Keto Recipes, Day 1 of Keto Diet

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHi there!  For the next couple of weeks I’ll be on a strict, Ketogenic Diet.  Follow along here on the blog, and on my What I Eat page to check out my food.

FYI, this morning I weighed 131.4.  I’m (hopefully) getting my body fat tested today, as I want to see if that changes.

I blew into my Ketonix ketone-breath meter, but of course, turned up empty. No ketones, as expected.  It’ll probably take at least a few to several days for my body to consistently make ketones.  From everything I’ve learned, it actually takes practice (in the liver/brain/heart), and incredible consistency to the diet.

My last several posts have been information on Ketosis.  If you’re interested in more information, let me know.  I have 2 Ketosis Newsletters I could send you:  Ketosis and Cancer, and Ketosis and Brain Health.

Recipe from last nights dinner ( sorry, no pictures!)


I mixed:  2 eggs, 1/4 locatelli-romano cheese, a BUNCH of chopped chives, oregano, and basil( probably 1/2 c), and 1/4 cup very low carb tomato sauce (6 carbs per cup),  salt/pepper/onion and garlic powder, with a package of hamburger. Rolled into balls, and baked for 40 minutes at 425.

Cabbage with mushrooms:

I melted 6 tbsp kerrygold in a large baking dish(13X9).  I added 1 chopped large portabella, 1/2 smallish onion, 1 elephant garlic, and a whole head of chopped cabbage.  Topped with 2 more tbsp of melted butter, 1/4 c water, and 1/4 c of the same cheese as above.  This baked for 30 minutes, at 425.  Lots of Salt and Pepper.

I’m not going to weigh and measure my foods yet, I’m going to see if I can just eliminate anything starchy.  If that doesn’t work by Friday, I’ll weigh and measure.

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