Eggs and Cholesterol, are they Really Scary?

eggsI’ve had a few questions about Eggs recently; as in, are they really healthy?  and won’t they raise my cholesterol?  The short answers:  Yes,  and No.

Here’s more detail:

Why are people still scared of Eggs, one of Nature’s Super Foods?  Because in the early 1970’s, the American Heart Association declared the egg a threat to the heart.  Eggs contain about 270 mg of cholesterol, and our Food Scientists and Our Government had just decided we should eat no more than 300 mg of cholesterol a day.  Levels above 300 were considered DEADLY.

Hmmm.  The average human body uses about 1000mg a day.  Study after study after study has shown that DIETARY cholesterol (what we take in thru our mouths), has LITTLE TO NO EFFECT on Blood Cholesterol.   In 1999, the Journal of the American Medical Association stated: “We found NO evidence of an overall association between egg consumption and heart disease.”  THIS WAS IN 1999!!!! How many of your doctors seem aware of this?   This statement was made after a study of 118,000 people showed that PEOPLE WHO ATE 5 OR 6 EGGS PER WEEK HAD A LOWER RISK OF HEART DISEASE THAN THOSE WHO ATE 1 EGG PER WEEK.

There were earlier studies that showed damage from eggs, why?  Those studies used dried, powdered eggs: liquidized, pasteurized, and spray dried, all which oxidizes the cholesterol and damages the nutrients. Oh, and these studies were done on RABBITS.   Don’t use this to judge Real Eggs.

omletReal Eggs are a Nutritional Bonanza:  Lecithin, which helps the body digest fat and cholesterol, is a huge source of Choline, a B-like vitamin vital to the brain.  Eggs contain MANY antioxidants, including glutathione, which helps fight cancer, and the antioxidant carotenes Lutein and Zeaxanthin (more cancer fighting, and good for the eyes); eggs have a high concentration of Biotin, a B vitamin essential for hair, skin, and nerves (more than any food other than liver);  eggs contain Betaine, which is an amino acid that reduces Homocysteine, which causes atherosclerosis; eggs from Pastured Birds (that eat bugs and plants), contain loads of beta carotene, and they have nice amounts of Omega 3s(O3s are from green plants).  They also have more A and E, folic acid, lutein, and beta-carotene than indoor eggs.    Eggs are a great source of Fat and Protein, and very easy to digest.   Don’t throw out the yolks – that’s where most of the nutrients are!

But let’s get to the real issue, which is a fear of Cholesterol, right?  Even though we’ve all read several times by now that cholesterol probably isn’t near the factor in heart disease we’ve been led to believe, the 40 plus years of Brain Washing by the Pharmacutical Companies have taken effect.   Cholesterol lowering drugs are some of the most profitable drugs in the World.  Can you imagine if there was a Major Decision to quit reducing cholesterol?  Oh, the implications on Lipators bottom line……

We need to educate ourselves, and NOT depend on Big Pharma’s recommendations.  They’re in it for Profits, not our health.  Here’s some Cholesterol Facts:

Cholesterol is part of ALL cell membranes, with some cells consisting of 50% cholesterol.  Along with stable saturated fatty acids, cholesterol provides STRUCTURE and STABILITY to the cell:  nutrients can pass thru properly, and wastes can leave properly – this is IMPORTANT.  Cholesterol is an ANTIOXIDANT and HEALING SUBSTANCE.  This is the reason that when arteries are damaged (atherosclerosis) or the lungs are damaged (tuberculosis) cholesterol is PRESENT – it didn’t DO THE DAMAGE, it’s sent there to heal and patch.   Cholesterol is a large part of all your Fight and Flight hormones, which is why in times of stress, your blood cholesterol RISES:  your liver is making MORE cholesterol, and sending it to your adrenal glands to produce more cortisol.  It also rises when there’s any type of injury or illness:   your liver produces MORE because Cholesterol Is A Healing Substance.   CHOLESTEROL ALSO MAKES BILE ACIDS AND VITAMIN D.   Cholesterol is also a LARGE component of our Immune system, as it uses cholesterol to fight infections.

Cholesterol is part of the actual COMPOSITION of the Brain, the Nervous System, the Heart, the Liver, and the Kidneys.  It’s so vital to Brain Development, that defects in cholesterol metabolism cause mental retardation.  On that note, children under 2 DON’T produce enough; that’s why breast milk is LOADED.

The body wants to keep cholesterol levels steady (the body takes care of this – you don’t need too, I’m just explaining), so if you eat MORE, the liver makes LESS, and vise versa.

What damages the body that causes the liver to make more cholesterol?  Sugar and Refinedjunk food Carbs damage tissues; and the Insulin required to escort them out of the blood is VERY damaging to arteries (think of it like barbed wire coursing thru your arteries).  Toxins, from cigarettes, foods, pesticides, and body care products do damage to our cells.  High Fructose Corn Syrup’s very damaging to the liver.  Hydrogenated Oils and Omega 6s (vegetable oils) do a lot of damage to our arteries, organs, and brain.

Getting the picture?  Blaming cholesterol for your health problems is like blaming the firemen at the scene of the fire for the fire.  They’re there to do DAMAGE CONTROL, just like cholesterol.

Before I sign off, I just have to spend a moment on Statins and Other Cholesterol Lowering Drugs, and the connection between Cholesterol and Heart Disease.   About 25% of all adults over 45 are on a Statin/Cholesterol lowering drug, because they’ve been convinced, along with their doctors, that Cholesterol = Heart Disease/Clogged Arteries.  It’s Bull.  More than 50% of everyone who has a heart attack has NORMAL cholesterol levels, and people with low cholesterol often have heart attacks.  But let’s talk about these drugs, which several doctors and scientists say do a LOT more damage than good(here, here, here, for starters).  Studies show that Statins increase Coronary Plaque, that they cause Insulin Resistance, Hyperglycemia, Muscle and Joint pain, and they Interfere with the production of Steroid Hormones (fight/flight, and sex hormones), Vitamin D production, and Bile Acids (these break down fats in the gut).  Also, the cells that make cholesterol also produce CoQ10 – which is vital to EVERY CELL IN YOUR BODY.   Does this really sound like something you should take?  Or should you focus on REMOVING the substances that cause Damage:  sugar, flours, hydrogenated oils, Omega 6s, and toxins, and INCREASE your foods that heal and nourish, like eggs?

I included 3 links above to fantastic sites/books/podcasts with the latest information on cholesterol and heart disease.  vitamin donutsThere’s still such misinformation out there, and there will be a  friend/co-worker/family member who will castigate you for eating “too much cholesterol”.  Inform yourself – don’t just take my word for it.  Become educated to the point that when people make un-educated remarks, like “those eggs are going to kill you”, you have the right come back.  We need to take our health into our own hands.   It’s time to stop letting Big Pharma make decisions for us.  Read, learn, and become informed.  Make a difference in your life and your families life.

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