Raw Eggs and Raw Milk Haven’t Killed Me:)

I’ve been eating raw eggs in my smoothie now a little while, along with my year and a half of raw milk or raw cream every day – and I feel better than ever.

I’ve  also consumed more fat in the past year and a half than I think I have cumulatively in my whole life – and not gained weight.  me sprinting

Check out my What I Eat page.

Mainstream Advice is full of fallacies!  Check out the Weston A Price Foundation website



http://www.westonaprice.org/, and click on Health Topics – be prepared to be blown away with information – honestly. There’s also several great Blogs links to scientists who do  research  on fat, eggs, raw milk, feeding children, etc. wapf

Want to improve your health and your weight ( if you need to)?  Fill your head with the facts, not the Media Advertising Lines.

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