Ancestral Health Symposium, Day 2 (lower body fat is good!)

Wow!  This conference rocks!!!  I’m meeting people who I’ve known, read, and learned form via the Internet for years, like Jimmy Moore from livinlavidalowcarb,   Melissa from Whole 30, and Ben Greenfield, from bengreenfieldfitness.  Here’s a pic with us in the gym. ben Today I plan to get bold and meet Mark Sisson from MarksDailyApple and his stunning wife Carrie.  I’m in heaven.

The lectures were amazing, and since everyone is limited to about 50 minutes, there’s a BUNCH of lectures.  Here’s a few bullet points/what I learned:

*99% of Ferrari owners are male/ when men fight and win, their testosterone rises, if they lose it decreases/ testosterone rises when they drive sports cars/ no hormone change by men in response to what women drive/ expectant fathers have a decrease in testosterone, this should help them stay put/not wander

*bananas are the #1 fruit consumed in the US, none are grown here/ world banana growing and harvesting conditions are horrible

*1977 the McGovern Commission decided that Americans would be healthier with less real foods, and instituted policy that demonized meat, milk, eggs, and butter, but encouraged vegetable oils and low fat products, this has had DISASTROUS health consequences

*spices and food flavorings developed in different countries/areas due to the pathogens native to those areas, i.e. food as medicine

*being UNable to control your environment makes you STRONGER, the more controlled the environment, the weaker you are (this had nothing to do with childrearing, but wow do I see the connection)

******************This Is Cool************

Men statistically prefer women with some meat on their legs and butt.  Leg and butt fat is FULL of the Omega 3 DHA.  Almost none of this is used/burned for fuel in a woman’s life until the last trimester of her first  pregnancy.  The last several weeks of pregnancy are when the baby grows the most, and there is MAJOR brain development.  The brain is about 60% fat, and about 30% of that is DHA.  During this time,  AN OUNCE OF LOWER BODY FAT/DHA will be burned PER DAY, to build babies brain.  If women are LOW on body fat AND DHA, this DOES compromise intelligence. (There’s also a LOT of cholesterol in a healthy brain)  So eat your fish and healthy fats if you want a healthy baby!!!  Back to the first statement of men preferring women with meat on their bones:  it perpetuates the species.

uswellnessWhat did I eat yesterday?  Well, we drove here, so we brought food, and there’s a great Expo with all the Paleo food makers, raw cheese/milk products, ghee, nuts, dark chocolate, potato chips fried in chipscoconut oil – YUM.  I tried all the samples!   Anyway,  for breakfast:  my coffee with raw cream, some coconut butter mixed with chocolate protein, and a banana;  for lunch leftovers from tuesday night dinner: sausage, cooked and fresh veggies, feta, chocolate square; and for dinner:  sardines from a tin with tomato/zuch/avocado all fresh, and another chocolate.

We went to the gym yesterday morning (that’s where I met Ben!) and did a 40 minute lightish workout:  jump rope, 10 sets of leg press, 10 sets of bicep curls, 8 sets of back, abs.  We were tired from very very little sleep the night before, so I didn’t push too hard in the gym.  This morning however, I feel great – got a good nights sleep and I’m ready to go:)

Classes today:Fat-Soluble (A,D,E&K) Vitamin Interactions w Chris Masterjohn PhD;   Impact of a Paleolithic Diet on Cardiovascular Risk Factors and Lipoproteins by Scott Hall MD and Robb Wolf B.S;  A Whole Body Approach to the Brain by Martha Herbert MD;  Environmental Toxicity and what to do about it, by Tim Gerstmar ND;  The Intersection of Nutrition and Autoimmune Disease by Sarah Ballantyne PhD;  1 Year Ketosis Experiment by Jimmy Moore; Brain Food by Georgia Ede Md;  Hypothalamic Inflammation by Kyle Mamounis BS/PhD cand.; and The Role of Omega 3 oils in the Treatment of Chronic Inflammation, by Jeff Leighton PhD. Whew.

Like I said, the lectures are only 45 -50 minutes, so there’s a LOT of information.  Mark’s here with me, so can divide and conquer. kyle He went to Kyle Maynard’s talk yesterday***** Kyle is a lifelong quadruple amputee, who does EVERYTHING.  Mark said his lecture was worth the entire trip.  Here’s one of his YouTubes:

That’s all for now, we’re off to workout before we sit for 8 hours.


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