About Me

DSC_0398 copyMy name is Debbie Abbott and I am SO excited you’re here!  This site is the product of 28 years in the health and fitness business.  Nutritional coaching, teaching group fitness, and personal training are a true passion. I’m determined to get the word out that True Health doesn’t come from a pill or a doctor, it comes from our food and lifestyle habits.  We have such Power Potential!  I want to show people how to access it.

Nutrition has always been a passion, an obsession really.  For years I thought eating nutritious foods meant Diet Coke and low fat/no fat foods.  Hunger was my fren-emy. Starve/Binge,  Starve/Binge, Starve/Binge.  For years!

In 2006, I read Real Food, by Nina Planc, and then discovered Weston A Price, touting the benefits of fats, and describing the nutrients in whole foods:  life changing.  Fats were good?  My diet, frozen, weight watchers meals were bad?  Maybe even deadly?  There was more to food than calories?  I’d been preaching and practicing the avoidance of fat and calories for years!

Paleo and Primal blogs were proliferating on the internet.  I learned about Real Whole Food Nutrition:  Meats, Fats, Proteins, Vegetables, Raw Dairy, Organ Meats, Broth …. who knew?  I changed my whole nutritional protocol.  Everything!  Now I eat Real Whole Food loaded with fats and nutrients . I’m pretty lean (for a 50 year old mom), and I’m rarely hungry anymore.

I went back to school and became a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner.   I’ve learned, and will keep learning, how the body works and how Real Whole Food not only fuels us, but keeps us healthy and can improve or reverse poor health.

My husband Mark and I have our own consulting business, called Revelation Corporate Wellness, where we work with companies to improve both the employees health, and the owners profit margin.

Join me as I raise my 4 daughters, work, cook, exercise, and preach the good news: we can get better as we age; declining health isn’t inevitable!  I’d love to be part of your journey for better health.