Ditch Brain Fog and Belly Bloat!

lindahamiltonHow about some more Eat Right, Get Healthy and Lean Ammunition?  Because the more you know, the easier it is to eat for health, and when you eat for health, …..weight loss, if you need it, is a Side Effect.

You know what else happens when you eat Real Whole Foods and ditch the diet foods and low calorie food plans (that don’t work anyway)?  You improve brain function – really.

Did you know that Brain Fog is the Number 1 side effect of Gluten?  Seriously.  Studies show that for people who are “gluten sensitive” – and that’s MOST people, 1 person will have Gut Issues, and 8 people will have “other problems”, with Brain Fog being the most common.  Still eating flour products that contain gluten?  What about your kids?  Behavior or attitude issues?  Why don’t you just TRY to go without gluten for a couple of weeks?  What’s the worst thing that could happen?  A little sadness missing a sandwich, cereal, pasta or junk food?  Really?  There’s people all over the world who don’t have those, and they live.  Confusion about what else to eat?  Look at my What I Eat Page, or try any of the hundreds of Paleo, Real Whole Food Recipe sites out there.  It’s easier than you think, especially after you get used to it.

Go without starchy carbs/flours for a few weeks, and not only will brain fog, stomach issues, joint issues, and mood improve, but *** your stomach will flatten!***  Who doesn’t want a flatter stomach?  Carbohydrates attach to water molecules and cause “belly bloat”. garfield Go without and you’ll immediately lose some water weight – and size.  Keep going without, lower insulin levels in your blood stream, then the real magic happens:  when insulin levels are LOW, the pancreas releases Glucagon.  Insulin STORES calories,  but Glucagon taps fat cells and gets them to RELEASE their contents, and FAT IS USED FOR ENERGY instead of blood sugar.  Doesn’t this sound like a good plan??? (This doesn’t happen when you eat “mini-meals” all day that contain carbohydrates.)

Want to really get your body humming?  Include plenty of Traditional Fats in your meals.  Honestly.  Fat doesn’t make you fat!  Your body needs and uses TONS of fat to run correctly.  Fatty Acids are part of the “gas” that makes us go.  We use fatty acids for brain function(60% of your brain is Fat), our heart, all of our hormones, joints, our immune system.  Did you know that fatty acids from Traditional fats, like butter, animal fats, and coconut oil, also have Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Viral, and Anti-Microbial properties?

happyeat lardIn light of that information, what happens to a body that doesn’t get the healthy fats that it needs?  For one thing, your liver has to MAKE a TON of cholesterol.  Cholesterol is an antioxidant and healing substance, and if you’re not consuming enough, the body/liver will make up for that.  Without enough fat, your immune system will suffer tremendously.  You won’t make sufficient testosterone or estrogen.  Your skin cells and connective tissue will become dehydrated and dry.   Fatty Acids are part of the “recipe” for thousands of functions in our body.  Fat doesn’t just get deposited in fat cells.  That’s inaccurate.

Want a trick for learning to LOVE vegetables, or getting your kids to love them?  Cover them with butter or olive oil and hard grated cheese, and real sea salt – Delicious!   Did you know that several vitamins and minerals can ONLY be absorbed and/or used in the presence of fat???  The calcium and vitamin D in Skim Milk?  Useless.  How are they going to help your bones or your immune system without the fat to transport them?

Consumption of saturated fat and cholesterol has plummeted in the past several decades, but disease and weight have skyrocketed.   More people are eating low fat, low calorie diet foods than ever, and disease and weight have skyrocketed. More people are eating trans fats and Omega 6 vegetable oils than ever, and disease and weight have skyrocketed.  More people are eating at restaurants, and eating processed, refined foods than ever, and disease and weight have skyrocketed.

Look at what HASN’t worked, and try a different tactic.feedingtube

Being overweight, feeling depressed, having indigestion, high triglycerides, skin problems, joint issues, these conditions aren’t normal.  They’re brought on by Bad Eating Habits.  Want to be healthy, feel good, and lose weight if you need to?  Work on changing your Belief System.  You can’t lose weight by starving.  Diet foods, low cal/low fat for weight loss is a damaging myth.  You’ll destroy your health and your moods if you don’t eat real foods. Load your plate with traditional fats, tons of vegetables, good proteins, then some fruits, nuts and seeds, and some dairy (if those work for you).  These are the foods that contain the building blocks of nutrients your body and brain needs to function.

Choose today to make a plan, write it down, and jump off the Diet Roller Coaster to eating Real Whole Foods, 3x a day.  Quit snacking, shop, cook, pack, think about your week and make eating healthy the priority it deserves to be.


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