Sunlight, and Vitamin D, Could Help You Lose Weight, Really.

0702161140aWeight loss isn’t about calories-in/calories-out;  being a healthy weight (and STAYING THERE), is about being Normal.  We’re a chemistry set, not a math equation.

Sunlight, and optimal levels of Vitamin D, are a crucial to being Normal.  They help make our chemistry what it should be.  Being normal doesn’t just allow us a healthy weight, it also means improved immune function, and prevention and reversal of disease.

There’s a lot of science behind those statements, here some of it:

We make Vitamin D when the cholesterol on our skin cells is hit with the UVB rays of the sun.

Low levels of Vitamin D correlate to higher incidences of diabetes and insulin resistance more than obesity does! ( Vitamin D is more hormone than vitamin.)

Vitamin D positively affect thousands of genes, but Vitamin D’s effects are more far reaching than that:

-Optimal Vitamin D makes cell membranes more “sensitive”, or open, to insulin, which means blood sugar/glucose can be stuffed in a cell rather than being remade into triglycerides/fat

-Optimal Vitamin D lowers hyperglycemia induced from statin drugs, and anti-psychotic drugs

-Optimal Vitamin D lowers the risk for ALL cardiovascular diseases

-Optimal Vitamin D is crucial for the prevention of auto-immune diseases, which are on the rise everywhere

-Optimal Vitamin D up-regulates the production of testosterone and progesterone

-Optimal Vitamin D is used to repair DNA and up-regulate immune function

-Optimal Vitamin D slashes our cancer (all cancers) risk by 60%!!


-Being Vitamin D deficient increases the risk of all neurological conditions, from depression to Alzheimers to Parkinson’s, by 31%

Sunlight, which contains a spectrum of rays that interact with our body and mind in a myriad of ways, is crucial for:

-Nitrous oxide production, which lowers blood pressure

-Serotonin production, which is a feel good hormone  (who knew??)

-Melatonin production, which is a hormone that regulates not just sleep, but our whole circadian rhythm and it’s also intricately related to the female hormonal cycle

-Beta endorphin production, another happy hormone

-Successful treatment of several skin conditions, including psoriasis, vitiligo, dermatitis, and more

Americans spend less time out doors than ever in history.  When we are out doors, we’re slathered in toxic/cancer causing sunscreen.  0703161325

Vitamin D deficiency is epidemic.

If you’re convinced that the Sun is your Enemy, please, please, read the link attached below from The Truth About Cancer.  Look at both the research, and who’s presenting it. *

We live in a world full of contradictory health advice. It’s up to us to do the work and learn what’s right for us.

I hope you decide to get Normal!  Go outside and relax, or go outside and move, but go outside.  Encourage your kids to go outside… and go with them.  Be sun-smart; baking for hours causes it’s own set of issues, but, large areas of skin do need to be exposed to the sun for Vitamin D to be made and for the sun’s rays to interact with all the magic buttons on our skin cells.

After you’ve been out for a while, put on a t-shirt and a hat.

Eat plenty of colorful fruits and vegetables, which are incredibly sun-protective, every day.  Take astaxanthin, which is the most powerful carotenoid-antioxidant available.

Quit eating poison, it makes you weak, vulnerable, and sick.

If you’re in the search for healthy sunblocks, check out EWG’s list here:

Happy Summer!

Sun Exposure: Cancer Cause or Part of the Solution?

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