Workshop Tonight, and Cholesterol/Health Resources

WORKSHOP REMINDER:  I’ve got another workshop/talk planned on Blood Sugar, and it’s relationship and effect on Weight, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Thyroid, and Mood.  The date is TODAY, August 28, 6-8pm,  the charge is $30/person, and the venue is the Marshall Community Center, 4133A Rectortown Rd, Marshall, Va.  This is literally right off Rt 66, and very easy to find.  There’s plenty of parking and the room is big, so bring a friend or a family member if you’d like.  You can pay at the door.

cavemenReally good health is only achievable when You decide to take control of your own health destiny.  It’s important to not just put your fate in the hands of busy doctors.  The information available to us today is amazing, and we’re crazy if we don’t put some degree of effort into learning our bodies biology and actual strategies and practices that will make a difference in our lives.

The number of forward thinking Doctors and Researchers who have blogs is staggering.  There’s also Podcasts, which are a wonderful way to learn while driving, cooking, cleaning, or working out.  Take advantage of these FREE resources!  Here’s some of my favorites:

Dr. John Briffa , his blog, and his most recent podcast on cholesterol and heart disease;   here’s Cardiac Surgeon Dwight Lundell’s podcast,  Dr. Colin Champ runs a great blog, so does the WheatBelly doc, Dr. Davis.  The best place to find over 700 podcasts, and lists of jimmy mooreprofessional blogs?  Livinlavidalowcarb, the guy who runs that, Jimmy Moore, is AMAZING.  He has a book coming out today, Cholesterol Clarity, in which he interviews 29 experts on cholesterol and it’s actual relationship to heart disease.  I’ve already ordered it and can’t wait to begin reading.

I’ve got to say it again:  if you really care about your health, and your loved ones health, invest yourself.  If your source of information is cereal boxes that have the AHA seal of approval, or an add touting a drug featuring attractive people and tiny print / side effect lists, you’re playing with fire.  The pharmaceutical industry is a BUSINESS.  Businesses make MONEY.  That’s their goal.  Keep that in mind.    Our health is dependent on the food we eat, the sleep we get, the relationships we have, and the toxins we encounter.  Not one of us is deficient in a pharmaceutical drug.  Not one of us.  Become informed; use the information available to you to become Powerful and Healthy.

If you’re local, I hope to see you at tonight’s Talk.  I promise, TONS of information to help you make good decisions about your health.

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