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Want to Be Lean and Healthy? Train To Be A “Wow” Brain. Success Story Inspiration!

Ernestine-ShepherdOww Brain or Wow Brain; Mark and I heard that phrase in a talk describing two types of people:  1) those who balk at change/effort/organization because it’s too hard, so their life is one big excuse; and 2) those who accept change/effort/organization, despite that it’s hard, and actually embrace it.

If you want to lose weight, get healthy, and have a fit body, it’s not about luck, or having the time.  If you think that way, you’re an Oww Brain, that means YOU MAKE EXCUSES.  Practice being a Wow Brain, practice being organized, practice sticking to your schedule.  Other people do, you can too!

You don’t need a secret sauce or great genetics to be healthy and fit.  You just need a plan, and then, you need to stick to the plan.  The plan needs to be sustainable, forever.  The resolve to adhere to the plan comes from the Wow Mindset.  If you don’t have that, then develop that. Other people do, you can too.

Need to lose weight?  Want great legs?  Tired of having your stomach sticking out?  Tired of being sick and tired?  Other people change, you can too.

Hate to cook, bad at scheduling, think your kids or your job runs your life? That’s an Excuse Train/Oww Brain Mindset.  Other people change that, you can too.

Want some motivation to jump off the Excuse Train, end the Diet Roller Coaster, and start living the life you want?  Look at some of the Other People:

Maynard_7_t900Read about Kyle Maynard, a Professional Athlete who has no arms and no legs.  This guy kicked my butt in Burpee Tabatas at a conference once.  It was humbling.



maxresdefaultRead about Willie Murphy, who’s 77 and can do 1 handed push-ups in addition to squats and dead lifts!




masters_kathymartinRead about Kathy Martin, a Master’s Runner who didn’t even start running until she was in her late 40’s.







fran-miller-91-year-old-yogaRead about Fran Miller, the 91 year old Yogi, who never took a yoga class until she was in her 50’s.




DUNK360-Featured-Image-vince-400x242Read about Vince McMahon, who’s 69 and owns the empire – and still runs – the WWE.




tina armetRead about blind Ironman Tina Armet, who qualified then ran, biked, and swam at Kona (that means she made it through all the smaller races first).


Oh, what about my lead photo, the gorgeous body builder?  That’s 77 year old Ernestine Shepard, who didn’t start working out until she was 56.

To quote 2 Timothy 1:7:  For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline.  (I love this verse.)

That doesn’t apply to some of us, it applies to all of us.  All of us are capable of taking the steps and living the life of fitness and health and purpose.  All of us.

Are you going to waste another day being an Oww Brain, or are you going to be like these Other People, and develop your Wow Brain?