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I’m going to be holding 2 local workshops on Blood Sugar Regulation and Digestion.  Sound like odd topics?  Why not “How to Lose Weight” or “How to Get Healthy”?   OR :  I Can Make You Skinny By June! ??

Because, if you want to lose weight and get healthy, it’s ALL about how well your digestive system is working and the state of your hormones.  Period.  There’s No diet foods, or diet drinks, or diet pills, or diet protocols, or a “fat burning” exercise that will take your weight off and keep it off.

As a matter of fact, Diet Foods put weight ON.  Seriously, the evidence behind artificial sweeteners, chemical ingredients, refined carbs, and “franken” fats fills text books.  It’s no ones secret, yet the marketing behind these products is in the Billions and Brilliant.

Perfect digestion is critical to our weight and our health.  If you don’t have ENOUGH stomach acid, or sufficient pancreatic enzymes, or you have leaky gut, or not enough beneficial bacteria in your lower intestine,  you’re in trouble.     Anyone have indigestion,  burping, gas, cramps, or general stomach pain and discomfort?  What about a “stomach bloat” that comes on every afternoon and doesn’t disappear til morning?    NOT NORMAL,  totally  Fixable.

Fixable with what?  More Pepcid or Tagament?  Could your body be deficient in those meds??  Absolutely not.  And if you are taking digestive medications, YOU”RE DOING MORE HARM THAN GOOD.    Read the pamphlet’s that come with any of those, they’re meant to be used on a very short term basis – for good reason! (which I’ll be going over in the workshops)

Allergies, auto-immune, liver problems, weight issues, fatigue, migraines, etc etc – all the result of improper digestion, not a medicine deficiency.   Really, this is a Big, Important topic.  You should know how your body is supposed to work if you want it to work correctly;  don’t fall prey to marketing and advertising of products that literally bandaid your symptoms while allowing problems to grow, or have a set of side effects that make everything worse,

Blood Sugar Regulation?  Your hormones are the key to EVERYTHING!!  One of my instructors  has a line that “we look at the world through Hormone Colored Glasses”. (I love that)   When you eat too many  refined carbs (or even too many good carbs if you have blood sugar issues), and your Insulin ( a major hormone) is Dis-regulated,  YOUR WHOLE HORMONAL SYSTEM IS DISREGULATED:  cortisol, adrenaline, testosterone, estrogen, all of them, are affected and can be disregulated too.  Insulin is a Primary Hormone,  it sets the tone for all our other hormones.  (Actually, cortisol’s a biggie too;  I’ll be talking about that.)

Eat a typical, standard American diet (SAD) of cereal, coffee drinks, sandwiches, chips, snacks, and pasta, and you are a hormonal disaster.   Eat constantly, all day long, have your blood sugar UP and Down and Up and Down, You are a Hormonal Disaster.  Eating like that wrecks your gut too, and there goes your Digestion.

My workshops will be two hours long, and they will cover the same material.  Come once, or if you’re up for it, need to resolve issues and really learn how this Biology is supposed to work, come twice.

I’ll be holding each workshop at the Marshall Community Center.  It’s easy to get to, right off Rt 17 and Rt 66.  They have a great room that I’ve used for other workshops and it can accommodate a lot of people. Plus they have plenty of parking.  For my out of town readers,  Video formatting is in the works, more on that when it’s ready.

I don’t have my PayPal Widget set up, so I can’t take payments via my site (yet).  If you want to attend, please just mail me a check or pay at the door.  Either is fine, just let me know in advance if you’ll be attending so I can make sure the rooms set up correctly.


Digestion and Blood Sugar Workshop

May 31st, Friday 1-3 or June 5th, Wednesday 6 – 8pm

Cost: $30 per person – cheap, because I want people to learn this stuff and not be at the mercy of bad information and persuasive marketing.

Send checks to (or make checks out to)

Debbie Abbott

9277 Maidstone Rd

Delaplane Va 20144

and please email me to confirm attending.  Can’t wait to see you there!

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