My Approach

Good Health, Energy, Feeling Good, is Normal.
Bloating is not normal.
Indigestion is not normal.
Auto-immune issues are not normal.
Being unable to lose weight is not normal.
Constipation is not normal.
Allergies are not normal.
Brain fog is not normal.
Headaches are not normal.

Addiction to eating and constant preoccupation with food is Not normal.

Ill health is not normal, and these conditions, and others, are treatable and reversible and fixable with nutrition and lifestyle changes that have no negative side effects.  

What’s the right nutritional approach to achieve well being?  I’m a firm believer that a diet of Real Whole Foods is best for everyone.  Paleo / Primal Nutrition appeals to me (wow has it worked for me and others I know) from a practical and scientific point of view.  I’m always open to new ideas and new science.  Life is a journey, and I want to be in a state of constantly learning and improving.