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Is Quinoa Paleo? A Travel Workout; a Vacation Cut Short, and THANKSGIVING

Our anniversary weekend was cut a little short thanks to snow – we brought a car that DOESN’T drive well on slippery roads ūüôĀ ¬† We still had a great two days, got to see a part of fallingwaterSouthWestern Pa I hadn’t seen before ( beautiful! ) and take a tour of Fallingwater, the home Frank Lloyd Wright built in 1936 over a waterfall. ¬†If you’re in the area, or interested in architecture, this is a Must See.

We did have a great workout yesterday in the Nemacolin Spa/Gym, who wouldn’t?? The stone, the wood, the giant walls of glass so that you felt like you were outside – it was inspiring! ¬† Here’s what I did (Travel Gym Workout): ¬†7 rounds of leg press (25 reps) with 2 minutes on the elliptical after each set, ¬†then 2 rounds of abductor/adductor machines with 2 minutes elliptical after each set, then 4 rounds assisted pull ups (12), 15 push ups, with 2 minutes elliptical after each set, and ball pullovers to finish up.

eggs and vegAfterwards, we had a quick lunch before we checked out: the leftover vegetables from the night before mixed with 6 eggs (yes, we eat the yolks – they’re nutrient BOMBS). ¬†Then I ate a small bag of nuts and seeds in the car.

Dinner was back at home, and I just made what I was going to make anyway: ¬†burgers stuffed with slow roasted tomatoes, topped with thick cheddar, a pot of vegetables cooked in bacon fat and butter (cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, onion, and kale), a big sweet potato cut up and roasted, then doused in butter. ¬†Two of our girls were home so I made a lot, but there’s vegetables left over to mix with eggs again this morning.

Now to the Quinoa question: ¬†is Quinoa paleo? ¬†Is it healthy? Is it a good substitute for bread crumbs in meatloaf? ¬†Do I eat quinoa? ¬†Answers: ¬†quinoa is a seed not a grain, technically, seeds are paleo. ¬†However, the carb count is high: ¬†1 cup is 109 grams of carbs, that’ll send your blood sugar soaring. ¬†It’s also got some of the anti-nutrients you’d find in grains, which means say hi to digestive/stomach issues. ¬†Do I eat it? ¬†Not in years. ¬†I OD’d on grains and gut disruptive foods for so long, that I have NO leeway in messing with them; a couple years ago I even tried sprouted quinoa, and 30 minutes later I was in stomach bloat misery. ¬†What about the meatloaf? ¬†You can use almond flour, coconut flour, or ……. no flour binder whatsoever. ¬†Have you googled Paleo Meatloaf recipes? ¬†There’s about a million; ¬†I never use a recipe, I just throw in whatever I’m craving or whatever’s available. ¬†Meatloaf’s kind of a no-brainer in that it’s EASY to make it delicious. ¬†Try this one:http://nomnompaleo.com/post/62028051471/quick-easy-paleo-comfort-foods-the-recipe-for-meat.

turkeysEnough about all that now, it’s Thanksgiving week!!! ¬†We’ve been pouring over recipes ¬†and this morning we’ve watched the Contessa, Giada, and Pioneer Woman. ¬†I’ve started saving recipes on Pintrest, and we’re about to head to Wegmans. ¬†We’re planning a solid, 100% Paleo/Gluten Free Thanksgiving ( sorry Shelby!). ¬† What are you all making?