Quaker Oats Bars – a Looks Healthy But Isn’t

smores barJust a quick “looks healthy but isn’t” post on Quaker Oats Smores Chewy Granola bars.  Let’s start with the box:  there’s a kindly looking Quaker man picture, the big words “No Trans Fat”, and the happy news that each bar contains “8g of whole grain”.  Looks like that Quaker guy went in his kitchen and cooked these up over the fire.  But he didn’t.
I picked this because Quaker Oats has a very strong connection with all things healthy and pure – but that’s just excellent marketing, not reality.

For example, this particular product has 58 listed ingredients.  I say listed because 3 times it also has “natural and artificial” flavors embedded in the ingredient list.  Who knows how many chemicals it takes to make a marshmallow flavor or scent, or graham flavor or scent?   Some artificial vanilla’s have over 200 ingredients!!

There are 13 sources of sugar.  There’s “honey powder”, what the heck is that?  Bees don’t make that.  There’s modified foodstarch and natural flavors, both of which are  FDA approved names for MSG (the excito-toxin that shrivels and kills brain cells, and causes migraines, bee picseizures, ADD/ADHD, and many other symptoms).  There’s Blue dye #1, which the FDA says is linked to ADHD, asthma, and allergies, – Europe’s banned it!
It’s preserved with BHT – remember that post?

And finally, there’s this ingredient:  sodiumhexametaphosphate.   What in the world is that doing to our body or our brain?
If this is a food product that you think has “diet” potential, because it’s only 90 calories and 2 grams of fat;  or worse, a “healthy snack option” for your child – rethink that.

This is just a little toxic chemical bomb loaded with artificial ingredients and potential side effects.  The foods we eat build our body, they build our brain, they affect our moods, they determine our weight, so we need to choose Real Whole Foods.

Looking forward to seeing you all at the Digestion and Blood Sugar Workshops coming up.  Look here for the info if you’re interested in attending.  Promise lots of motivation, inspiration, and information for getting lean and healthy.

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