Diets Never Work!

debbie (27)Switch Your Metabolism Class set for Mondays: Oct 7,14,21, 6 – 7:30;  and Wednesdays: Oct 9,16,23, 1 – 2:30.  The goal: to teach you how to be a Fat Burner and not a Sugar Burner.  We’ll cover the Paleo Diet, Digestion, Blood Sugar (you HAVE to understand your biology to lose weight and get healthy), Ketosis, Power Cooking, Compliance Strategies and much more.  The class will be held at the Marshall Community Center (4133A Rectortown Rd, Marshall Va), which is right off Rt 17 and Rt 66 – it’s easy to get to.  The total cost: $100.  My goal:  to help you understand that your weight and your health are a matter of your Biology, not a low cal/low fat diet that never works, ever; and that you have the Power to change yourself.  Email me if you can attend.  Phone and Skype sessions are available if you’re long distance.

I got another Sad Monday/Full of Regret email.  I understand.  I really do.  For years and years I thought there was only two ways of eating:  being really good and having lots of vegetables and protein,  or binging/indulging/having fun/treating myself w ice cream, pizza, and whatever else I wanted.   It was born out of the “Cheat Meal” idea that originated about 15 years ago on the Body For Life program, and has since been picked up and advocated by just about every diet program out there.  After all, if you want people to buy your books or products, you need to wave some incentives in their face.   There’s nothing normal about eating this way, and wow, can it make you crazy.

For me, every Monday showed a 5 or 6 pound weight gain that I worked til Wednesday to get off, I could be incredibly strict; Thursday’s were fine, and Friday morning I would start looking forward to the upcoming Food Party. What a disaster.  That’s the Diet Roller Coaster in full swing, and a terrible way to live.

Now, I just eat normal, it’s such a relief.  You can be a normal eater too – Honest.

Here’s the problem.  Big Food, Big Pharma, and Big Advertising have all seduced us into thinking that we can “KEEP THE BINGE AND LOSE THE BULGE” , in other words, Diet Ice Cream, Diet Chips, Diet Soda, Diet Food, Diet Pills,  etc, can help you lose weight and balance that scale.  It’s. Not. True.  All we need to do is look at the statistics: almost 100% of EVERYONE who loses weight on a diet gains it back, and statistically, most people gain back more than they lost.  How does that happen, (and why put yourself through that?)?

Diet foods ruin your liver, your thyroid and other hormones; they’re often loaded with refined carbs that spike your blood glucose and insulin, they contain chemicals that cause sugar rollercoastercancer/hyperactivity/gut issues and more, and they stimulate areas in your brain that MAKE YOU WANT TO EAT MORE.  There goes any opportunity to be a “normal eater”.  That’s what a “product” is created and designed to do; a business is selling them and they want you to buy more so that they make money.  And it works, doesn’t it?  The Diet Industry is a multi-billion dollar business, but their success isn’t translating to our success.  Just the opposite.  The more we Diet, the heavier and sicker we become, and not just us, but the whole world.  For the first time ever, overweight people outnumber underweight people.  American children’s lifespan is predicted to be shorter from now on.  We can change this!!

We can focus on our Health, and watch weight loss be a side effect.  We can quit buying the products and the programs and instead focus on our: gut, our blood sugar levels, our thyroid hormones, our sex hormones, our adrenal hormones, our heart, our liver, our brain(and weight loss will be a side effect).  We can focus on eating foods that build our body, not contaminate it or destroy it.  Eat Real Whole Foods three times a day.  Get plenty of good fats, good proteins, and tons of vegetables, some nuts and seeds, some fruit, and some whole fat dairy if your stomach tolerates it.  Eat normal sized meals, with some dark chocolate or a homemade treat here and there.  What if you were so satisfied that you DIDN’T look forward to the weekend or any other day or event  to over-indulge because you eat so well every day?  What if your BRAIN was completely satisfied and not screaming at you to FIND MORE FOOD?

paleo magHave you checked out my “what I’m eating today” page?  I eat 3 fairly big meals a day, and I try to make sure I have plenty of fat in each meal.  Not just because fats contain so many nutrients, but because I LOVE not being hungry. Honestly, after years of chronic hunger, not dreaming about the next meal is such a pleasure.  Still scared of fat?  You’ve been mislead.  Fat doesn’t make you fat, it doesn’t go right to your butt or arteries; that’s not how our body works.  Foods get digested down to their barest molecules in your stomach and small intestine, and then those molecules get sent various places in your body to do jobs.  However, eat chemicals, trans fats, sugars, and flours, and all kinds of disaster happens.  (If you have a Diet Product in your house right now, go read the label.). And nothing dictates fat deposition more than Blood Sugar (this will be a big focus in the Strategies class).  Empower yourself, eat Real Whole Food, and change your life.


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