Exercise in a Hotel, and Twinkies make a Comeback!

cave kidNutritional Therapy Workshop Weekend is over, here’s the workout I did on Saturday:

10 1-minute rounds on the eliptical/precor, level 9

10 rounds of burpees

10 rounds of squats with dumbbells – 15s, 20s, and 25s

10 rounds of shoulder press 15 and 20s

50 crunches on stability ball

30 minutes, very sweaty:)

I took Sunday off, because I usually take Sundays off from exercising.

This weekend was a LOT of sitting, short workouts, hotel living from Thursday morning thru Sunday evening, eating in my room except for one meal at Whole Foods, consuming TONS of fat (purposely – because it’s good for the brain), protein, and vegetables, a little chocolate and fruit, and I came out weighing the same as when I went in. Check out my What I Eat page, because I updated everyday.

Weekends and vacations don’t have to be a Weight Disaster!  There’s a post coming on that tomorrow, promise.

twinkie For now though, have you heard that Twinkies are coming back, and that along with their “improved, longer shelf-life”, they’re increasing distribution to convenience stores,  and marketing to “Bros”? (seriously – that’s what they said in an interview to Time Business)  (That’s young males in their 20s for us non-marketing types.)  Has anyone read the book “the Deconstruction of the Twinkie”?  I did.  The author, Steve Ettlinger, doesn’t go into the scary side effects of the ingredients, so much as he explains where they come from.  Petroleum, waste products, and mines are heavily used to make synthetic vitamins, emulsifiers, preservatives, and additives.  There’s nothing good there. It’s cancer/disease in an attractive package. Train your kids, and work on your self, to eat Real Whole Foods.  Focus on your Health, and Weight Loss will be a side-effect.


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