Want to Lose Weight?

cat-remember dietHow do you lose weight – PERMANENTLY?

Well, you employ the Real Keys to Weight Loss:   SMALL, CONSISTENT changes, day after day, week after week, month after month.  You eat Normal, Moderate amounts of Real Whole Foods, and let houurss go between meals so that your blood sugar has a chance to regulate/get within normal range, and THEN, fat cells can be burned for energy.  You stay persistent even after veering off course.
What happens when you eat way less calories than your body needs?  I.E., a real low calorie diet? ( I’m not giving a number, bc it would be different for everyone based on bone stucture, muscle propensity, and activity level, but if you’re genuinely hungary because your meals are so small, it’s probably “very low calorie”.)
When you eat Very Low Calorie for just a couple of days, your brain perceives a starvation/crisis situation.  Muscle tissue is very metabolically active, and takes a lot of energy/calories to sustain.  Fat tissue is much less metabolically active, and takes very very Few calories/energy to sustain.    If your brain thinks that there is going to be a shortage of calories/energy, your brain will instruct specific hormones to TAKE APART MUSCLE TISSUE TO FEED THE BODY.  Your brain will STAY AWAY FROM BREAKING DOWN THE EASIER TO KEEP FAT TISSUE IN A TIME OF ENERGY SHORTAGE.  

Read that again.youll lose wt on any diet:crying

Low Calories Diets, even a couple of DAYS of Low Calorie, ( according to studies), trigger your body to break down muscle tissue for fuel to save energy for the brain and body.    Low Calorie Diets Fail.  Some people can sustain them; but they eat up a lot of their muscle tissue, and really  slow down their metabolisms.

Usually though, Very Low Calorie Diets aren’t sustainable – so after the short period of abstinance, when Muscle Tissue is destroyed for fuel and Metabolism is drastically slowed,  – then there’s a back-lash of over eating.  Now, there’s TOO many calories, and the body’s metabolism has been made slower from the Diet.  What does that lead to?  Weight Gain.  Easy weight gain.  Because now, with less muscle,  your body burns less calories at Rest and at Work.

This is why when I see magazine covers or ads promising  “Lose 7 pounds in 10 days”  I want to scream.  Anyone can do that – ask a wrestler.  Starve, spit, take laxatives, take stimulants, take drugs,   and you’ll lose weight.  All Muscle.
The body gives up FAT when it feels nourished (with healthy fats and proteins, tons of vegetables, some fruit, some dairy, some nuts and seeds), and it has Blood Sugar Under Control (from not overdoing the starchy carbs, and letting hours pass between meals so that blood sugar can regulate).

Diets Don’t Work.  That’s a Statistic.  Not my opinion.  If you want to lose weight, eat Normal/Moderate amounts of Real Whole Food, and let hours pass between meals.    Weight loss is about blood sugar and hormones.
Weight Loss is NOT about excessive exercise or Low Fat or Low Calorie. Think about it with Common Sense – who does that work for in the long run? No One.

So today, and everyday, Nourish Your Body.  Eat Real Whole Foods.

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