Day 6 Update of Keto Diet

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo far, so good for energy.  Completely satiated and not a drop of hunger; who could with all this fat and protein!  Still reading ZERO on my Ketonix – breath ketone meter.

I learned yesterday that I need to test ketones at night, not the morning, because they’re lowest in the morning.  Also learned that urine ketones are the first ketones to be produced, and that blood and breath ketones come after a few solid weeks of heavy ketosis. ( note to self:  that’s “weeks of actual ketosis”, not weeks of trying to get into ketosis). ( After blood and breath ketones are produced, the urine strips are pretty inaccurate. ) That means a trip to the drug store to pick up some urine strips today.

I think I need to really cut back the protein portions, which are huge, and count my carb grams through the weekend.  Boy, it’s HARD to go super low carb!  Carbs are in just about every except oil!

Weight has stayed exactly the same all week, right at 129.  Check out my What I Eat page to see my meals.

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