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Do You Have Weight Loss Frenemies?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe’ve been published in the Huffington Post again! This time our article is on Weight Loss Frenemies, and How To Overcome Them:


It’s hard when you’re the only one in your house, your office, or your group, who wants to start eating better.   Our world isn’t conducive to healthy eating, at all.   Kids are rewarded with junk food at school, clubs, and after all their sporting events.  Offices provide donuts, bagels, subs and pizza at meetings, as if that kind of food makes people more productive, and friend groups tend to center around drinking alcohol, and eating the kind of foods that lowered inhibition, from alcohol, induces.  Church lays out donuts and coffee, there’s bowls of candy on the table when you wait for your car to be inspected, and popcorn and candy at the movies seems obligatory.

Not only does the world collude against us, but apparently, we subconsciously seek out others who support our Bad Habits and Self Defeating Desires.

After you read this article, whether you need to lose weight or not, access what your relationships have become, access what your Down Time has become, access what your daily habits have become.  Friends and fun SHOULD have positive, long term consequences. Going to the office shouldn’t constantly throw you off your healthy eating routine.  Regrets, recriminations, resolve to “start again tomorrow”, those thoughts and feelings just lead to stress and bad hormones; if they’re normal for you, it’s time to make changes

Our health, our mood, our thoughts, they’re all the results of our actions every single day.  If we don’t step back and take an account of our time and our habits, before we know it, we’re living mindlessly, making bad choices, and teaching our kids to do the same thing. 

One more thing:  if you have Frenemies who are inhibiting weight loss or healthy eating, forward the article without saying a word.  Honestly, from my work I can tell you that most people want to change, they want to be healthier, they want to feel good, they just feel stuck; we can be the change!

Click on the “Like” and “Share” buttons when you read the article.  The more people we reach, the easier we can make it to take positive actions every single day. You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” Mahatma Gandhi