Real Whole Foods

Whole Foods

What are Real Whole Foods (RWF)?

They’re single, unrefined, unprocessed foods.  Lean meats, eggs, unrefined oils, real butter, whole fat dairy products, all vegetables, all fruits, nuts, seeds, legumes, and even whole grains.

But they can best be summed up as – Real Whole Foods don’t have an ingredient list!
Why RWF?
Our body has millions of chemical reactions going on all the time.  Cells die or grow, mitochondria make energy, hormones are created and destroyed, brain neurons connect with one another, muscles move, blood flows, the list goes on and on.  This really only happens optimally when the body run on real nutrients from real foods.

Feed your body processed, refined, “frankenfoods”, and your body will fail.  Weight gain, poor digestion, skin problems, hormone problems, mood disorders, auto-immune conditions; these aren’t genetic disasters.  These are conditions brought on by poor nutrition.
Thank goodness for that because they’re also conditions that can be reversed or corrected with Great Nutrition!
Here are some examples of Real Whole Foods:

Meats:  lamb, beef, chicken, seafood, pork

Unrefined oils: Extra virgin cold-pressed olive oil, nut oils (avocado oil, walnut oil), coconut oil and coconut products, REAL butter (not margarine! but grass-fed butter), whole fat dairy products

All fruits and vegetables


Nuts and seeds: as natural as possible. Dry roasted or raw.