Success Stories, Beer, and School Snacks

cat wags tailI’m going to post quite the eclectic round-up of topics today, because there’s a lot of interesting news out there:  What’s Really in Your Beer;  The USDAs new Smart Snacks In School Program; and two Success Stories, one by a 47 year old man, and the other by a 74 year old woman.

Do you ever read FoodBabe?  This woman’s been on my Favorites list for a while, she does amazing investigations, and this Beer Expose is a real shocker. If you drink beer, or someone you know does, you’re going to want to read this.  Did you know that Corn – NOT barley and hops – is the main grain in several beer brands?  And that added sugars, flavors, and coloring are common?  Apparently, our government has enacted NO LAWS requiring any disclosure about ingredients for beer or any alcohol for that matter.  Interesting.   So besides alcohol being a DEPRESSANT, and literally “depressing” or slowing down your digestive system, (and all your other systems), it could also be a sugar bomb( in addition to being the carb bomb it already is).  Read the expose to see what’s in your beer:

Next, did you hear the USDA has implemented a brand new “Smart Snacks In School” program?  Yea!  And Michelle Obama’s supporting it – so this must be good for our kids, right? Wrong.  Their guidelines have to do with calories, and fat grams (they also include “sugar restrictions” – as in, foods that are more than 36% sugar don’t make the cut.  36%??  Are you kidding??  This means foods that are MORE than a THIRD sugar MAKE THE CUT, as long as they come in UNDER 36%. Total carb counts are NOT considered).  Foods that are OFF the list (for the schools to sell):  hardboiled eggs(too much fat), pickles (too much salt), and cheese sticks (too much fat).  FOODS THAT MADE THE USDA OKAY LIST:  DORITOS REDUCED FAT TORITLLA CHIPS, WELCHES REDUCED SUGAR FRUIT SNACKS, AND NUTRIGRAIN BARS.    OMG.   These Fake Food Products are loaded with chemicals, SUGAR, and hydrogenated oils that destroy our kids brains and health,  make them hyper, make them hungry, and make them gain weight.  See a great expose on this here:

Last, I want to leave you with two success stories, from people who changed their weight, their health, and their ENERGY through Real Whole Foods:guy lost weight


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