and healthy.

In other words, we’ve trained our brains when it comes to food. ¬†Most people don’t. ¬†Most people – and we’ve been here – struggle with wanting grains, sugar, and chemicals. ¬†These substances create the same addictions – in the brain – that drugs and alcohol do. ¬†You might not think of yourself as a food addict, but if you eat foods that trigger addiction centers in the brain, you are.

You either need to wean off the bad foods, or go cold turkey, but¬†if it’s just about weight loss, and if you don’t have a plan, it’ll never work. ¬†That’s why almost 100% of everyone who loses weight on a diet, gains it back. ¬†50% of those people gain back more than they lost.

You don’t have to give in to food addiction; you’re not doomed to be sick, overweight, or tired, honest. ¬†Get in touch with me, think where you could be in a year if you weren’t controlled by bad food. ¬†Think what your life could be like if you got to focus on living instead of your weight or managing your illnesses. ¬†Think of the positive changes you could create in your children’s lives if your home was healthier. ¬†

Other people change; we did, you can too!

On that end note, here’s our dinner last night:¬†venison sausage, collards, onions, and garlic cooked in butter and coconut oil and brie cheese, and a side of saut√©ed plantains in coconut oil and butter, with plenty of salt! ¬†SO DELICIOUS!



Holiday Eating Gone Bad? 8 Facts To Scare You Straight.

me:girlsIt’s the holiday season, you’re busy, you’re struggling, you want motivation, so I’ll be fast and effective.

I’ve had several emails and comments in the past two weeks full of regret and remorse over Eating Gone Bad. ¬†There’s definitely the sense of, ” I couldn’t help myself because…”

A client friend said to me yesterday, ” I want to become scared of flour and sugar, like you are.” ¬†I want ALL OF YOU TO BECOME SCARED OF FLOUR AND SUGAR, like I am! ¬†Let me scare you straight, quickly.

Simple carbs from Grains and Sugar cause high levels of sugar and insulin in your blood/arteries/veins. The negative health effects from this are PROFOUND:

1) Excess blood sugar ( from sugar and grains) is converted to Triglycerides and stored in our fat cells.

2) Excess blood sugar “GLYCATES” proteins and lipids in our blood and body. ¬†EXAMPLES OF GLYCATION ARE WRINKLES, AGE SPOTS, AND IMPOTENCE. ¬† Alzheimer’s is being called Diabetes Type 3 because of the plaques/glycation of the brain, which is composed of fats and proteins.

3) Alzheimer’s, Migraines, Dementia, and all sorts of Neurological Conditions, including ADD and Mood Disorders, are highly associated with high blood sugar and insulin.

4) Cancer cells are covered with Insulin Receptors.  Cancer cells eat SUGAR.  The insulin receptors that cover cancer cells make sure those cells get all the sugar they want and need to grow and thrive.   APPLY THAT THOUGHT TO YOUR KIDS THE NEXT TIME YOU FEED THEM MAC N CHEESE WITH A SIDE OF BREAD.  Seriously.  That stuff is poison!

5) Heart disease is caused by several conditions initiated by sugar and insulin: ¬†excess sugar thickens the blood; excess sugar robs the heart of it’s favorite mineral – Magnesium, and it’s favorite vitamin – the Bs ( that’s because digesting/metabolizing sugar requires an enormous amount of Magnesium and B vitamins ); and excess sugar and insulin severely damage artery walls, in several ways.

6) Damage to the artery walls ( whether those arteries are near your heart, in your neck, or MEN: ¬†IN YOUR FAVORITE ORGAN THAT FILLS WITH BLOOD!!) means they need to be “fixed”. ¬†In an effort to mitigate the damage we do, the liver puts together PLAQUE patches, and sends them to the sites of the damage. ¬†This keeps us alive for years, but eventually, the high blood pressure, the thick blood, the extra stress on the heart, comes back to Bite Us In The Butt.

7) Excess sugars can completely change the Bacterial Composition of your entire gut: from the stomach, which needs to have just a tiny bit of H-Pylori and a TON of acid to be optimal, to the small intestine, which should be intact but more often then not is “LEAKY” or plagued with SIBO ( small intestinal bacterial overgrowth. ¬†If you bloat badly, ask me about this.), ¬†to the large intestine, which should house at least a few POUNDS of beneficial bacteria that perform literally THOUSANDS of jobs for our bodies. ¬†Constipation, Bloat, Reflux, Diarrhea: NOT NORMAL! ¬†It means you’re not¬†breaking down and absorbing your nutrients which sets the stage for all sorts of disease and dysfunctions.

8) Excess sugar and insulin suppress your immune system, IMMEDIATELY, for up to 24 hours. ¬†This means if you let your kid eat a breakfast of pop tarts or crappy cereal, and then send them to school to sit by someone on the bus or in the classroom who’s coughing or sneezing, they’re an EASY TARGET for the germs to set up house and proliferate. Same for you: a quick muffin or sugar/chemical drink at Starbucks, then off to an office/gym filled with bad germs? ¬†You’re a sitting duck!

I could go on and on, but say this to yourself:  Food Is Medicine, or Food Is Poison; for me, and for my kids.

Then, delete the ancient notion that eating well means Dieting; eating low fat/no fat chicken and steamed broccoli is a recipe for a Rebound Binge.

That’s why I love the Paleo Diet: ¬†Real Whole Food with plenty of good FAT, good meats and proteins, TONS of vegetables, some fruit, some nuts and seeds, and GOOD dairy if you can tolerate it. ¬†The Paleo Diet even includes Real Whole Food DESSERTS, what’s not to like? ¬†( Christmas Paleo Party at my house, 12/12/14, from 12 -2. Everyone’s invited, and you’ll get to see just how good Real Whole Food is!)

If Food Addiction is your struggle, then all the common sense/information in the world doesn’t help too much. ¬†Read my last post. ¬† If you have trouble staying away from grains and sugar, know that they contain compounds that trigger addiction centers in your brain, and your child’s brain. ¬†That doesn’t happen with Real Whole Food.¬†

Finally, in this stressful, busy season of the year, acknowledge that “eating for stress relief” doesn’t actually Relieve Your Stress, it makes you MORE STRESSED afterwards. ¬†Just the opposite of sitting down to a Real Whole Food meal, which actually satiates your mind and body.

Change today. ¬†Don’t wait til the season is over. ¬†We’re talking about your health, your mind, and the example you’re instilling in your kids. ¬†The food you put in your mouth matters. ¬†I’ll say it again: ¬†Food is Medicine, or Food is Poison.

It’s Time To Break Up With Grains, Because They’re Killing You and Your Family.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhat a dramatic title, I know my kids are rolling their eyes, but it’s true. ¬†At this point in the information age, I think many actually believe that grains do cause disease, and definitely weight gain. ¬†It’s just that………the thought of No More Grains is so Sad.

Let me help you get over that. ¬†No one’s more addicted and in love with grains than I was, and I’m free. ¬†You can be too.

It’s like getting off drugs and alcohol; you’ll feel SO GOOD without it. ¬†You’ll be free from bloat, brain fog, headaches, bad periods, high blood pressure, resistant weight loss, sore joints, and the list goes on and on and on.

If you’re carrying extra weight, you’ll be free from that too. ¬†

Grains, both gluten-free and gluten-loaded, are a veritable boat load of problems. ¬†If your doctor’s telling you ( like ours does ) that whole grains are “good”, ignore that. ¬†Main Stream dogma has created a U.S. that’s 70% overweight, 70% on medications, and a population literally riddled with cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer. Add to that, our kids are on more medications for behavior and health issues than we could have ever imagined.

Every single paradigm that’s been pushed on us for the past several decades needs to be identified, examined, and stopped. ¬†One of those paradigms is that Grains Are Good For Us, and we need carbohydrates for energy and health.

Pure lies.

Grains make most of us Fat; and if they don’t make us fat ( they didn’t make me fat ) they make us Bloated ( I had the stomach of a 7 month pregnant woman every afternoon for years ), or sick. ¬†Grains are digested in the gut to simple sugars, either Glucose or Fructose. ¬†( White sugar and honey are also digested to Glucose or Fructose, hence, a carb is a carb is a carb. ) Glucose goes through the intestine wall and into the blood stream, then it’s known as “Blood Sugar”.

Americans, and much of the World, have notoriously high blood sugar. ( China has the most diabetics, India’s next, and we’re 3rd.)) ¬†Insulin is the hormone sent out to lower blood sugar.

Read this:  High blood sugar wrecks havoc on our arteries, our nerves, our brain, our hormones, our skin, and our weight.  Excess blood sugar is converted to triglycerides /fat and stored, mostly in our torso region.  High insulin is also incredibly damaging, leading to inflammation all over the entire body.

High Insulin causes the body to hold on to salt, high insulin inhibits the body from absorbing magnesium, high insulin damages artery walls; ¬†high insulin causes Diabetes, high insulin is highly correlated with several cancers; high insulin causes high cortisol – which is damaging in it’s own right; high insulin upsets our sex hormone production and balance.

I could go on and on, but that’s a little surface scratch of the damage high blood sugar and high insulin cause in us, and our children.

To add insult to injury, grains contain “anti-nutrients”.

“Gluten’s” a notorious term; there’s constant debate about whether it’s okay for us if we’re “not-sensitive”, or is it bad for everyone. ¬† It’s bad for everyone, honest.

Glutens are proteins found in grains that are nearly impossible to digest. ¬†Wheat alone,¬†“is capable of producing no less than 23,788 different proteins” ¬†Proteins from grains wreck havoc that proteins from animals don’t even come close to causing.

No matter what Main Stream says, NO HUMAN ON EARTH HAS THE DIGESTIVE ENZYMES TO BREAK DOWN GLUTEN PROTEINS. ¬†No Human. ¬†What this means is that eventually… gluten is going to get you. ¬†Your body might be able to repair the damage gluten does for years, decades even, but not forever.

70% of reactions to Gluten don’t even happen in the gut, so if you don’t experience bloat, pain, gas, but instead have joint issues, skin issues, headaches/migraines, trouble focusing, or Moms: ¬†behavior problems, there’s a good chance it’s a gluten sensitivity or allergy; possibly even full celiac. ¬†( ¬†GET TESTED FOR CELIAC AND GLUTEN ANTI-BODIES IF YOU’RE SYMPTOMATIC. )

One last fact about the proteins in grains: ¬†many of them are OPIOD in nature. ¬†This means their structure is compatible with opiod receptors in our brain. ¬†THIS IS WHY THE THOUGHT OF BREAKING UP WITH GRAINS IS SO HARD, THEY’RE LITERALLY AN ADDICTIVE PLEASURE.

How do you quit? Make a plan! You’ll need to shop, cook, and pack. ¬†Moms, I hear you already: ¬†“My kids/husband will ONLY eat pasta/bread/pizza/chicken nuggets.” ¬†I know. ¬†We lived that way for yeaaarrrs. ¬†We’re American, and that’s the crap we eat. ¬†When I put a cold turkey moratorium on Grains, there was an honest to God uprising in my house. ¬†Teenagers and husbands are a tough mix to battle, but it’s a battle you need to win.

What to do initially: start replacing the wheat flour products with gluten-free products. ¬†(Weaning is always easier than cold turkey. Trust me, you won’t be able to just change your household with the blink of an eye. ¬†If only… ) ¬†Simultaneously focus on replacing the breads and desserts with grain-free flour recipes. (There’s a learning curve, but it’s worth it). ¬†There’s hardly a store in the world not selling almond or coconut flour, but if you live some place that doesn’t carry it, order them on line. ¬†I promise you, after the initial upheaval, practice/persistence/patience will prevail.

If you’re intimidated by the thought of the time it takes to make Real Whole Food for yourself and your family, as opposed to throwing pasta in water or chicken nuggets on a pan, GET OVER IT. ¬†Honestly! ¬†We’ve been brainwashed since birth that Fake Food/Crappy Food is “Okay”. ¬†It’s not. ¬†Ever. ¬†Work on changing your thoughts from “ugh, too much time”, to the sequence of steps you need to take to make a meal.

Don’t focus on the Problem, Focus on the Solution.

Some of my favorite recipes? ¬†Coconut milk bread, everyone loves this. ¬†Pizza crust from Zen Belly.¬†¬†And if you’re looking for sweets ( and anything else), the options are literally endless:


Elana’s Pantry

Simple Stupid Paleo

All Day I Dream About Food

Finally, with Thanksgiving in a few days, here’s a post from last year (2013) on our Thanksgiving food and recipes; 100% totally grain free and delicious:


Action Plan to End Food Cravings, Forever.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhether you have a weight issue or not, cravings can be a bear.  Cravings are incredibly powerful; and weight loss with cravings is almost impossible.

What to do? ¬†Here’s several ideas, but first, what creates cravings? ¬†Low calorie diets, low fat diets, and low nutrient diets, fatigue, stress, and habits. ¬†Sound daunting? ¬†If I eliminated my cravings, you can too.

Here’s a Big List of How-To’s:

Get rid of your fear of fat, now. ¬†Fat satiates; and not because it fills you up, which it actually does, but Fat triggers satiety hormones – really! ¬†Fat makes our Brain say, “aaahhh”.

L-Glutamine, an amino acid that helps build Dopamine ( an anti-anxiety neurotransmitter ). L- Glutamine also helps balance blood sugar. ¬†Anxiety and low blood sugar ALWAYS causes cravings. ( I use Biotics, and I LOVE this product. I also take it on heavy leg days, and I suggest it to all my leaky gut clients. ¬†L-GLutamine is used by muscle cells and endothelial cells to rebuild themselves. ¬†It’s a different dosing/timing than when using for neurotransmitter building.)

Stop eating sugar and grains, which trigger hunger hormones and addiction centers in your brain. Sugar is more addictive then cocaine in lab studies. ¬†No one in your house needs this stuff. A little here and a little there? ¬†It just keeps you addicted. ¬† SUGARS AND GRAINS ARE 99% OF ALL CRAVINGS, RIGHT? ¬†No one’s craving broccoli. ¬†Stop buying the stuff. ¬†Seriously.

Hot drinks mid morning and mid afternoon: ¬†Bullet Proof Coffee and Bullet Proof Tea: ¬†organic tea/coffee with (Kerry Gold) ¬†grass-fed BUTTER and (Biotics) MCT oil or coconut oil. ¬† This is delicious, and the fat knocks out appetite and cravings while at the same time stimulating your brain. ¬†(Ditch the Mad Scientist concoctions they sell at Starbucks, they’re loaded with sugar, artificial sugar, and chemicals.)

5 HTP, an amino acid that helps build Serotonin.  We need level moods to not have cravings. Again, I use Biotics brand.****Serotonin builds Melatonin, Melatonin helps us sleep well.  Fatigue is a HUGE inducer of cravings.  I know a couple other great supplements for sleep, email me.

L-Tyrosine, I LOVE this and have used it every day for 18 months. ¬†It’s an amino acid that helps build your catacolamines. ¬†That means it helps with energy ( among other things ), and we often drift to snacking/cravings when tired, right? ¬†( I use Biotics)

( **** ¬† One of my favorite ENERGY/DON’T SNACK tricks: ¬†mid afternoon tea with a little MCT oil, and 2 tyrosines. ¬†It’s magic. ********)

Digestive enzymes and HCl. ¬†(again, I use Biotics products). ¬†You might have the best diet in the world, but if you’re not breaking down your food so that nutrients can be absorbed, you’re Nutrient Deficient. ¬† ¬†Nutrient Deficient people are loaded with cravings.

Probiotics, probiotic foods, probiotic drinks. Cultured and fermented vegetables, keifer, kombucha, and real yogurt. There‚Äôs millions more bacteria in cultured food than in any probiotic supplement. If you‚Äôre trying to improve health, use the pills along with the foods/drinks, at least initially. ¬† ¬†If your gut bacteria is out of whack, you’ll have cravings for sugar, because that’s what Bad Bugs eat. ¬†Candida is a prime example of this.¬†

Exercise APPROPRIATELY.  If your workout leaves you STARVING, which leads to cravings, you worked out too hard. Dial it back.

Clean your liver. ¬†Our liver plays a vital role in getting nutrients into our cells and “trash” out of our body. But did you know our livers are the BIGGEST source of calorie burning in our WHOLE BODY? ¬†Our heart and brain are next, and then comes our muscles. ¬† A slow, clogged, overworked, exhausted liver craves nutrients. Drink alcohol, take a lot of meds, eat sugar and chemical/processed foods, eat late at night, I guarantee it’s over burdened. ¬†I use a Biotics liver detox twice a year, and 2 tinctures by Herb Pharm every couple of months: ¬†Milk Thistle and Liver Health.

Go on a Ketogenic Diet:  High Fat, Moderate Protein, and a TON of greens and cruciferous vegetables.  This literally knocks out cravings of any kind, honestly.  Check this out for meal ideas and guidelines.  

Stop eating Processed Foods. ¬†They’re created in a LABORATORY and specifically designed to trigger desires in your brain for more and more and more. ¬†Really. ¬†McDonald’s milkshakes and Doritios are NOT delicious food creations, they’re chemical cocktails created by PhD’s to get you hooked.

Eat bigger meals, and ONLY eat 3 times a day. ¬†Multiple ” Mini-Meals” are DUMB. They’re guaranteed to make you (1) hungry (2) have cravings and (3) mentally habituated to eating all day. ¬†Besides, “mini-meals” are a joke;¬†studies show American’s are pretty incapable of actually having a mini-meal; in reality, the multiple mini-meals turn into “too much food all day long.”

( Moms, we ¬†have to apply the “Stop Eating Sugar/Grains/Processed Foods” guidelines to our kids; they’re sugar/carb/chemical addicts. ¬†The snacking, the cravings, the “can’t stop eating”….. we have to HELP THEM develop great eating habits. )

Work on your habits and thought patterns. ¬†It’s all so mental, isn’t it. ¬†This is just about my favorite area when it comes to health. Our subconscious rules over the conscious, always. ¬†If your subconscious is constantly sabotaging your health efforts, get in touch with me. ¬†It’s not Rocket Science, but you’ll need a plan.

My wrap up? ¬†Eat Real Whole Foods, consume plenty of fat, eliminate addictive grains and sugars, use Smart Supplementation, and train your brain to work for you, not against you. Cravings are a sign that your body, your mind, and your hormones, are “off”; they’re not a sign you’re weak. ¬†You don’t have to be a slave to bad habits. ¬†Let me know¬†if you’re ready for help with a food plan, habit change, or supplements. ( The amino acids need to be dosed and taken on a specific time table.)

Sugar Cravings, Pimples on Your Butt, Fatigue, and Cracks at the Corner of Your Mouth? You Can Heal That.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe’re officially into The Season Of Eating, where many of us will actually EXPECT to gain weight, somewhere between 5 and 10 pounds, by January 1, 2015. ¬†Not me. ¬†Not Mark. ¬†And I want you to say, Not Me Either.

I don’t want you on a diet, I don’t want you to count calories or carbs or fat. ¬†I want you to start thinking of Food as Information, because the Food We Put In Our Mouth Becomes Who We Are.

So how are you?

Symptoms, like those listed in the title, ¬†are¬†a “sign of the existence of something, especially of an undesirable situation.” Sugar cravings, pimples on your butt,….they’re signs of Nutrient Deficiencies, not medicine deficiencies. ¬†Do you want to be a Happy Weight, with great energy, hair, skin, low levels of inflammation and perfect digestion? ¬†You need to feed your cells what God intended for them to eat.

Our bodies are made from Water (~60%), Proteins/amino acids (~16%), Fatty Acids (~15%), Minerals (~4%), Vitamins (~2%), and LESS than 2% (made from) Carbs/Sugar. ¬†If we eat a diet LOADED in carbohydrate ( say…..11 servings of grains a day per My Plate), ¬†plenty of Low Fat foods, chemicals that make things taste/smell/look like ACTUAL food, bad oils, and Drugs – for all our ills – we’re in trouble.

“Food is Information; we’re NOT a calories in/calories out model, we’re a chemistry set.” JJ Virgin.

Look at this short list of Symptoms. ¬†I’m going to attach possible deficiency causes, and I want you to start thinking of FOOD in terms of What It Does To Us, the good (glowing health), the bad (weight issues), and the ugly ( CANCER and DISEASE):

Sugar Cravings: ¬†You could be deficient in L-Glutamine, an amino acid that builds Dopamine. Dopamine alleviates anxiety (sugar momentarily does that, but long-term actually worsens the dopamine deficiency – it’s a vicious cycle).¬† Is your addiction to sweets overpowering? ¬†Practice thinking of simple sugars as Devils Food, seriously. ¬†Processed sugar’s links to CANCER, Heart Disease, and Diabetes are concrete and undeniable. ¬† Supplementing with L-Glutamine is a great way to deal with cravings and addictions;¬†ask me if you’re interested in trying this.

Pimples on your butt/arms/thighs/checks:  You could be deficient in Omega 3, Vitamin A, or Vitamin D. Make a big effort to eat foods high in those nutrients: salmon, sardines, grass fed dairy, leafy greens, and orange/red fruits and veggies.  Green Pastures Fermented Cod Liver Oil is a great source of all 3 nutrients, as are the Fruit/Veggie and Seafood areas at the grocery store.

Fatigue: So many possibilities, let’s just look at Adrenal Fatigue. ¬†Do you get enough fat? Your adrenal glands are made of fat, and the Fight/Flight hormones they make are produced from fat and cholesterol, and the Sex Hormones they make are produced from fat and cholesterol. Eat a low fat diet, and you’ll have low functioning Adrenal Glands, guaranteed.

Cracks at the corners of your mouth: ¬†iron, zinc, and B vitamin deficiency, and iron absorption is enhanced by Vitamin C, so maybe C deficiency. ¬†Do you get enough good red meats? ¬†Eggs from chickens allowed to eat bugs and plants, uncaged and free? ¬†Do you eat plenty of fruits and vegetables? ¬†Do you occasionally eat oysters or liver? ¬†They’re super nutrient dense.

Dry Skin: your skin is made from proteins and fatty acids.  Do you eat enough?  Look at your skin closely in the mirror and access it.  Your skin is an ENORMOUS reflection of your diet.  Do you eat too much sugar?  Sugar, from grains, alcohol, and the white stuff, GLYCATES our skin cells.  That means glucose molecules ( from sugar/alcohol/ and grains ) improperly attach to our skin cells and destroy both their function and their ability to communicate.  This is evidenced as premature wrinkling and age spots.  Quit eating sugar, and add Bone Broth.

Headaches/High Blood Pressure/Diabetes/Cardiovascular Issues/Muscle Cramps: ¬†there’s a good chance you’re Magnesium deficient. ¬†Statistically, 80% of Americans are Magnesium deficient, which is a bad thing. ¬†Magnesium’s involved in several hundred chemical reactions necessary for good health. ¬†Foods which SHOULD be high in Magnesium are leafy greens, avocados, nuts, and seeds. ¬†We’ve got a problem though; ¬†food gets it’s minerals from the soil, and our soil is almost devoid of Magnesium; this also applies to organic food unless it’s been grown in soil to which minerals have been added. ¬†Another depleter of Mag? ¬†Round-up; ¬†actually the chemical in Round-up called¬†glyphosate, which “chelates” or grabs on to and EXPELS from our body, several minerals including Magnesium. ¬†(A good reason to avoid GMO)

My point here, Magnesium Supplementation is pretty much a MUST for everyone. Even a diet full of Magnesium rich foods probably won’t supply the levels we need. ¬†Let me know if you need a recommendation, because the quality and origin of supplements matter.

Back to my opening; PRACTICE and FOCUS on thinking about food in terms of your health and your energy and your skin and your immune system.  When you become careful about what you put in your mouth because your know that certain foods can cause Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Bad Skin, Thin Hair, and Depression, you have the strength and motivation to Just Say No without the stress.

Moms, this is why it’s easy for me to say NO to Shelby when she asked for “a Real Cake with Flour” for her 18th birthday. ¬†I’m not giving her cigarettes, I’m not giving her alcohol, I’m not giving her drugs, and I’m not giving her gluten and sugar. ¬†It’s Toxic. ( BTW, she’s my #4, so YES I know she eats crap, but on her own dime and not in the house. )

Be determined to become very conscious about what you eat. ¬†Every single food we eat sends signals and information and has hormonal effects that either make us healthier, or less healthy. Every single food. ¬†There are No Neutral Foods. ¬†Practice thinking of food in terms of what it contains in every way EXCEPT CALORIES. ¬†Calorie counting is a SHAM. ¬†It’ll just make you sick, CRAZY, and probably overweight ( 95-99% of EVERYONE who goes on a diet gains their weight back, 50% gain more than they lost.) ¬†

Need help?  Get in touch with me.  You can do this!  You can change, you can lose weight, you can become healthier, you can improve the health of your whole family.  Ditch the sugars, the grains, and the chemicals, and eat Real Whole Foods.

Want To Gain Weight? Go On A Diet, It’s a Sure Bet.

mark tmNOTHING guarantees weight gain better than Diets. Nothing. The studies show that if you go on a diet, there’s a 95 – 99% chance you’ll gain back all the weight you lost, and for many, a few pounds extra. ¬†Unfortunately, the belief that dieting can make you skinny is so engrained in the psyche, that it’s a hard concept to set aside. Low calorie, low fat foods just sound like they should make us thin, right? ¬†Wrong, wrong wrong wrong.

( PS – that pic on the left – that’s my husband Mark, who’s 50, after he finished a Tough Mudder two days ago. ¬†Here’s a link to his Man Post. )

Interesting facts:

1) Small portions and diet sized meals leave you hungry; hunger always leads to overeating. We’re NOT designed to enjoy or tolerate hunger, it goes against our normal survival instinct and our brain won’t allow it. Unfortunately, since the Diet Industry was born, and people dove right into mini meals of processed diet food with maybe a boring side of steamed broccoli, people can’t quit eating. A whole slew of hormones and chemicals that drive us to literally seek out food are coursing through our bodies.

2) Wheat is an Opiate; ¬†there’s a protein in wheat called GLIADIN; gliadin¬†binds to the opiate receptors of the brain, but it doesn‚Äôt make us high. It makes us hungry. ¬†Has wheat always had this effect? ¬†No. ¬†Just since the 1970s when geneticists created modern Semi-Dwarf, high yield wheat. Now, it’s the only wheat available. ¬†So those low calorie, low fat crackers/pretzels/tortillas that are touted as a safe snack because they’re low in fat and calories?? ¬†They just send your blood sugar and insulin way up (inflammation and belly fat), and trigger addiction in the brain. They don’t make you thin.

2) Gluten-Free food products are made with High Glycemic flours from GRAINS which convert to blood sugar and send your insulin skyrocketing. ¬†Excess blood sugar is EASILY and quickly converted to Body Fat (triglycerides). ¬†Drop the idea the “Gluten-Free” products = healthy and skinny. ¬†They don’t.

4) People who eat Low Fat Dairy weigh more and are sicker than people who eat Full Fat Dairy. ¬†This has been proven in study after study after study. ¬†The reasons are profuse; but know that there are crucial fatty acids in dairy that inhibit cancer, insulin resistance, weight gain and more. ¬†Quit feeding the skim to your kids, and don’t delude yourself into thinking diet ice cream or low fat cheese will take off the pounds. ¬†Read this link for more information.

5) There’s actually Crucial Nutrients in ALL Real Whole Food that our cells use to be healthy and functioning and normal. ¬†Diet foods loaded with carbs, artificial sugars, chemicals and bad fats RUIN OUR CELLS. ¬†The cells don’t form correctly, they don’t function correctly, they don’t communicate correctly when they don’t have their necessary nutrients.

There’s been so much bad information in the past 50 years and all we have to do is look around and use common sense to see that Main Stream Diet Dogma is a complete failure. ¬†The Diet Industry is a Business; it’s out to make money by promising us Magic that will help us lose weight. ¬†The reality is that dieting has made us bigger than ever, and very sick:

Heart Disease, Cancer, and Diabetes numbers are out of control; ¬†livers have become fatty and dysfunctional due to constant high blood sugars and chemicals; thyroid function has decreased from yo-yo diets; sex hormones are totally askew thanks to chemicals and sugar that create an Estrogen Dominant environment in both men and women; muscle tissue is regularly consumed for energy slowing down metabolism even more; neurotransmitter balance in our gut and brain is totally out out of whack; and we have more people burning predominantly SUGAR for fuel as opposed to FAT for fuel than ever. ¬†(That’s why so many people work out for HOURS and can’t lose weight, they never tap into their fat stores!)

What’s the Solution?

Real Whole Foods. ¬†Too simple? ¬†It is. Sleep, movement, and stress management are just as important. ¬†But we’re talking about food here.

For our body to hum, we need NORMAL cells, that have NORMAL function and NORMAL communication. ¬†We’re a Chemistry Set, not a Math Equation. ¬† Food is medicine, or food is poison, honest. ¬†Sugar, grains, and chemicals are toxic for our body, even when they’re packaged in “diet food”.

Good fats (from CLEAN animal sources, butter, coconut oil, olive oil, pastured dairy, avocado oil) are GOOD for us: ¬†every cell in our body incorporates fats and cholesterol into it’s membrane so that it’s function and communication can be NORMAL. ¬†Fats comprise our sex hormones, and anti-inflammatory hormones; cholesterol is an anti-oxidant and healing molecule. ¬†Our brain is 60-70% fat and cholesterol!!

One of the best things about fat, other than it tastes delicious and keeps us full, is that there NO INSULIN RESPONSE. None.

Insulin drives disease and inflammation, we need a tiny bit released from the pancreas to be healthy, but American’s ( and now much of the world) don’t have a tiny bit coursing through their body; ¬†they have way too much. ¬†Inflammatory conditions are RAMPANT, even in our children.

Good fats, clean proteins, and TONS of vegetables need to be the bulk of our diet.  Some fruit, some nuts and seeds, and some good whole fat dairy if you tolerate that.  Eat 3 meals a day and quit snacking.  Snacking is horrible for blood sugar, which drives insulin, which drives inflammation.

This is the Magic Formula, honest.

After saying all this, I want to acknowledge how difficult it is to rid the mind of deeply entrenched beliefs ( low fat/ low cal foods are good for me ) that have now led to physical addictions   (grains, sugars, and chemicals are absolutely addictive).

This is why you have to work on your Mind if you want to change you Body. ¬†The Mind has to come first, because you’re controlled by your subconscious thoughts. ¬† What to do?

(1) Fill your mind with current science:






2) Focus on implanting New Thoughts, which are productive and positive, into your brain. ¬†Most of us run on Auto-Pilot, ….Stop! ¬†Auto-Pilot’s a terrible way to go through life; ¬†look at the results you’ve been getting from your habits and patterns and beliefs so far. ¬†Evaluate. ¬†There’s ALWAYS room for improvement and change, we’re never finished ( til we’re actually “finished”).

Read my last two ¬†Posts; ¬†there’s links to books and You Tubes on creating new thoughts and patterns. ¬†And remember my new favorite phrase: ¬†You can’t have a “10” body without a “10” mind.¬†



Weight Loss, Food Cravings, Leptin Resistance, Insulin Resistance – What Applies To You?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis post is about Weight Loss, Food Cravings, Leptin Resistance, Insulin Resistance, and Being A FAT BURNER OR A SUGAR BURNER; ¬†it’s all coming together!

Here’s some biology to explain how a¬†VERY high fat, low carb diet eliminates cravings, despite:

bad sleep/fatigue( situational);  stress;  actual hunger;  worry over kids;  fights with the hubs;  over-exercise;  hanging around the house. ( do they sound like typical excuses to you?)

I always say a Calories In/Calories Out model doesn’t work because we’re NOT a math problem, we’re a CHEMISTRY SET. ¬†Our HORMONES RULE, and a low fat, low calorie, high carb diet RUINS OUR HORMONES. ¬†It also causes a condition of Metabolic Damage that takes a period of serious consistency to reverse and fix. ¬†Anyone can lose weight by starving themselves, but that causes a lot of damage to our metabolism, hormones, and cells. To be a healthy Fat Burner, you need to have cells and hormones that work correctly.

I’ve been mostly Ketogenic, and consistently High Fat Low Carb for a few months now, after years of what I considered HFLC diet; ¬†with the addition of a LOT of fat ( up to 5 tablespoons at dinner ALONE ), really positive changes have happened, and it’s inspired some research. ¬†Why?

Because after a few months of VERY HIGH FAT/low carb,.. my brain has changed! ¬†Thoughts of food, of eating, have STOPPED. ¬† Seriously, I have to remind myself to eat lunch and dinner¬†(sometimes) because I’m not really hungry. ¬†And sometimes when I am actually hungry, i.e., I feel a lot of hunger in my stomach, I oddly am not rushing to eat food. ¬†I’m okay. ¬†I didn’t realize this until the other day when I’d had no sleep and felt no desire to comfort myself with food. ¬†Not even a second of a thought about it!

What’s happening? ¬†It’s so interesting!

In addition to a High Fat diet’s role in building and nourishing the brain, which is 60 to 70% fat, a HFLC diet repairs and reverses LEPTIN Resistance. ¬†If you’re overweight, or normal weight but struggle with food cravings, or either normal or overweight and exercise but don’t use your fat stores for fuel, you’re probably Leptin Resistant. ¬†Let me back up.

You know that Insulin Resistance ¬†(IR)¬†plays a key role in cravings; IR is a result of the high blood sugar and corresponding high Insulin levels necessary to reduce the blood sugar. ¬†Insulin is a “Master Hormone”, and other hormones are released – or NOT – in response to Insulin being present in the blood.

Remember, as long as Insulin is in the blood, FAT WON’T BE BURNED FOR FUEL. ¬†Fat will just be stored. ¬†When Insulin is in the blood, a lot of our excess Carb/glucose is converted to TRIGLYCERIDES.¬†

Leptin.  Leptin regulates ALL the hormones of the body:  Insulin, thyroid, sex hormones, all of them.

Leptin Resistance means the cells don’t accept Leptin inside; the cell doors are shut. ¬†If the cells don’t get leptin INSIDE, correct messages don’t get sent out.

Which messages? ¬†After we eat, our fat cells should spit out leptin and that leptin should go to our hypothalamus and deliver the signal that we’ve had enough to eat and it’s time to turn off the hunger. ¬†Excessive simple sugars ( from carbs) destroy the cells ability to “receive” leptin, because INSULIN blocks the Leptin receptor. ¬†Remember: high carbs ALWAYS mean high Insulin. Always.

Triglycerides, made from EXCESS CARBS, also block leptin receptors!!!

When the leptin can’t get INSIDE the cell, the signal to shut off hunger doesn’t happen. ¬†Another link in the cravings chain: when we eat food, the neurotransmitter DOPAMINE is released, and dopamine makes us feel pleasure when eating. ¬†Leptin, when it gets inside our brain cells, stops the release of dopamine, which stops the pleasurable feelings associated with eating. ¬†If the cells are Leptin Resistant, the dopamine keeps flowing, the good feeling/desire to eat overrides a full stomach, and we eat too much.

What else?

Leptin INSIDE our brain cells UP-REGULATES the thyroid; that means metabolism turns UP.  Leptin RESISTANT cells DOWN-REGULATE thyroid, that means a slower metabolism.

More? ¬†Our MUSCLE CELLS HAVE LEPTIN RECEPTORS TOO. ¬†When there’s leptin resistance in MUSCLE CELLS, fat is not¬†burned in those cells, fat is stored¬†in fat tissue instead. ¬†Sugar/Glucose is the only fuel left for the muscles to burn. ¬†A damaged/closed cell can’t even do that. ¬†CHRONIC FATIGUE sets in due to lack of actual “energy”. ¬†This happens EVEN IF YOU RUN MARATHONS but live on a HIGH CARB diet. ¬†Sound familiar? ¬†You exercise a ton but can’t lose weight? ¬†You don’t have correct cell function, all over your body. ¬†You MUST have CORRECT CELL FUNCTION TO BURN FAT.
More?  Insulin Resistance and Leptin Resistance are a guarantee you have a FATTY LIVER.     Our LIVER controls what fuels get burned; our LIVER is the LARGEST SOURCE OF CALORIE BURN IN OUR BODY, our heart and brain are next, and then our muscles.  You want a perfectly functioning liver.  Trust me.

How does a HIGH FAT LOW CARB diet – with a TON of vegetables, some fruit ( maybe, depends on your blood sugar), healthy proteins, some nuts and seeds, and maybe some high fat dairy ( blood sugar/allergy) affect these conditions?

First, Insulin is immediately lowered, because there’s less SUGAR in the blood. ¬† Less Insulin means less TRIGLYCERIDES, LESS INFLAMMATION, LESS CELL DAMAGE (from the insulin and glucose), and less sugar turning into fat(triglycerides), and stored in the liver or fat cells.

Less Insulin and less sugar mean the LEPTIN RECEPTORS in the BRAIN will become NORMAL and accept the Leptin. ¬†Dopamine production and use will REGULATE, and be NORMAL. ¬†You’ll – eventually – start to feel NORMALLY satisfied after a meal. ¬†The NORMAL amounts of dopamine will also mean you’re not constantly searching for “more pleasure” from your food, which causes you to eat when you shouldn’t.

A HFLC diet means that Insulin Receptors and Leptin Receptors will – eventually – return to NORMAL, and functioning.

The high fat, and the anti-oxidants, the vitamins the minerals the phytonutrients ( from cholesterol Рwhich IS an anti-oxidant, and the protein/vegetables/fruits/nuts/seeds) will eventually repair damaged cells ( 100% of EVERY CELL MEMBRANE IN OUR BODY IS MADE FROM FAT AND CHOLESTEROL), and reduce and eliminate INFLAMMATION.

We don’t burn fat calories, lose weight, build muscle and GET HEALTHY until we have NORMAL, HEALTHY, CELL FUNCTION.

How? ¬†A Real Whole Food diet that’s high in fat, low in carbs, and high in nutrients; good exercise, stress management, and sleep. ¬†Lack of sleep creates a hormonal situation, as does stress, that also block Insulin and Leptin Receptors. Oh, and you must be CONSISTENT in your efforts. ¬†Too many people I talk to are so on and off the Healthy Train that results are small or non-existent.

Time and consistency matter, because it takes LONGER for our muscle cells to be leptin sensitive – and use fat for fuel – than for our brain to become leptin sensitive. Isn’t that interesting??

Want to learn more? ¬†Invest yourself!! ¬†I’m attaching some links to articles written by a brilliant Neurosurgeon who’s done a TON of research on leptin, and an Endocrinologist who’s also done a ton of research on leptin, and a podcast by a leader in the Leptin field.

Read, listen, and learn. ¬†Apply what you hear to yourself. ¬†Take notes, think about it, if you’re a client, let’s talk about it. ¬†If you’re not a client yet, and want to be, get in touch with me. ¬†You can change your body, you can lose weight, get healthy, and become NORMAL; sometimes this happens easily, and sometimes you’re so metabolically damaged, that it takes a while, but it will happen, I promise.

Here’s the Resources: