Diet, Health and Fitness Coaching

Would you like to work on your health issues one on one?  Do you need to lose weight, fix your digestion, get rid of inflammation, or revamp your family to a real whole food eating plan?   Please contact me!  Problems are Fixable.  You don’t need to remain in a situation you’re unhappy with.

Corporate Wellness Program
Saving money on Company Insurance isn’t about finding the cheapest plan anymore, because there are none.  It’s about getting your Employees to become healthier, through their own actions.  Allow me to speak during the Company lunch hour, or Group Planning or Company Improvement hour, to explain to them the power they have over their own Health.  I’ll give them the Reasons Why and the How-To’s.  GERD, reflux, high blood pressure, diabetes/pre-diabetes, high cholesterol, headaches, etc.; these conditions are Nutritional Dilemmas, not pharmaceutical deficiencies.

Food Journal Log
You send me your food log every day for a week, and I’ll make suggestions and help you with a plan. Great if you’re trying to lose weight or change your diet due to health issues.
$70/week, all via email.


4-Consultations Nutritional Counseling and Plan
This option includes 4 phone/skype/ or face time, for an hour, meal plans or suggestions, food log check-ins, accountability/direction. Besides food, I will help you fully understand Blood Sugar Regulation and Digestion – completely necessary if you want to lose weight or improve your health. I’ll also recommend a workout/fitness plan, if you don’t have one. (26 years experience ) $450/month, can be split into 4 payments, $112.50/per consult (email me through contact page for further details about this payment plan).  Consider this one with a friend or as part of a small group.

To Pay In Full:

One on One
Face to Face/Skype, or Phone, 1.5 hours, $150, plus email communication for the next week. Can be shared with one friend or family member.