Workshop Reminder and Info Teasers

WORKSHOP REMINDER:  I’ve got 2 workshops/talks planned on Blood Sugar, and it’s relationship and effect on Weight, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Thyroid, and Mood.  The dates are Friday, August 23, 12-2, and Wednesday, August 28, 6-8pm,  the charge is $30/person, and the venue is the Marshall Community Center, 4133A Rectortown Rd, Marshall, Va.  This is literally right off Rt 66, and very easy to find.  There’s plenty of parking and the room is big, so bring a friend or a family member if you’d like.  You can pay at the door.

notdieting:lifestyleI have so much information for my talks that I’ve been agonizing on how to condense this.  What will I be talking about?   Here’s some teasers:

* How do Triglycerides affect Cholesterol

* Why it can be impossible to lose weight if you eat refined carbs (oatmeal is refined!) all day

* Why fat DOESN’T make you fat

* What comprises Thyroid hormone, and what can mess it up

* What role does Stress/ Cortisol play in weight gain, weight loss, and disease

* Exercise and it’s role in weight loss

* How to use a Blood Sugar meter/Glucometer, and how they can be a great tool for weight rosie the riviterloss and health

* How thyroid function affects cholesterol

* The role of Amino Acids/Digestion/Blood Sugar in Brain Health

Become Empowered; exercise control over your weight and your health.  The more you know, the more you can make good decisions for yourself and your family.  Become your own best health advocate.  Hope to see you at one of the talks!


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