You’ve Got To Believe To Make It a Lifestyle

If you read my blog, you know I’m advocating a Paleo/Primal/WestonAPrice/Real Whole Foods Diet that’s low on sugars and grains and chemicals, and high on fats, proteins, and vegetables.  This low carb/RWFs plan is an obvious way to lose weight, not something too many people argue with anymore.  But how many people can stick to it, day in day out, week after week, month after month? (How many times have I heard, “I could NEVER give up bread/pasta.”,  “Kids won’t eat anything else.”)  I. E.,  make it a LifeStyle??

Well, if it’s all about Weight Loss, people don’t stick to this plan any better than Weight Watchers, the Grapefruit diet, the South Beach diet, Jenny Craig, or ANY OTHER DIET (less than 1-5% stick permanently). fail:fish:cat  Because when it’s all about WEIGHT LOSS, you’re going to restrict your calories and fat.  Even on the P/P/WAP/RWF plan, you’ll try to “not eat too much”.    This NEVER amounts to “lifestyle”, it’s just a weak desire to be leaner.

Here’s the bottom line about Calorie Restriction and Fat Restriction:  You’ll NEVER ever fight your BIOLOGY and win.  Ever.  It’s impossible.  Your body wants Fat; Your body needs Fat.  Fat comprises 60% of our brain; fat runs thru our heart muscle, fat makes all of our sex hormones and steroid hormones (that’s the fight/flight).  Fat escorts most minerals and vitamins ADE & K to wherever they need to go.  Fat surrounds our organs and protects them. And that’s just a brief synopsis.

Try and stay “low fat”, and you will end up binging.  Either you’ll eat fat – which your body will use; or you’ll eat tons of carbs, which your body will turn INTO fat.  Either way, your BIOLOGY will trump your desire to eat low fat/low cal, and lose in box

What’s the answer?  Fill your brain with all the reasons we should eat certain foods, and shouldn’t eat others.  Become a believer in the DEEP, SERIOUS, CONNECTION, between every single bite we put in our mouths, to our moods, our body, our weight, our health, our emotions.

Here’s some reasons to meditate on:

Sugar, and refined grains (pasta, bread, cereals, etc) are absolutely 100% involved with Inflammation, Metabolic Syndrome, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Alzheimer’s, Migraines, Depression, Anxiety, and MORE.  The correlation is absolute, because these carbohydrates induce a big Insulin response from your Pancreas.  This starts a blood sugar roller coaster that has devastating effects on The Whole Body.

Your Liver takes a hit, your Brain takes a hit, your Nerve Endings in your extremities and eyes take a hit, your Arteries, your Hormones, your Neurotransmitters, and your Waistline takes a hit.  Your CHILDREN are similarly affected, even your skinny, active kids.   Poor health/weight problems “accumulate”.   Behavior, mood, attention – all of these are HEAVILY influenced by diet.

Let’s talk about Digestion.  Bloat, gas, indigestion, Crohn’s, colitis, gastritis;  NOT NORMAL.  When these conditions happen, it’s NOT because you’re low in Pepcid or some other Antacid.  You’re just eating foods that either aren’t breaking down well due to compounds in them, and/ or you’ve caused damage somewhere in your gut from years of eating foods that don’t break down well.

Then there’s the whole Negative Thoughts Cascade that gets released, for several hours to a day or so, after consumption of large amounts of bad carbs and crappy foods.  Talk about a hit to your energy, your demeanor, your thoughts, your decisions.

if no one sees you eat itHow to make RWFs a LifeStyle?  Focus On Feeling Good.  Honestly, it works.  When you’re out, and everyone’s having bread and dessert, think LONG TERM:  how do you want to feel later? or tomorrow?.    When you’re at the store, and you’re tempted by a box of cereal or crackers, think LONG TERM:  how do you want to feel later? or tomorrow?  When you’re making dinner and the pasta seems so simple, think LONG TERM: how do you want to feel later? or tomorrow?

It feels GOOD to feel Good.  If you’re plagued with gut issues, inflammation, sugar/carb ups and downs, or mood imbalances, imagine how it would feel — not to be plagued with those issues.  Imagine feeling good almost all the time.  It’s amazing.  It’s amazing to feel relaxed with yourself, not to be beating yourself up over splurges, or binges, or indulgences.

That said, give your self a break; because Change isn’t Linear, even when you do start believing.  It takes time, effort,  and focus, to really change thought patterns; but it does happen.

I’m looking forward to seeing and meeting everyone who’ll be at my workshops (5/31 or 6/5).  I promise to fill your head with a boat load of reasons to make RWFs a Lifestyle, and not a temporary effort at leanness.    Eat well, feed your body the nutrients it wants to be healthy, and if you need to lose weight, you will.


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