What We Eat Always Matters

I can’t repeat enough, your body, your mind, your moods, your weight, and your health, are determined by the foods you eat.  Your lifestyle and your HABITS make who you are.  If you think that eating well, or minimally, for 3 or 4 days, or a week, should fix your issues, and it doesn’t, think again!  We are the product of a LIFETIME of our habits.  Eat well all the time.  Sleep, pray, exercise, spend time with people you love.

Health is everything.  When you lose it, or it’s compromised, it’s a game changer.
Cooking, preparing food, giving attention to meals, these are such important components of a healthy life, and yet they’ve been so downgraded for the last 20 or 30 years.    We can NOT get real sustenance from processed, refined (and most restaurant) foods.  The chemicals in these foods, the way they’re made, cause disease, rob us of energy and vitality, and make us fat and depressed.

If you have children, and you’re feeding them processed, refined foods,  you’re training them, you’re actually developing and passing on dietary and lifestyle habits that last a lifetime.  Conversely, teach them how to cook, be an example – show them how to eat – and you’re developing and passing on those dietary and lifestyle habits.
And that leads me to answer a question / comment I’ve had 100x.  “my husband, my kids, my wife..  just won’t jump on board.”

You can’t beat anyone into submission.  Be an example.  Be a leader, but don’t be a dictator.  Especially with teenagers and spouses.  If you’re the main grocery shopper in your house, you have a lot of control over what goes in your pantry.  You can decide to buy or not to buy boxes and bags of mindless munchie foods, addictive sweets, or pretend meal foods (tostinos pizza rolls!).     You determine what goes on the dinner table.  You can influence what they eat at lunch ( who knows what happens at school ) , you can cook breakfast for them.     Lead by example.  Let your kids or spouse see you eating tons of vegetables, meats, healthy fats, some fruits, some nuts and seeds, some legumes and some dairy.  Don’t snack on processed foods.  Start saying they can hold off til dinner.

Don’t try and create drastic changes in your home, just work on evolving

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