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WORKSHOP REMINDER:  I’ve got another workshop/talk planned on Blood Sugar, and it’s relationship and effect on Weight, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Thyroid, and Mood.  The date is Wednesday, August 28, 6-8pm,  the charge is $30/person, and the venue is the Marshall Community Center, 4133A Rectortown Rd, Marshall, Va.  This is literally right off Rt 66, and very easy to find.  There’s plenty of parking and the room is big, so bring a friend or a family member if you’d like.  You can pay at the door.

How bout some more Fun Facts on Fats?  Specifically, animal fats:)

cows vs chemistsYou might be surprised to know that Beef Fat is only 46% saturated, 43% monounsaturated, and about 10% polyunsaturated.  Hmmm.  Weird. That seems a little different than we’ve been told.  It also contains CLA ( a fatty acid that fights cancer, lowers triglycerides and heart disease risk); ALA (a fatty acid that lowers blood pressure and improves insulin sensitivity), and steric acid ( a fatty acid that lowers LDL cholesterol).  The Omega 3 to 6 ratio?  About 1:1, especially if it’s been fed grass and not just grain.

Poultry fat is about 70% UNsaturated and 30% saturated, pretty much the same as Olive oil as it contains the same fatty acid: oleic acid (40%), which lowers LDL cholesterol.  Turkey fat contains palmitic acid, which lowers total cholesterol and LDL.  Poultry fat is also loaded with an antiviral/antibacterial fatty acid, so eat it for your immune system.  The Omega 3 to 6 ration?  About 1:1.

Lard (oohhh, scary lard!),  is 40% saturated, 50% MONOunsaturated, and 10% PUFA.  Wow.happyeat lard   We’ve been lead to believe that lard goes straight to your butt or arteries.  Not. True. Our body uses those fatty acids for many, many jobs.  Lard also has potent anti-microbial fatty acids, and HUGE tocopherol contents (these make Vitamin E) in the fat.  Hmm.

What about cream?  That’s artery clogging, right?  Wrong.  Cream is LOADED with vitamins A and D, and K2.  It also contains a fatty acid called Butyric Acid, this builds the lining of your gut (good bye leaky gut), is a favorite food of the good bacteria in your colon, and lowers triglycerides, LDL, and total cholesterol.  Cream also contains CLA.

Wow.  These foods sound like Health Foods, right?  Right.

For decades now we’ve heard that Saturated Fats are bad, and that replacing these harmful fats with vegetable oils would be good for us.  The message has been effective; statistically speaking, consumption of vegetable oil has skyrocketed, and consumption of saturated fats from animal sources and coconut/palm oil has plummeted.  Think you don’t eat many vegetable oils?  If you’re eating premade, processed, refined food, or restaurant food, you’re eating vegetable oils.  That’s a guarantee.

fat guy in canoeThis advice from our government and public health experts has been a disaster:  now our consumption of trans fats and Omega 6 oils is so high, that we’re seeing side effects in spades: epidemic numbers of heart disease, cancer, auto-immune disease, diabetes, asthma, and weight gain, to name a few.   The structure of Poly-Unsaturated (PUFA) vegetable oils is fragile and unstable; they’re incredibly prone to damage form heat, light, and air.  The really bad part is that our body uses these damaged fatty acids in our cell membranes, hormones, brain matter, etc.  Think of the implications for a moment.  Think what it’s doing to your child’s brain, immune system, and weight to eat the Standard American Diet full of Inflammatory, Disease causing vegetable oils, trans fats, sugar and flour.  What’s it doing to you?

Here’s a Success Story from one of my favorite sites, Marks Daily Apple:  Hope to see you Wednesday night – I promise loads of Information and Inspiration.



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