Eat for Health, Weight Loss is a Side-Effect

I received an email that I think expresses how a lot of people feel when they read my posts:

Hi Debbie,

I understand that you’re saying that there’s some nutritional benefits to eating Real Whole Foods, even if they contain fats, but if I do, I’m afraid I’ll gain weight, and I need to lose weight. 

There’s more, but you get the point.  Folks, we get fat from excess carbohydrates, vegetable oils and trans fats, artificial sweeteners, toxins/chemicals in our water, food, personal care products and the drugs we take, alcohol (excess carbs), and stress (cortisol compels glucose and insulin into the blood stream).  We don’t get fat from Real Whole Foods I PROMISE!!!  The whole Calories/Fat/Cholesterol/Diet Foods Stuff – it’s all wrong.  We can just fat ratlook around and see that Diets Don’t Work; about 50 million Americans go on a diet each year, many lose weight, between 1 and 4% keep if off.  Weight:  skyrocketing – we’re up to 70% overweight as a country now.  Heart disease, Cancer, Stroke, Auto-Immune conditions, Mood Disorders, GERD/reflux, Migraines/Headaches:  skyrocketing.

What causes all these health disorders?  Excess carbohydrates, vegetable oils and trans fats, artificial sweeteners, toxins and chemicals in our water/ food/ personal care products and the drugs we take, alcohol (excess carbs and hard on liver),  and stress (cortisol/glucose/insulin). These things impede our livers, cause inflammation throughout the body, and stimulate addictive pathways in our brain.

When you eat Real Whole Food for your health, the weight comes off – forever.  We’re not made to be sick and overweight, that’s a state we create by our daily choices and habits.  We have such power to change this.  Eat for Health and the weight comes off.

Do you believe me, but have a hard time eating well consistently?  Beef up your knowledge.  Read the blogs, listen to the podcasts, buy the books, fill your head with nutrition facts that make making the right choice easier and more natural, less effort.  Know what I mean?  Thewheatbelly Wheatbelly Doctor (Dr. William Davis) was on livinlavidalowcarb yesterday.  Before he was the Wheatbelly Dr., he was the Track Your Plaque Cardiologist.  He’s amazing.  He’s talking about Cholesterol and Heart Disease here :  Take the time to listen in your car, in your kitchen, or while you’re walking/running.  Fill your mind with ammunition!

Time to say Adios.  I’ve got coconut milk with chocolate mint leaves steaming on the stove, and then I’m off to teach two classes this morning:  Booty Camp and Centergy – I still love group fitness after 26 years:).  The coconut milk/chocolate mint is for this ice mint chip icecreamcream   I’m changing the recipe slightly, using only coconut milk and cream, no almond milk, adding raw eggs, and a whole avocado instead of a third.  Do I think this is a junk food?  Absolutely Not!  These are nutrient dense ingredients – foods like these make my family healthier, don’t stimulate addictive behaviors, and leave us all feeling very satiated.  Choose Real Whole Foods-

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