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A Success Story on Weight Loss and Health

lunch on beachProbably because of the New Year, I’ve had several letters asking about weight loss.  Everything from my opinion on Fitbits, to an electronic fork that tells you to slow down, to red pepper/honey/lemon cleanses.  You all, these are just Marketing Scams that compel you to buy gadgets, magazines, books, foods, and drugs, under the false promise that these will cause you to lose weight.  They won’t.   The Paleo Diet won’t even cause you to lose weight if you’re just using the “low carbishness” of it as a temporary weight loss tool. Diet’s never work because every Diet has an Equal and Opposing Binge.  The Paleo Diet isn’t about low carb weight loss.  It’s about Understanding How Your Body Actually Works and then Feeding it Properly:  Real Whole Food. It’s also about stress, movement, and sleep.  Live Healthy, Eat Healthy, and Weight Loss is a Side Effect.

Here’s a caveat though:  for most people, it’s not going to be a quick side effect.  Real, actual fat loss takes time.  Changing your habits and thoughts about food takes even more time.  But what if you don’t start today?  What if on January 4, 2015, you’re the exact same as you are right now?

Here’s an email from someone who has put in the work and effort for a whole year, and seen really, really impressive results:

I was reading through your recent posts and just had to respond so maybe you can let the lady who emailed you about eating “healthy grains” and “the plate” and not losing weight… that you are right! I was like her, thinking that was the healthy way, eating whole grains and whole wheat pastas and low or no fat…

After starting to eat differently and following your recommended plan for almost a year now I am finding that was not the healthy diet I thought it was. I attended several of your nutrition workshops and read your posts and the other references and books you have recommended along the way and I am feeling great. I feel better and I have lost weight over time and I am not gaining it back. I have a new way of looking at food from your workshops. I learned so much that I had never thought about or considered. It starts with real whole foods just as you say and I now think about what I put in my mouth and how it effects my digestion and other organs and hormones, etc. The workshops help you understand why it is so important to eat well. Eating poorly may not have an immediate impact but I have learned that it is cumulative, the negative results will show up in due time. I have also learned from you that it is not too late to make the changes! You are always positive and encouraging and take the time to make sure we all understand some of the more scientific things you teach in the classes. As my husband just said the other day, not only do I tell him which foods he eats that are bad for him but I have also shared knowledge with him about why they are bad and what it is doing to his body (from what I learned from you)! It makes a difference when you know those things and the “bad” foods become undesirable, less appealing. I am not perfect but I have not eaten pasta or crackers or (hardly) any bread, rice, etc. in a very long time. I am a work in progress and I still have things to work on, I still have too many (chocolate) treats but I am slowly getting there. I now understand why sugar is so bad for our bodies. I purchased a glucometer and want to know my glucose levels during the day now that I know how much damage it can do. I understand more about cholesterol and fats.

I went for my annual checkup recently and when the doctor came in he said “wow you have lost weight” and joked about me wasting away to nothing (which is not at all true) and other positive things. It was very noticeable to him having not seen me in a year. He wanted to know what I was doing different and I told him. I notice over time I do not crave the crackers or chips anymore. I like the changes and will keep getting better at it! So thank you! I try to pass the information on to anyone who will listen to me. I know there are many of my family and friends who do not buy in yet but they see the differences in me and this makes them more inclined to find out what I am talking about. I recommend folks attend your workshops and I will continue to attend as it never hurts for me to hear things over and the more I understand the more I can share with others. Thank you for doing what you do, for taking the time to post the information and encourage us. I know it has made a huge difference for me. ”

Take my advice, start your change TODAY.  Not tomorrow because it’s Sunday and the weekend’s over, not February 1 because you missed January 1; Today.  Losing weight, reducing or eliminating inflammation/depression/anxiety/ADD/, getting rid coronary heart disease, Type 2 Diabetes, migraines,  etc, these are from lifestyle changes that are completely in your power to make.  Use your power, email me if you need help.  Other people make changes, you can too. Don’t let another year go by where you end up disappointed and struggling.  Life’s too short for that.