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Is Life Passing You By While You Diet?

usEasterWow! Mark’s post generated a lot of hits, links, and emails!! He’s promised to do more Man Posts for me soon. He’s a great spokesperson for me because he’s not “Lucky”; he’s come to this place through the same ups and downs everyone else has. He just had many epiphanies along the way; we want you all to have epiphanies too.

Here’s one I hope everyone gets: If a large portion of your daily thoughts focus on dieting, food, calories, the scale, and your weight,.. what a waste of the life God’s given you. Really. Think about that. I’m not saying that judgmentally, I’m saying that as someone who’s wasted a lot of her waking thoughts on those exact subjects, and it makes me feel ashamed. I don’t know God’s plans, but I do know He didn’t put me here on earth to Diet.

Years ago, when I was agonizing over how to stay skinny and succumbing to weekly rebound binges, I knew the calorie and fat count of every food I put in my mouth. I would balance that with my workouts. I’d felt guilty for years over the obsessiveness of my Diet Lifestyle, so I decided to look into an Overeaters Forum. This had a huge impact on me: there were women in their 60’s and 70’s agonizing over their binges and purges…… 60 and 70 year old women were still dieting, binging, and obsessing??? Here was my thought: ” A LIFETIME of Dieting???”

I forget a lot of things, but I vividly remember what I read on that site, and it really scared me. The thought that I’d waste even more decades DIETING, regretting, sneaking food, feeling the horrible after effects of binges, ugh. Unbearable. That was a real wake up call.

At that point, I’d been learning about Real Whole Food, the many benefits of fat, and toying with the idea that chemicals and grains could be harmful for me. I was also tired of eating 5 to 6 dumb “mini-meals” a day, and dealing with painful bloat every afternoon. The more I learned, the more my diet lifestyle seemed wrong. Unfortunately, my Protein Bars that tasted like Snickers, and the Diet Dr. Pepper I drank six times a day – on a strict schedule, along with other Diet Foods, had an enormous hold on me. Addictions ūüôĀ But I broke the addictions ūüôā You can too.

I’ve had a lot of email, and worked with a lot of clients, who sound just like I did. You can break the chains of dieting, I swear, I promise.

It starts with a new mindset: Food is about nurturing and feeding our body; when this is your attitude, when the Diet Mindset of fear and obsession is gone, there’s a weight off your shoulders and stumbling blocks disappear in your mind. You start to make food choices based on these thoughts: what foods and spices and herbs will build my muscles / energy / mood /hair/ eyes/ immune system/ neurotransmitters/ brain cells/ joints/ thyroid gland/ etc. The days of balancing that calories in calories out scale ( which DOESN’T work ) become replaced with just eating Real Whole Food; and the peace of mind that comes with that is priceless.

BONUS: Eat Real Whole Foods three times a day, quit the dieting, and you free up your mind to LIVE THE LIFE GOD PLANNED.

SECOND BONUS: Eat Real Whole Foods, quit dieting, get Healthy, and YOU BECOME A HEALTHY WEIGHT. Honest!! There’s now a huge Real Whole Foods/Paleo/Primal community out there to prove it.

That said, Addictions and Habits are hard to break, and most of us have grown up in an era of serious Marketing by Big Phuvernment** that has us convinced that Fat is Bad, Low Cal Diets are Good, and you need Special Diet Products to be healthy. It’s a Lie, but it’s an effective lie. If you’re ready to change, get in touch with me. As one client told me this week:

“Yes! I’m eager to keep learning and incorporating nourishing foods into my diet and my family’s. All of this has given me such a better relationship with food. Instead of being fearful of what food will do, I am feeling more excited about what I can get food to do for me. Totally crazy! I never imagined I could be at this place :)”

** Big Phuvernment: the sexual union of Big Business, Big Pharma, and Government.

Guest Man Post By Mark!

Here’s my husband of 27 years, Mark, with some of his Secrets to being a Lean and Fit 50 Year Old:)¬†

fullbodymarkYes, that’s me in the picture. Look again. I just turned fifty years old last week.

By this age, I should be that paunchy middle-aged guy, looking haggard, falling apart, displaying signs of fatigue, and complaining of a lack of sex drive. Those pharmaceutical mens ads remind me that my symptoms should include energy deficits, decreased strength, altered body composition, sexual dysfunction, and not surprisingly, depression. I should be, in this age of enlightenment, well into andropause, a clinically recognized term to describe the age related decline in testosterone. However, recent studies demonstrate that declining testosterone may not just be attributable to simply aging itself. So the question then becomes: Is there a way to stave off declines in testosterone production? YES. Lifestyle factors, particularly physical activity and diet, can influence testosterone levels.

I have not always had low body fat, above average muscle mass and a good and healthy outlook. I am a recent Success Story sculpted by Debbie Abbott and Rock Solid Nutrition & Wellness. If you’ve read and follow Debbie’s blog, you already know testosterone levels are falling worldwide at astronomical rates. Men, there is one very important hormone for us. It is Testosterone. Every man needs it. The older you get, the more you need it. You are dependent on it. You will be forever, regardless how you feel about it. Stop withering away and submitting pitifully to growing old, you can take matters into your own hands. Here’s how:

First, I know there are many men reading now, who have concluded immediately that I live in the gym, don’t work, and this lesson doesn’t apply in their lives. (That’s OK. You’re having an estrogen response- keep reading, I will explain later) Now I will tell you the fallacy of your argument. I am a top executive at a premier global corporation that requires and demands peak performance every day from its leadership.

I work sixty HOURS minimum each week.
I commute fifteen HOURS each week.
I workout in the gym ninety MINUTES each week.
No additional time in your life is required to make the changes needed to raise and maintain your testosterone to levels integral to health and well-being. Follow these guidelines and you can expect to feel like a MAN. As simple as that.

THE WORKOUT- Terrell Owens, Hershel Walker, Tim Tebow, and Suzanne Somers:
You do the WORK you get the RESULTS.

As a former collegiate athlete, I admire retired NFL players that have maintained their physiques well beyond their playing careers. Two of the fittest, Terrell Owens and Hershel Walker utilize bodyweight training, no equipment necessary, exercises put together in grueling workouts to push your body to the max, and it can be done just about anywhere. It’s all about getting back to basics. My workout consists almost entirely of sets of 100 push ups, pull ups, sit ups, thrust squats, and lunges. Get in, get it done, and get out. I’m rarely in the gym longer than thirty minutes. No social hour, no cell phone, no breaks- do your business and leave.

Make your workout mandatory in your daily routine. Resistance training is a must tomarkbicepcurl raise and maintain testosterone levels. Research consistently shows that lifting weights improves androgen activity. A number of studies have shown significant increases in testosterone levels immediately following resistance training, especially bodybuilding type training using multiple sets of a moderate number of repetitions while taking fairly short rest periods.

The Tim Tebow workout contribution to my testosterone boost- when you think you can do no more reps, demand ten more. See above. I can now exceed 130 pushups and beyond in one set. Anything is possible when you push yourself to the max. Break through limiting beliefs.

Suzanne Somers was right. I believe in the Thigh Master. I call mine a squat rack.

Lower body exercises increase anabolic hormones. Large muscle weight training boosts testosterone, increases testosterone receptor density (so the hormone works better) helps control abdominal fat, increases muscle mass, and enhances self confidence- all critical for maximizing testosterone levels and its effectiveness. Whole body exercises such as squats, lunges, and deadlifts increase testosterone much better than isolated exercises for the biceps and triceps such as curls and triceps pushdowns.

Your Estrogen Talking:
‚ÄúI don‚Äôt have time to go to the gym‚ÄĚ
‚ÄúI‚Äôm too tired to work out after a long day at work‚ÄĚ
‚ÄúI don‚Äôt have enough time to work out‚ÄĚ

Your Testosterone Action:
Get up 30 minutes earlier and exercise before you shower and go to work. You will be more alert during the day and you’ll sleep better at night.

More Estrogen Talking (no man should ever think this, but they do):
‚ÄúI don‚Äôt want to get muscular and bulky from weight training‚ÄĚ

Immediate Testosterone Response:
‚ÄúMuscle takes up less space than fat, making you smaller and allowing your clothes to fit better‚ÄĚ
Start working out. Take back your testosterone.

THE DIET- Man, I feel like a Woman (…..not anymore)

Processed foods cause women to act like men and men to act like women.

If you have been following Debbie Abbott’s blog at Rock Solid Nutrition and Wellness, you know by now that soy is estrogen enhancing and will alter testosterone concentrations in a negative manner. Soy is in practically every boxed and processed food product. Wash it down with that bottled water in a plastic container, and you have been eating and drinking three estrogen laden meals every day of your life.

It is no wonder that research shows the prevalence of andropause is widespread amongst middle aged men. In fact more than thirty- nine percent of all males aged forty- five and older have total testosterone levels considered below normal.
All the modern food we men have been eating our entire lives has estrogenic effects which have resulted in advanced deterioration of your testosterone levels.

Thanks to Debbie‚Äôs protocol I have eliminated the following ‚Äúfoods‚ÄĚ from my diet in the last three years, all of which suppressed my testosterone production:

· No more processed boxed and packaged foods, sweets, pastries, and snacks
· No more sodas, diet sodas, colored or flavored waters, energy drinks
· No beef or meat products modified with hormones
· No bread products
· No homogenized and pasteurized dairy products including milk, ice cream, yogurts, cheeses
· No grain based alcohol, especially mass produced beer products (more on alcohol later)
· No fast food, chain restaurants, or convenience store foods

I do not enter 95% of the aisles in the supermarket. If you are a man in the processed food aisle, you’re probably more of a woman than you think. Stay away from estrogenic products. Take Debbie’s advice, go to the shelves or your kitchen right now and look at the ingredients in your food.

Testosterone is derived from cholesterol. As Debbie’s blog reiterates, what makes cholesterol? That’s right, lipids. Therefore, as you might expect, low fat diets are associated with a reduced testosterone production.
To optimize my testosterone levels, I load up entirely on quality saturated fats from animal sources. My diet consists mainly of:

· Raw unpasteurized milk. I drink one half gallon per day minimum.
· Fresh fish, beef, and lamb cuts.
· Fruits and vegetables
· Organic coffee
· Coconut Oil
· Eggs
· Water

Your Estrogen Talking:
‚ÄúThat food doesn‚Äôt work for me‚ÄĚ

Your Testosterone Action:
‚ÄúStudies show an inverse relationship exists with high stress levels correlating with low testosterone levels. Bad nutrition choices will stress you more and undermine efforts to improve your well being‚ÄĚ

Your Estrogen Resisting:
‚ÄúIt‚Äôs too hard to get started‚ÄĚ

Immediate Testosterone Response
‚ÄúRemember, it is only effort until it is routine. It is much easier to keep going once you‚Äôve gotten over the hump of starting. If you are chronically stressed out, a symptom of low testosterone, here‚Äôs yet another reason to take charge and do something about it now‚ÄĚ

And finally for today,

Another factor that seriously affects your testosterone levels negatively is the consumption of alcohol.
Alcohol intoxication is shown to inhibit testosterone production for hours after ingestion. Alcohol interferes with testosterone production in a number of ways, including negative alteration of enzymes involved in testosterone synthesis, suppression of steroidogenesis in the Leydig cells of the testes (yes, your balls), and a down regulation of luteinizing hormone receptors. So, if you are slamming drinks on a regular basis, you most likely have chronically suppressed testosterone levels.

Less clinical, much more meaningful for men:

Alcohol fuels low testosterone, resulting in visible disappointment when those special moments arise (or not) with your significant other. We’ll discuss bedroom topics on a later post. But for now, in closing remember the word soft. From your beer belly to your attitude, if you can call it soft, it’s an estrogenic effect.

We will move towards hard in upcoming testosterone posts. Debbie has invited me to share my intermittent fasting, sleep, circadian rhythm, cold thermogenesis; glutathione, and antioxidant regimens which optimize hormone production in males. Till then………………………….

Success Story! Use It to Motivate and Inspire You

Terry’s Success Story is going to sound awfully familiar to many of you. ¬†So many men and women today feel doomed to a negative, self-destructive relationship with food, regardless of weight or age.

You can be free from “Diet Prison“, I promise. ¬†When you’re finally free, it’s amazing. ¬†It’s like angels singing on high – LAAAAAAHHH! ¬†The guilt, the burden, the self-recriminations, the anxiety driven eating, it’ll all go away. ¬†You are not sentenced to an entire life of Misery By Food, ¬†YOU CAN JUST BE NORMAL, I promise, I swear. ¬†But you have to take action steps, because deeply engrained habits and addictions don’t just change spontaneously; it takes a plan, and a different belief system. ¬†Enjoy Terry’s story and let me know what you think.

When Debbie asked me to share my ‚Äúsuccess story‚ÄĚ, I told her that I just didn‚Äôt feel all that successful when it comes to eating. It is difficult to look back on my life and see it as a success story. I think back on all the bad choices I have made, all the damage I have done and all the years I‚Äôve focused on my weight in a negative way. Where was the success in my story?

My terrible habits began at the young age of 14. I was only in 8th grade when I was recruited to run track and field at a high school level. I was a good runner, I loved the competition and I especially loved winning. I was tall (5‚Äô9) and skinny which was an asset to my sport, but my coaches feared that I would gain weight. That negative attention towards my body made me very self-conscious and I began to hate my height and, more importantly, my weight. I was never overweight but any negative feedback during such a delicate developmental age was taken to heart. My fear of becoming fat made me crazy. I obsessed about it and started to search for anything and everything that claimed to be “fat-free”. I read labels, I counted fat grams and I watched the scale like a hawk. Bagels, pasta, bread, candy, yogurt were all ‚Äúfat free‚ÄĚ. ¬†I became addicted to carbohydrates and sugar but the self-imposed diet seemed to be working because I never gained a pound. Maybe it was because I was so young or maybe because I worked out at such a high intensity. It doesn‚Äôt really matter why I didn‚Äôt gain weight; to me it was proof my diet was working.

Sadly, weight fluctuations aren’t the only negative side effect of a bad diet. ¬†Looking back, I suffered from many side effects. I had terrible acne, I was depressed, I experienced moods swings, compulsive behavior, low self-esteem and body dysmorphia. I slowly began turning to food to eradicate all my irrational feelings. When I was tired, I‚Äôd eat. When I was sad, I‚Äôd eat. When I was happy, I‚Äôd eat. Eating was an outlet that brought me relief and eventually, like with any addiction, things progressed. Binging soon followed. After I binged, I would panic and need to get rid of it. These irrational feelings grew into an uncontrollable eating disorder that followed me through high school and into college. It wasn‚Äôt until my early 20‚Äôs, when I started a job as a nanny for three small children that my eyes were opened to the impact of my disorder. I was watching two little girls and a baby boy and I feared that I would pass my problems onto to them. I never wanted those sweet kids to do what I was doing. They saved me from self-destructing and I never did it again.

Writing about my past is weird. I rarely think about what I went through much less talk about it. It is not who I am anymore but it is an important part of my story. I abused my body for over 10 years ‚Äď binging, purging, yo-yo dieting, excessively working out and eating chemically enhanced ‚Äúfat-free‚ÄĚ foods. I suffered through years of sadness, anger, low self-esteem and self-loathing. Changing my past behavior took time, healing my mind and body took more time but forgiving myself has taken the most time. The lesson I have taken from my journey is that you have to forgive the past you for the mistakes you’ve made. I cannot change what I did but I can forgive myself so that I can move forward and take better care of myself now.

Moving forward has been really exciting. I have been cooking real whole food meals for my family and friends for two years now. I have been writing for a blog, 11 Magnolia Lane, and I share many of my recipes there. I’ve also started cooking for friends who either work outside of their home, don’t like to cook or just need help with eating healthier. Cooking for my friends has turned into a huge blessing for me. It has helped me through a very difficult year and it gives me purpose. I feel like I was meant to help people reach their healthy goals. Debbie has been a huge part of my success. She has mentored me through this whole process and I have learned so much from her over the past two years. She has been generously sharing her knowledge through her blog and nutrition classes with me. She simplifies the physiology of digestion, she explains why certain foods are toxic and she provides healthy recipes and alternatives to processed eating. Debbie has opened my eyes and my heart to this real whole food movement. She inspires me on a daily basis to take better care of my family through education and nutrition. She has challenged the way I shop and she has encouraged me to prepare and cook nutritious food for my family and for others. Debbie has inspired me to take something that I was interested in for myself and turn it into something that I share with others. That 14-year-old girl who used to view food as the enemy now sees it as an ally РРsomething that will improve her life and the lives of the people around her and that is what makes this, in my mind, a success story.

Want To Lose Weight? You’ve Got To Develop Lean Habits.

usEaster¬†This post is in response to some sad emails from those of you who’s head gets turned every time you pass the display counter at Starbucks, or a bag of Stacy’s pita chips, or cave when a bread basket wafts up your nose. ¬†“Good days” and “bad days” are going to be a thing of your past, because you can Change Your Brain Patterns – I promise! ¬†Repeat that to yourself out loud, because your brain believes what your mouth says. ¬†All Dieting has to stop, and healthy beliefs and facts need to be absorbed, if you want a different body.

The data consistently shows that Dieting Causes Weight Gain. ¬†It’s a sure-thing that if you try to restrict calories, there will be¬†rebound binges.

Want a plan?  Here you go:

Focus on changing your habits and thought patterns.  Habits are the ONLY way to a lean, healthy body.  Habits are what we do day after day after day, with very little effort. We develop healthy habits through planning, practice, and belief. 

( If you believe that you can cancel out crappy food with starvation or heavy exercise, you’ll never keep your weight off. ¬†Ever. ¬†If you believe your body needs nutrient dense food to run well, you’ll be lean and healthy. )

Eat three meals a day. ¬†Don’t snack, at all. ¬†Make sure all your meals are at least moderate in size, bigger if you’re active. (Tiny diet meals cause snacking; let’s change this so you’re not high on blood sugar and insulin all day.) ¬†(Insulin is a “fat storage” hormone.)

Eat plenty of good fats, good proteins, TONS of vegetables, some fruit, some nuts and seeds, and some dairy if you’re good with that.

Eat on a schedule ( morning, noon, and night). ¬†Skipping a meal because you’re not hungry, maybe trying to “eat intuitively”?….Ugh. ¬†Disaster waiting to happen! ¬†Hunger influences our choices; wait til you’re hungry, and there’s a good chance your choices will be BAD.

Don’t rely on Willpower to get you through the day; willpower is in very finite supply. ¬†Using willpower depletes the glucose stores in your brain and leaves you feeling weak and depleted; what psychologists call, “decision fatigue“. ¬†Disaster waiting to happen – again! ¬†Work on developing new Habits and Thought reducefleshPatterns.¬†

Quit living by the seat of your pants. ¬†Plan, Plan, Plan, and then sit down and Plan. ¬†If you Fail to Plan, then just Plan to Fail, because changing your thought patterns and your habits isn’t going to happen naturally.

Carry Out Your Plans.  Shop, pack, freeze, cook, keep a running list though the week of meal ideas, lunch ideas, and grocery needs.

You think that you can’t do this because you’re too busy? ¬†Oh please! ¬†Get rid of that ¬†excuse! ¬†Tomorrow I’m posting a Success Story by my friend, Terry Kaye. ¬†She’s a mom of 3 boys, two of which have health issues, she works a few different jobs, she works out, and she cooks every day.

Who do you know who isn’t busy?? And don’t we want to teach our kids how to successfully handle normal, real life? ¬†Plan, Plan, Plan, and Plan.

Delete any thoughts of “making up for this later”, ¬†or starting over tomorrow/Sunday/Monday/the 1st etc. ¬†That’s ” Diet ” thinking, seriously. ¬†Diet thinking means you’re negotiating with yourself that if you eat crappy food now, you’ll starve yourself later; which would work if your body was a Calories In Calories Out system. ¬†It’s not. ¬†It’s a Chemistry Set. ¬†The chemistry you set in motion with lots of crappy carbs and toxic chemicals will NOT be balanced out with Starvation or Excessive Exercise. ¬†Ever.

Delete any thoughts that carby foods made with flour and sugar (muffins, donuts, cookies, etc) ¬†at Wegman’s, Whole Foods, or Trader Joe’s are Healthy because you bought them at Wegman’s, Whole Foods, or Trader Joe’s. ¬†Products made with grain flour and sugar are still products made with grain flour and sugar. ¬†They’ll spike your blood glucose, your insulin, and your cortisol, and put on belly fat. Junk food is junk food.

If you really want to change the way you habitually think about food, get in touch with me. ¬†The more you understand how your body works, the easier it is to make smart choices. ¬†Habits are the ONLY way to a lean, healthy body. ¬†Habits are what we do day after day after day, with very little thought or effort, and ZERO decision fatigue. ¬†Does it take a few months to change your habits? ¬†Yes. ¬†Looking back though, what’s a few months. ¬†Ask yourself, where do you want to be Next Year on This Date. ¬†Exactly where you are right now, doing the same old habits and patterns; or lean, healthy, and using newly instilled habits? ¬†Ask yourself this: how long have you been using the same old Diet methods to try and change your body? How many years? ¬†What’s the definition of Insanity? ¬† Doing the same thing over and over, and expecting different results.

Everyone is capable of change, but doing the same old thing will always bring about the same old results.  Commit to Real Whole Food, and commit to changing your thoughts and habits, you can do this!

Man Post by Mark coming this weekend. ¬†ūüôā

Stress can make you Fat and Sick

I’ve had several meetings in the past 2 weeks about health and weight problems that were stress induced. ¬†For those of you who wonder how stress could possibly make you sick or heavy, here’s a couple of reasons out of the many (you’d need text books to cover everything.)

Our adrenal glands, which sit right on top of the kidneys, make dozens of hormones.stessbinge ¬†HORMONES RULE US. PERIOD. ¬†When we feel stress from anything ( an argument, over exercising, traffic, kids, a project, illness/infections, work stress, dieting.. etc) our adrenal glands squirt some “fight or flight” hormones into our blood. ¬†There’s several, but I’m going to lump them all under the one called “CORTISOL”.

Follow me here: ¬†even though most stressful situations do NOT involve having to physically run/kill/chase/escape from a physical danger, the response from our body is as if that was the case. ¬†Cortisol/adrenaline prepares us for a physical exertion.¬†( It’s a very primal response. ) How? ¬†So many ways.. ¬† this is just a couple.

1) When “stress” is felt, sugar is immediately dumped into the blood stream. ¬†Sugar is FAST energy and fat is SLOW energy, right? ¬†If the body is preparing for a threat, it wants FAST energy. ¬†Where does the sugar come from? ¬†First, the liver shoots out it’s teaspoon or so of stored sugar, then, if the stress continues, the muscle cells will be easily converted to glucose/sugar (that’s called “muscle wasting”) and then fat cells will give up their fatty acids and they’ll be converted to sugar. ¬† ¬†************* ¬†What if you don’t actually need all that SUGAR/GLUCOSE because your emergency didn’t involve anything physical? ¬† ¬†YouGottaProblem. ¬† Excess sugar is ALWAYS CONVERTED TO TRIGLYCERIDES AND STORED IN THE MIDSECTION. ¬†ALWAYS. ¬†That’s why stress causes heart disease, because the cortisol dumps sugar in the blood that’s not needed, so it becomes dangerous belly fat. ¬†( The many dangers of belly fat are a whole nother lecture, seriously.)

2) Cortisol in the blood immediately causes the heart rate to increase, the blood pressure to increase, and it causes your cells to DUMP their Magnesium (remember, this is the short list). ¬†Studies are showing that most of us are Magnesium deficient, which is bad, because Mag has many, many jobs to do in our body. One of them is to relax our muscles. ¬†When Cortisol is present though, we’re in an “anti-relaxed state”; ¬†dumping Magnesium allows our muscles to contract quickly. ¬†Again, so we can zebra losing spotsrun/kill/chase/escape. ¬† Stay in a stressed state, and the Magnesium deficit just grows.

3) Cortisol shuts down stomach acid, which means it shuts down digestion. ¬†Digestion’s NOT a priority in a “fight or flight” situation. ¬†Stay stressed, and you become nutrient deficient. ¬†Nutrients run and build our body; ¬†consequences are inevitable.

4) Cortisol halts Sex Hormone production, because the same “ingredients” (aka nutrients) are used to make the fight / flight hormones and the sex hormones. ¬†There’s only just so many of those ingredients, and Reproduction is NOT a priority in a “fight or flight” situation. ¬†The body will ALWAYS choose to make fight or flight hormones over sex hormones. ¬†Hormones run and build our body: consequences are inevitable.

I could go on and on and on. ¬†There’s not one single part of us that isn’t negatively affected by TOO MUCH cortisol. ¬†That said, we need cortisol! ¬†It gets us up in the morning, and it’s supposed to be our bodies “anti-inflammatory” response to injury. ¬†Unfortunately, when the cortisol valve doesn’t shut off, the opposite response happens: ¬†INFLAMMATION. ¬†The cause of everything bad:(

If this post is ringing bells in your head because “this sounds like you”, ¬†email me. ¬†Your health, your weight, your moods, your energy, greatly depend on having healthy adrenal glands and normal levels of cortisol. ¬†When damage has been done, you need to undo it, as soon as possible!

Oh, you know what else causes stress/cortisol/inflammation?  Too much sugar, flour, and toxins.  Seriously.  Yet another reason to eat Real Whole Foods.

Chronic Constipation Isn’t From a Lack of Laxatives

Wow, I didn’t expect so many responses to Monday’s post on Amanda, Miralax, and the Manuka Honey! ¬†Thank you all for your concern; she’s recovering, going to class, trying to be normal, and so far the new seizure drug isn’t causing any mood side effects; hope that continues to be the case. ¬†She’s still a little beat up, but should be back to normal in another day or two.

vintage exlaxI definitely shocked a lot of you with that report on Miralax, as many of you wrote that your doctor has prescribed it for either your children, your older parents, or you’ve used that or other laxatives yourself. ¬†American’s don’t spend $700 million a year on laxatives because they’re fun, Americans are chronically constipated. ¬†NO ONE’S CONSTIPATED BECAUSE THEY DON’T HAVE ENOUGH LAXATIVE IN THEM. NO ONE. ¬†Laxative’s don’t even work for a lot of people, and yet, they keep taking them, or worse, they take more in an effort to make things work.

Here’s another shocker: ¬†high fiber grains, and high fiber supplements can make things worse. ¬†Grains/flours get reduced to glucose/sugar in the gut, and then they go on to wreck havoc with blood sugar, pH, and gut bacteria. ¬†Fiber supplements? Here’s the ingredients in Benefiber:

Ingredient: Wheat dextrin                            benefiber
Benefiber Orange also contains Wheat dextrin, citric acid, natural orange flavor, potassium citrate, aspartame, gum acacia, acesulfame potassium, maltodextrin, lactose (milk), triglycerides, sucrose acetate isobutyrate (adds a trivial amount of sugar), modified cornstarch, yellow 6, red 40

GROSS! Wheat, chemicals, artificial sweeteners, food dyes, and cornstarch. YOU DON’T HAVE CONSTIPATION BECAUSE YOU’RE NOT CONSUMING THIS. Honest.

Why the chronic constipation? ¬†So many reasons: ¬†OTC and prescription meds ( which either change the pH of the gut, the motility of the gut, or both), ¬†a diet full of sugars, grains, and chemicals; ¬†sitting too much; not enough exercise; ¬†EMOTIONS greatly affect the gut via either constipation or diarrhea; ¬†and of course, the biggie what you’re NOT eating: tons of vegetables, fermented/cultured foods and drinks, fruit, good fats, good proteins, and lots and lots of water. ( hey, that sounds like a Real Whole Foods prescription!)

What if you’ve been on laxatives and fiber supplements for years? ¬†You’ve upset the hairdolaxnormal bacterial environment, the normal pH environment, and conditioned (addicted) ¬†the muscles along the gut wall that they’ll be stimulated by chemicals. ¬†It’s going to take some time, along with a real consistent program, to get regular again. ¬†Unfortunately, if living “kind of healthy”, with the occasional/few times a week meal or snack of constipation causing foods or meds is your norm, it’ll be hard to correct the constipation. ¬†Persistence and consistency will be key to reversing this, but wouldn’t “normal” be great? ¬†It’s within your grasp, you just need to be patient and vigilant about the habits and actions of your every day life. ¬†There’s no secrets or tricks, it’s always about planning, shopping, packing, and cooking. ¬†Always.

However, if you’re addicted to chemical stimulants to make you go to the bathroom, get in touch with me. ¬†You’re going to need a program.

Our body wants to be fed it’s necessary nutrients every day, every meal. ¬†Food ALWAYS has an effect, either good or bad. ¬†Always. There are no neutral foods.

I’m going to link to a TED talk by Dr. Terry Wahls. ¬†She’s not known for her work with constipation, but no one demonstrates how food affects us like she can. ¬†No one. ¬†She’s an MD who’s REVERSED her Multiple Sclerosis with FOOD. ¬†Food is Medicine, or Food is Poison. ¬†It’s an incredibly slow acting poison (thanks to our body constantly trying to repair itself), so the eventual toxicity/effects can take years to manifest. ( The average disease, from cancer, to heart disease, to diabetes, takes 20 years to develop.) ¬†I honestly can’t think of a better example to demonstrate that our body and our brain, are the result of the manuka garlicfoods we eat every day. ¬†Your child’s body and brain are the result of what they eat every day. ¬† If you’re struggling with staying on track with a Real Whole Foods eating program, watch this youtube. ¬†It’s short, but it’s very, very powerful and motivating.

Oh! One more thing! ¬†About the Manuka honey, here’s my tried and true Immune Boosting Magic Elixir: ¬† garlic that’s been allowed to “air” for 15 minutes (that activates it’s beneficial nutrients) with the honey. ¬†I swear, it kills germs FAST. ¬†Swallow fast without chewing and it’s no big deal, honest.





Man Post, Seizures, Constipation/Miralax, Green Smoothie

Where’s Mark’s Man Post? ¬†It was due on April 13! ¬†We hit a snag with our weekend plans. ¬† Our epileptic daughter Amanda ended up in the hospital much of the weekend with “break-thru” seizures. ¬†She’s pretty beat up. ¬†She was put on a new anti-seizure drug a month ago which caused such a depressive state of mind; ¬†she quit cold turkey last Sunday. ¬†She should have weaned off the brain med; however, she’s had plenty of seizures when she’s been on her meds too.

Epilepsy Sucks. ¬†That’s all I can say. ¬†No, actually, I have to say she’s amazing. ¬†Last night, after a she got home and took a nap, because there’s no sleeping in a hospital, she worked on a problem set due at 11 today. ¬†And this morning she’s going to get up and make the walk across campus for her 11 o’clock class. ¬†She’s the toughest person I know.

Testosterone post coming soon, I’ll let you know the date.

In honor of meds causing side effects, today’s post will be about constipation, Miralax, and it’s dangerous side effects; inspired by the lady in the bed beside Amanda. ¬†Her name was Susan and she had a brain tumor that was causing seizures. ¬†Her most recent seizure, that landed her in the hospital, was “different” . ¬†Her words. ¬†(There’s ZERO privacy in the rooms, so I heard all her conversations with the doctors, plus her conversations with her husband and daughters.) ¬†Susan’s on Miralax twice a day, and has been for MONTHS, and Colase, once a day, but now will take that twice a day also, per doctors orders. ¬†Poor thing can’t poop, probably a combination of her meds and Standard American Diet (SAD). ¬†( She was eating pudding, fiber cereal, and pancakes, with a diet pepsi, in the hospital bed.)

Did you know Miralax, an incredibly common laxative, has had a FDA warning on it since 2011, stating that it’s correlated with “NEUROPSYCHIATRIC EVENTS“? ¬†Besides Miralax, this warning also applies to these other meds: ¬†Movicol, Dulcolax, Colyte, Colovage, Co-Lav, Clensz-Lyte, ClearLax, GoLYTELY, GaviLyte C, GlycoLax, Go-Evac, GlycoPrep, E-Z-Em Fortrans, Halflytely, Lax-a-Day, LaxLyte, MoviPrep, Macrogol, NuLytely, OCL, Peg-Lyte, Prep Lyte, Softlax, TriLyte, and all other brands with Polyethylene Glycol 3350 (PEG for short) as their active ingredient. ¬† PEG breaks down to toxic¬†byproducts that first affect the central nervous system (CNS), then the heart, and finally the kidneys.

People give this stuff to babies and children, with a doctors blessing. Please read on, because American’s spend more than $700 MILLION on laxatives a year, and STILL remain the most constipated people on earth. ¬†We’re also the most medicated people on earth, consume the most fiber supplements, and consume the most high carbohydrate fibrous grain products. ¬†Not the most Fruit, Vegetables, Water, or Probiotic Foods, ¬†which are actually the Fix For Constipation. ¬† Of course, there’s not a lot of money to be made on Real Whole Foods, so Big Phuvernment’s* not going to be pushing that real hard any time soon.

PEG is classified as a “NeuroToxin”. ¬†The scary term, “neuropsychiatric events”? ¬†That means “neurological conditions”, such as autism, MS, Alzheimer’s, dementia, Parkinson’s, seizures, etc. ¬†(Miralax and it’s sisters work by artificially stimulating the nervous system so that you can squeeze out a poop. Apparently, listening to Susan, it doesn’t always work.) ¬†PEG has several other side effects that don’t include the Nervous system, and I hope you read about them all here; medications always come with side effects, even meds that are deemed so normal that they have a tag line like this: ¬†‚ÄúMiraLAX¬ģ is safe and effective ‚Äď and available without a prescription.‚ÄĚ ¬†It’s not safe. ¬†The FDA has ONLY approved it for adults, and ONLY for a maximum of 7 days. ¬†Pregnant women and children who’ve used it should be very worried, as it’s consequences for small, undeveloped or developing brains is very serious. ¬†Please read the full report here. ¬†There’s this blind trust that we’ve put in the medical system and pharmaceuticals that is very, very undeserved. ¬†Know what you’re putting in your body!

There’s NO MEDICATIONS that don’t have SOME negative effect on your digestive system: they either slow motility of the bowels, or affect the pH of the gut, or both. ¬†And I mean, NO MEDICATION. ¬†Some of the worst offenders? ¬†Anti-depressants, pain meds, antibiotics, ¬†and diuretics. ¬†Again though, Every Single Medication affects the gut in one way or the other.

Some people are going to read this and think, No Way. ¬†If the medication was that bad or that dangerous, it wouldn’t be on the market. ¬†Wrong. ¬†Money Talks,… loudly. ¬†In 2012 a petition was filed with the FDA in an effort to get PEG out of our medicine and FOOD supply: ¬†For the pdf look here.

‚ÄúAs of March 2012, the FDA Adverse Event Reporting System showed 2257 reported adverse events related (in any way) to PEG products – up from 7 in 2001. Included in the adverse events reported are serious kidney, urinary, bowel, blood, skin, and neuropsychiatric symptoms – and at least 3 children’s deaths.” ¬†

Note the word, “products”, because PEG’s not just in laxatives, it’s in several other products also: ¬†“food grade polyethylene glycol (under the Carbowax Sentry trade name) is commonly added to chewing gums, table-top sweeteners, and energy drinks. It is also used as a base in solid and liquid soaps, shampoos, bath and shower gels; body and face creams and lotions; toothpastes, ointments and suppositories; as a tablet binder in drugs and supplements; as a lubricant in vaginal gels and eye drops; and as a solvent in cough medicines and elixirs.¬†”

The resource for this post is a scientist named Konstantin Monastyrsky. ¬†He runs a site called “gutsense” and it contains more specific and applicable information about the gut and constipation than I’ve seen anywhere else. ¬†You should really check it out if you want to learn the super gritty nitty details of what you can do if you have chronic constipation.

In the meantime, what about Amanda’s reliance on pharmaceuticals for her epilepsy? ¬†We can’t stand it. ¬†She’s been on a pretty solid ketogenic diet for almost a year, and she doesn’t drink alcohol, which has to help, but she’s in college. ¬†College life is NOT conducive to epilepsy, at all. ¬†The stress, the deadlines, the lack of sleep. ¬†We feel tied to these horrible drugs yet want more than anything to get off them. ¬†In her own words, she “wonders who she is if she wasn’t on brain medications.”…. ¬†We’ve been seriously investigating Medical Marijuana, which isn’t legal in Virginia yet, but hopefully will be soon. ¬†What is legal is Hemp oil ( it’s lacks THC, which is the illegal substance, and contains Cannabidoil, which is deemed by some scientists to be the most Anti-Inflammatory substance in the world.) ¬†We’ve ordered some and will be trying this in conjunction with her meds. ¬† We’ve got to get the laws changed so that more studies can be conducted in the US. ¬†Other countries are light years ahead on this and so far, the science looks incredibly promising. ¬†All neurological conditions and cancer seem to be the main focus, and there’s some great information on this site here.

smooth4:11I want to end on a lighter note: ¬†my morning Smoothie! ¬†Today’s ingredients: ¬†raw keifer, frozen spinach, frozen avocado, frozen cranberries, scoop of dark cocoa, spoon of Stevia, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, chlorella, and topped with coconut.

The two jars next to it are my waters that I take with me, and that little jar?  Manuka Honey Рa powerful antibiotic honey from New Zealand.  Great immune booster:)

** Big Phuvernment: the sexual union of Big Business, Big Pharma, and Government.**



Food: The Good (my Green Smoothie), The Bad(Balance Bar), and The Ugly(Quaker Oats Bar)

I met with a nutrition client this week and our main discussion was gut issues, as in, she has Major Bloat every day, has for years, and it’s affecting her life. ¬†Not a surprise, Bloat is epidemic; ¬†these outward symptoms ( bloat, skin problems, heart burn, allergies, etc) are SIGNALS from our body that “all is not well” inside. ¬†Everyone, listen to your body when it talks to you – seriously, it’s important.

The average disease, from cancer to diabetes to heart disease to an auto-immune condition, takes about 20 years to manifest. ¬†Usually, those 20 years are spent taking either OTC medications to suppress the symptoms, or prescribed medications to suppress the symptoms. ¬†Taking medications for your symptoms allows the REASON for the symptoms to continue on quietly, plus, you get to accumulate all those medication side effects ( for example,¬†Tylenol – #1 cause of liver failure in the US) ¬†Don’t let that be you; the temptation to quickly suppress symptoms so you can continue unbothered is very strong, but the end result of that is never good.

Back to Tina. ¬†This case was easy, she’s a new client, just diving into Real Whole Foods, and she eats a lot of “bars”. ¬†Oh, the lure of the Bar….. ¬†I’ve been there. ¬†Sometimes I still miss my bars…. even though they made my stomach bloat to about a 5 / 6 month pregnant roundness every afternoon. ¬†Actually, that was the bars plus the whole box of Kashi I used to eat in 2 days. ¬†In addition to the Bloat, was excessive farting – which never happens any more Thank God! ¬†( my family Thanks God too.)

I keep digressing, bars bars bars. ¬†Bars have an undeserved healthy reputation, after all, the weight lifting/fitness industry created them. ¬†Zero Carbs, or Zero Fat, Tastes Like A Snickers!!!! ¬†What’s not to love? ¬†The ingredients – pure poison!

Here’s some of the ingredients for a Carmel Nut Blast Balance Bar: soy protein isolate, fructose, glucose syrup, sugar,fractionated palm kernel oil, maltodextrin, soy lecithin, carrageenan, ¬†artificial colors, artificial flavors, glycerine, soybean oil, and dextrose. ¬†After that there’s a whole slew of synthetic vitamins made in China. ¬†Sound like a solid food for building a healthy body? Not. ¬†Something to pack in your kid’s lunch box so that their brain will focus well? ¬†This is “anti-brain function” food!

What about the Doctors Carb Rite Bar, it has the word Doctors in it, so maybe it’s good? ¬†Nope. ¬†Here’s some of the ingredients: ¬†isolated soy protein, maltitol ( several times), sugar free white coating, hydrogenated palm kernel oil, maltitol syrup, polydextrose, lecithin, natural flavors, and glycerine. ¬†Bring on the Bloat.

Let me finish with Quaker Oats Granola Bites, Chocolate Flavor:¬†WHOLE GRAIN ROLLED OATS, WHOLE GRAIN PUFFED CEREAL (WHOLE GRAIN WHITE CORN, WHOLE GRAIN OAT FLOUR, WHOLE WHEAT FLOUR, WHOLE GRAIN BROWN RICE FLOUR, SUGAR, CALCIUM CARBONATE, SALT, BHT [A PRESERVATIVE]), SUGAR, PARTIALLY HYDROGENATED PALM KERNEL AND PALM OIL*, NONFAT DRY MILK, HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP, POLYDEXTROSE, SOYBEAN OIL, DRIED WHOLE MILK, SOY LECITHIN, COCOA, COCOA PROCESSED WITH ALKALI, MOLASSES, HONEY, SODIUM BICARBONATE, NATURAL AND ARTIFICIAL FLAVORS. ¬† This is gross, just like the first two. ¬†They’re all candy bars loaded with artificial and real sugars, grains, and chemicals. ¬†I made this the “ugly” bar because it’s so obviously marketed to kids, so this isn’t just a “diet” gimmick, this bar is supposed to make you believe it tastes like candy but actually has health benefits for your child; in other words, feel good about letting them eat this. ¬†Oh please.

They’re all created in labs by brilliant food scientists who want to addict us, and advertised by brilliant marketing executives who know how to appeal to us. ¬†These fake foods will always cause harm and disease for our body, always.

What to do? ¬†Eat Real Whole Foods. ¬†Need something fast for your kids? ¬†Buy nuts, dried fruit, and dark chocolate chips in the bulk bins and throw together your own mixes. ¬†Make a big batch of homemade cookies or bars, cut up, baggy up, and freeze. Fruit/celery and nut butters; meat and cheese. ( It’s not complicated, just a different way of thinking.) Are there any good bars on the shelves? ¬†Oh yeah! Read the labels and find ingredient lists that contain ONLY Real Whole Foods, like nuts and seeds. If there’s words you can’t pronounce, don’t buy it. ¬†Plan, shop, cook, and pack. ¬†You can do this, honest.

smoothie411On a different note, I get asked about my morning smoothies a lot, so I’m going to post them for the next couple of weeks. ¬†Here’s this mornings: ¬†¬†Raw Milk Keifer, chia seeds, frozen avocado, frozen banana, frozen chard/dandelion greens, carob powder, raw egg, gelatin ( Great Lakes brand), spirulina, ginger, nutmeg, and coconut flakes, and *** something new I just learned last night is great for the liver: ¬†carrot seed oil!! ¬† Have I told you I’m really into Essential Oils? ¬†I’ve been using the Carrot Seed Oil ( along with several others) on my face…wrinkle prevention. ¬†This morning, it’s in our smoothies.

Hey, don’t forget, guest post by Mark coming this Sunday. ¬†He’s turning 50 on Saturday, and he’s promised me he’d write a post on how to stay fit, energetic, and full of Testosterone despite 80 hour work weeks and long commutes. ¬†And being old enough to get an AARP card!

Do You Need To “Cleanse”? and Brownie Truffle Recipe

liver detoxI get asked about “cleanses” and “detoxes” all the time. ¬†Are they necessary? ¬†I think so. ¬†Our liver, which burns more calories and fat than our muscles, our brain, or any other part of our body, ( it’s about 60% of our total metabolism), is responsible for constantly cleaning our blood. ¬†It’s supposed to clean 2 Quarts of blood EVERY MINUTE. ¬†Imagine that. ¬†Now imagine these numbers:

Liver disease in the form of Non-Alcoholic Fatty liver disease, liver cancer, hepatitis, and pediatric liver disease is affecting 1 out of 10 Americans. ¬†That’s manifested conditions; the liver is struggling for YEARS before an actual diagnosis. ¬†Liver disease completely compromises the livers ability to do it’s jobs. ¬†What happens then? ¬†A lot, because the liver is involved in just about every function in the body. ¬†Here’s a list of symptoms:

acid reflux
gall stones
alcohol intolerance
nausea or vomiting attacks
mood disorders
poor concentration
overheating of the body
recurrent headaches (migraines)
sugar cravings
onset of type 2 diabetes
heart disease
clogged arteries
high blood cholesterol levels
high blood pressure
fatty organs, including fatty liver
fatty tumors
weight gain
inability to lose weight
slow metabolism
pot belly
weakened bones
sensitivity to chemicals and food additives

Thanks to a Standard American Diet, and tens of thousands of chemicals in our food, water, and air, a good liver cleanse is a good idea.  How to do it?

Quit eating and drinking toxins!! ¬†This is the number one, most important step you can take. ¬†There’s no pill, no program, no magic anything that will replace that step. ¬†Honest. ¬†Let step 2 be eating and drinking Liver Loving Foods: ¬†lemons, parsley, cilantro, garlic, sulfur/cruciferous vegetables(brussels, cabbage, onions, kale..), TONS OF WATER, fermented vegetables, keifer, and kombucha. ¬†Want to get really special? ¬†Eat liver, real or freeze dried, take milk thistle, get Vitamin D from the detox 21sun( that’s easier on your liver than supplement form), ¬†and use turmeric and curcumin when you cook. ¬†Want to really get in there and make things happen? ¬†Get in touch with me. ¬†Detoxing is an old and complex art, a good one can make a big difference in how well your body works.

Will you lose massive weight if you do a Cleanse? ¬†No! That’s just savvy marketing, appealing to dreams of fast, easy, effortless weight loss. ¬†There are Cleanse/Detox products that will make you poop; No Amount Of Pooping Pulls Fat Out Of Your Fat Cells. ¬†Ever. ¬†Will you be healthier? YES, absolutely!

trufflesLet me leave you with a dessert my daughter Meg made the other night, Paleo Brownie Truffles – DELICIOUS, and liver friendly! (Thank goodness, because I ate them all in 2 days!)

1) In a bowl, mix w spoon:  3 tbs melted coconut butter, 2 tbs melted coconut oil, 1 tbs Swerve, 1/2tsp vanilla, 1 tbs protein powder, 1/4 Р1/2 cup carob powder, add gradually and stop when mixture becomes cookie dough like.

2) roll mixture into small little balls

3) heat slowly: 1/4 c coconut butter, 2 tbs coconut oil, 1 tbs Swerve

4) dip balls in chocolate and refrigerate until shell hardens


Need Willpower to Lose Weight? Build Habits, It’s Easier!

5 of us snorkelingI received a couple emails this week that I want to share. ¬†The first one is from a woman named Chris who’s struggling with staying on a plan. ¬†Here goes:

Hi Debbie,

I’ve been reading your blog, and other paleo blogs, and trying to follow the paleo eating plan. ¬†I’m starving and I’m miserable, and I can’t go more than two days without eating cereal, crackers, or whatever is on the conference table at my office. ¬†Is this impossible for someone with no willpower like me?

I told Chris I’d answer her in my blog, because this scenario is very, very common. ¬†But first, here’s an email from Missy, who’s been working with me for a few months now. Missy is a single working mom; the definition of busy. ¬†She’s struggled with food addictions and consistency, but her PERSISTENCE is paying off:

I hit the 10 lb mark on Saturday, already…. without even really thinking about it or concentrating on it other than to not eat grains. my mood and energy keeps slowly getting better and better and i’m feeling very motivated. people are starting to ask me what i’m doing and I go off like a crazy person about eating real whole food. hahaha I usually apologize and give them time to let it sink in and I give them the resources that I’ve found as well as your website and just tell them to inform themselves. be a smart consumer. don’t allow yourself to be misled by big food and big pharma. there’s no magic pill. there’s no starvation diet. one of the best lines in this book so far is “your body can’t tell the difference between jenny craig’s packaged meals and concentration-camp fare.”

I want to shout all this stuff from the rooftops!

I made a new dish over the weekend with spaghetti squash. it was creamy pesto chicken with peas and carrots over spaghetti squash. YUM! I made my boyfriend try it (he stopped at taco bell on the way to his house – I stopped at the grocery store), and he said that he would eat it if he HAD to, but that it tasted funny. haha as we were sitting there watching tv, me satiated and happy, him complaining that his stomach didn’t feel good and that he was starting to get hungry again (already only about an hour after he ate his taco bell), so I offered him some of my “pasta”. he said that he would eat it….. and then I got him to admit that it was good. ūüėÄ I win. he ate a whole bowl!

The book Missy is referring to is one I recommend all the time, The Mood Cure or the Diet Cure, by Julia Ross. ¬†She and I are meeting this week to discuss the protocols and science behind it. ¬†I’ve said again and again, the amino acid therapy this book uses to re-adjust moods, addictions, anxiety, etc, ¬†is incredible, honest.

Back to Chris,.. is eating Real Whole Food possible if you have no willpower? ¬†YES!! ¬†I used to eat literally a few boxes of ice cream a WEEK, and I could finish off a box of Kashi or Mini Wheats in TWO days. ¬†And there-in lies the problem: ¬†sugar, flour, and chemicals are incredibly addictive. You have to give them up if you want a healthy body and a healthy weight. ¬†Unfortunately, ¬†your addicted mind will rebel badly if your addicted body isn’t getting them. ¬†What to do? ¬†Be patient with yourself. ¬†You’re breaking years ( decades??) of bad habits; neural pathways and brain patterns that have been nurtured and sustained over and over again. ¬†You’ve got to build healthy habits!

Here’s a little strategy: ¬†(1) You’re going to have to change the way you think about food. ¬†Do the donuts on the conference table call to you? ¬†Then you don’t think of them as sugar/flour/chemical bombs that cause cancer, diabetes, and heart attacks. ¬†Want to dive into the bread basket? ¬†Then you’re not thinking that the high insulin and blood sugar will give you wrinkles or make you impotent. ¬†Think you’ll satisfy your needs hypnosis slimwith Weight Watchers frozen desserts? ¬†Those chemical cancer factories will in NO WAY satisfy your brains desire for ACTUAL NUTRIENTS, and before you know it, the Rebound Binge happens. ¬†Educate yourself!! ¬†Read my site, read Grain Brain, read Wheat Belly, read Mood Cure. ¬†Stop thinking of food in terms of calories; look around. ¬†Where has the Calorie Myth gotten us? ¬†70% overweight, and everyone’s sick. ¬†That whole line we tell ourselves, “I’ll eat this now and exercise/starve/purge/just eat broccoli.. later” ¬†DOESN’T work. ¬†Ever. Your body is a Chemistry Set, not a Math Equation.

(2) Set yourself up for success. ¬†If you’re hoping that you can keep your trigger foods in the house and ignore them, you’re wrong. ¬†No One In Your House needs those foods. ¬†Kids DON’T need sugar, flour, or chemicals, it has the same destructive effects on them as it does on you. ¬†The average disease takes 20 years to manifest. ¬†Just because your kids are slim now doesn’t mean poison food isn’t affecting them, because it is. ¬†Toss that excuse out the window.

You MUST start planning your week; ask your self: ¬†when can I shop, when can I cook, when can I pack? ¬†What can I freeze and use later? ¬†Then plan it and write it down on your schedule. ¬†It’s a mind set. ¬†Go into your office on a full belly, have a great lunch packed, know you’ll be eating Real Whole Food for dinner, and junk food at the meetings won’t call so loudly. ¬†Out running around all day? ¬†PACK! ¬†and not stupid diet food, but Real Whole Foods, and those toxic fast food/gas station restaurants won’t be tempting.

If you’re persistent with your self education, and consistent with your planning and scheduling, change happens. ¬†New habits form. The best thing? ¬†Willpower, which uses up a lot of energy, is quite draining, and completely limited, isn’t necessary anymore. ¬†Do you look at a dirty cigarette on the street and ever have even a tiny desire to put it in your mouth? ¬†No, because you think it’s gross. ¬†There’s no effort whatsoever involved with that decision. ¬†Keep learning, stay determined, and pretty soon, there’s very little effort involved with your food choices. ¬†You’ll just choose delicious food that you know your body needs to thrive. ¬†You’ll become a Nutrient Seeker to your very core, and then the issue of willpower isn’t even an issue anymore.

Chris, and everyone else struggling out there, please don’t give up on yourself. ¬†Real change, Brain Change, takes time. You’ve had a lifetime of hypnotizing by BigPhovernment that CaloriesInCaloriesOut works, and now consciously, you know it doesn’t. ¬†It’s your subconscious that needs work. ¬†¬†If it’s important to you, then schedule a few minutes every day to fill your brain with the thoughts you want to think. ¬†It’s not going to happen with luck; our life is what we make of it. ¬†If you need help with your habits and consistency, get in touch with me. ¬†I can help you understand your Biology and give you tips for your Psychology, to turn you into a Real Whole Foodie. ***** REMEMBER, TESTOSTERONE LADDEN GUEST POST BY MARK ON APRIL 13, TUNE IN FOR A MAN’S PERSPECTIVE ON BEING HEALTHY AND LEAN. *****