26 Years of Marriage, and Eating in Nemacolin Woodlands

IMG_2768My husband Mark and I have made it to 26 years of marriage – Yea Us! ¬†We’re away for the weekend in Nemacolin Woodlands Resort, and having fun ūüôā ¬†He rented us a townhouse here so that we’d have a kitchen, ¬†because we both love home cooked food. ¬†Here’s the low-down so far: ¬†yesterday morning, I had my Kitchen Sink Smoothie¬†for breakfast, and he had 2 scoops of protein with Raw Milk; have I told you he drinks half a gallon of raw, whole milk a day and has for almost 2 years now? ¬† Some may say this is over kill, but I’ve got to admit, it works for him. ¬†My husband has also (almost) totally given up bread, pasta, and desserts in 2013. ¬†I say almost, because he probably still indulges once or twice a month, which is a HUGE change from a few times a day every day. ¬†He’s also cut his beer consumption waaaayyy down for the past several years, and this year he’s switched to Hard Cider (gluten free, no sugar added) about half the times he does feel like a drink. The guy’s become LEAN. ¬†He’s liking the changes – and so am I:)

By lunch time, we were on the road; he had another raw whole milk and protein before we left, and I ate a baggie of nuts and a pear. ¬†We stopped right past Cumberland Md at a Sheetz ( which had a DRIVE THRU!!) for a tea and bathroom break. ( I’m so weird I travel with my own tea and stevia, so really, I just paid for the cup and the hot water.)

The townhouse is great, and as far as kitchens go, pretty complete. ¬†I’m a good packer, so I’d food in fridgeincluded a sharp knife, a cutting board, salt and pepper, and a plug in food on counterfrying pan with a lid ( you never know what a kitchen is going to be missing). ¬† ¬†Here’s the counter and fridge loaded with items I packed: ¬†lamb, sausage, kale, brussels, cheese, mushrooms, carrots, onion, garlic, avocado, slow roasted tomatoes, bacon, a green pepper, eggs, ¬†coffee ( go Paul Newman Vanilla!), stevia, raw cream, raw milk (2) and protein powder. ¬†(I keep a running list on what I want to bring when I travel, it helps me not to forget anything.)

Here’s the dinner pic: ¬†burgers stuffed with tomato and covered with cheese, and a side of brussels sprouts w/bacon, onion, and mushrooms. ¬†That cheese plate in the middle was sent by a friend of Marks as an anniversary gift:) ¬† ¬†After dinner, we walked thru the resort ( it’s probablynemacolin dinner around half a mile – inside), and split a dark chocolate bar.

Why do I enjoy packing and cooking on a vacation?? ¬†Because I’ve trained my brain to enjoy cooking; and it takes no training whatsoever to appreciate that after I eat home cooked food as compared to restaurant food, there’s no feelings of “too full/sick/indigestion/guilt/brain fog, ¬†etc etc etc”. ¬†In my mind, it’s a win-win.


The way we think is everything!! ¬†That leads me right into our Positive Attitude/ Positive Changes plan: ¬†the mantra is, ” Find someone no one else loves, and love them.” ¬†Chase those negative thoughts about your body right out of your mind – ¬†they just keep you in the same habits and patterns you’re in now. ¬† Instead, focus outside of yourself, and if that’s hard to do, PRACTICE it. ¬†We can do anything we train for and practice!

We’re off to the Spa/Gym now, we checked it out last night and it’s Beautiful!!!! Remember: choose foods and actions and thoughts that make you feel good later, and you’ll change your life.

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