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Holiday Post from Culebra!

We’ve traveled to Culebra, Puerto Rico, to spend the holidays with our daughter Megan.  We’re having a great time, and doing our best to stay healthy:)  Here’s some pics and the story to go with them:

mark and milk


Mark brought our Raw Milk along!

We get to see our daughter Megan!

me and 3

Lunch on the beach:  coconut water, and then they bust them/machete them, and we eat the meat, and MOFONGO!!! OMG I’m in LOVE with Mofongo!  It’s mashed fried plaintains, salt, crispy pork rind, and tons of garlic mashed into a pestle and baked. Delicious.lunch on beach


chickens at restaurantThere’s chickens in the outdoor restaurants, and every where else on this island.  Including our porch. There’s a rooster that wakes us up every morning at 4 – and it’s pitch dark!

snorkelingGreat snorkeling!  The coral reefs come right up to the shore line.

dingydockDinner out at the Dingy Dock:  great fish and plantains:)

curry3We cooked two dinners so far, this one is a coconut milk curry – delicious!!  Our breakfasts are here too:  eggs, fruit, nuts, avocados.

surf at flamencoThe beaches are just beautiful!

Workouts:  hill runs, walking lunges, push-ups, long walks, and snorkeling!