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Bread Makes Us Fat and Sick, There’s No Getting Around This

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI’ll have a Keto Diet update at the end of this post, but today, I want to talk about bread.  Bread is a topic that just doesn’t go away.  The idea that bread is good, healthy, natural, ESSENTIAL, UNAVOIDABLE, and delicious, is so ingrained in people, that it’s just as hard to break up with as sugar.  Bread calls to us, loudly.  It’s the epitome of Comfort Food, and I think it’s fair to say most Americans can’t imagine even 1 meal of the day without it.

Here’s an email from a sweet lady ( with 4 kids ) who reads my blog:

I just wanted to let you know how much my husband and I are loving this new way of eating. I have always had a major weakness for bread and now I truly don’t think about it at all! I have slowly been making more of our foods such as sauces and dressings. The best part is that it tastes good, keeps us full, and we are both losing weight. Granted, the weight loss is not fast but it is consistent. Yay!

Before I gave up grains and sugars, I honestly thought doing so would be impossible. So did Mark. How could a meal be normal without bread?  What would we eat our pizza toppings on, what about tortilla chips at Mexican Restaurants?  Or the hot bread with big salt at a few of our favorite restaurants?  I BAKED MY OWN HOMEMADE BREAD every week, for years!!  My kids loved that!  Do you know how good your house smells when you bake bread?  Speaking of kids, how would I fill them up and nurture them without bread??   I think I believed that Bread was an essential Nutrient, like Omega 3 oils.

I was hooked on bread, so was my family.  We were pretty normal!

Here’s the Facts:  Bread’s not a Nutrient.  Bread made with flour and grains makes us fat and sick, and it makes our kids fat and sick.

Bread, whether it’s made from “whole grains”, 100% whole wheat, or sprouted wheat/sprouted soybeans/sprouted lentils, a la Ezekial Bread, ALL GETS BROKEN DOWN IN THE GUT TO SUGAR.  That’s the job of our digestion: to break our food down to molecules.  Grains are digested/reduced to GLUCOSE, which is the simplest of sugars, ( along with fructose), and then that GLUCOSE is quickly absorbed through the intestine, into the blood stream, where it make our Blood Sugar rise very high, very fast, to be met with a corresponding Big Dose of Insulin.

Look at the ingredient list for Very Thin Pepperidge Farm Whites:

Unbromated Unbleached Enriched Wheat Flour (Flour, Malted Barley Flour, Niacin, Reduced Iron, Thiamin Mononitrate (Vitamin B1), Riboflavin (Vitamin B2), Folic Acid), Water, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Soybean Oil, Contains 2 Percent Or Less Of: Yeast, Salt, Nonfat Milk*, Honey, Guar Gum, Wheat Gluten, Vegetable Mono And Diglycerides, Calcium Propionate (To Retard Spoilage), Soy Lecithin And Enzymes. *Adds A Trivial Amount Of Cholesterol.

Maybe you eat Whole Wheat, thinking it’s healthier?  Or you’ve switched to Rice Cakes, because they’re so low in calories.  Here’s the Glycemic Index ( which rates how quickly a food goes from gut to blood stream )  for bread products:

White Bread = 69

Whole-grain Bread = 72

Wheat Cereal = 67

Table Sugar (sucrose) = 52

Rice Cakes = 77

They’re all bad!

Did you know that every gram of glucose is stored with 3 grams of water?  That creates the puffy stomach effect, but eventually, the puffiness spreads to the rest of the body.   Cut out sugar and grains and you’ll IMMEDIATELY lose some water weight, the stomach shrinks quickly!  🙂

Something else you’ll lose when you give up bread ( aka sugar), the effect that “Anti-Nutrients”, like Gluten and Phytates and Lectins (G/P/L) have on your body.  In a nutshell, G/P/L damage your small intestines which creates Leaky Gut; they attach to vitamins and minerals in the gut and render them useless; and destroy Leptin Receptors.

What about bread’s ADDICTIVENESS?  That’s from a protein called GLIADIN.  Gliadin has OPIATE properties; that means it works on the Opiate Receptors in our BRAIN.  As Cardiologist William Davis says, it doesn’t make us “high”, it makes us WANT MORE.  (this doesn’t happen on a high fat-low carb diet; fat triggers SATIETY hormones )

Can anyone deny that after eating a bread filled meal, there’s the feeling of of being stuffed, bloated, and tired? Or worse, hungry again in just a couple of hours? ( that doesn’t happen on a high fat-low carb diet!)

What about the Vitamins, or the Fiber?  Will we become malnourished if we don’t eat bread?  Will our kids?  NO!  Bread, cereal, crackers…, anything made with flours, are so processed and stripped of any natural nutrients, that they have to be “ENRICHED”.  Enriched means Vitamins and Minerals from China are added back in to replace a FEW ( not all )  of the nutrients destroyed in the processing.  When it comes to fiber, we can get all the Fiber we need from Vegetables and Fruits.

Please take the time to click on the links in this Post. You’ll read some great research.  Most of us know that bread puts on weight, because everyone’s tried a few days here or there without flour products, and we’ve seen the stomach shrinkage.  Unfortunately,  WEIGHT IS NEVER A GOOD ENOUGH REASON TO STICK TO A DIET.  EVER.  That’s why almost 100% of everyone who loses weight, gains it back.

If you learn the SCIENTIFIC REASONS to give up grains/bread/sugar, the reasons why it’s so bad for our brain, our gut, our immune system, our waist line, our kids behavior, our health,.. it makes it easier to stay away from bread.  When it’s easier, our brain is more compliant.   Our brain doesn’t like Stress and avoids it like the plague.  Put your brain at ease by informing it of all the reasons to stay away from bread.  You can do this, one day at a time, I promise.

Keto Diet update:  Going strong!  Still 129, still the least hungry I think I’ve ever been in my entire life, literally.  Good energy, good sleep, no complaints.  Check out my what I eat page for meal ideas.

Speaking of meal ideas, there’s several delicious “alternative bread” recipes, using almond, coconut, or tapioca flour.  Yes, they’re more expensive than wheat flour, but the cheapness of flour products has led to the MASSIVE OVERCONSUMPTION that we Americans are prone to.  

Besides, eating these Paleo Breads is honestly more filling because they have more fat, more protein, and more nutrients.  Here’s a few recipes ( there’s a million more on the web ):


What I Eat

debbie (22)I get asked – often – what I eat; I have a What I Eat Page, but I guess it’s not enough!  Here’s what I’ve eaten this week:

Smoothies every morning, since Monday.  You could call my smoothies, “Kitchen Sink Smoothies”, because I throw just about everything and anything in there.  My goal:  to get as many nutrients as possible.  I want the immune protection, the gut healing, the energy, the good skin, the satiety, muscle tissue repair, etc,  and I know all that comes from Food.  My gut breaks food down to it’s barest nutrients, which my body uses to remake every single cell.  Did you know that the average cell turnover in your body is 50 times????  Every cell in your body will die and reproduce a “daughter” cell an average of 50 times!  That’s a LOT of opportunity to improve your health, isn’t it.

I make sure to use a variety of vegetables, fruits, spices, and supplements in my smoothies everyday.  I also alternate my bases back and forth between Kombucha (fermented tea), Keifer, or Plain Old Soured Raw Milk or Raw Cream ( how do you think they made that stuff in the olden days before isolating fermenting bacteria?), and every now and then, plain water.  I want that good bacteria though and 90% of the time, that’s what I use as a base.  Fermented foods/beverages have TRILLIONSnancys yogurt more beneficial bacteria than pills.  They’re easy to make or easy to buy – sugary yogurts don’t count.   They’re not cultured very long, they have too many additives, and too much sugar.  It’s also almost impossible to find Full Fat – which is the ONLY dairy product you should consume.  Honestly.

I’m NOT a recipe girl.  I’m a: throw everything in the blender or the pot and see how it comes out girl.  (This doesn’t apply to baking, just cooking or smoothies.  Baking requires precision.)  If I like it, it goes in, if I don’t like it but I know it’s good for me, it goes in.  I’ve trained myself to not just eat palate pleasing foods.   Amazingly, my palate has adjusted to several of those foods and I’ve now come to LOVE :  liver, onions, garlic, balsamic vinegar, apple cider vinegar, avocados, really sour keifer, yogurt, and milk(you can ONLY do that with RAW),  brussels, blue cheese, and many other foods I didn’t grow up on.  It really doesn’t take long to “develop” a taste for something, it just takes effort and practice.

Here’s some common smoothie ingredients for me, I pick a few or several of these at a time:  kombucha/keifer/sour milk or cream (RAW ONLY !- pasteurized milk rots and would make you sick), a couple times a week protein powder, raw eggs, collagen, molassas, blueberries, cranberries, bananas, blackberries, strawberries, peaches/pears in season, avocados, coconut butter, coconut oil, coconut flakes, cocoa nibs, cocoa powder, stevia if using cocoa powder, frozen spinach, frozen kale, powdered greens, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, ginger (powdered and whole form), and fish oil.    I rotate ingredients every day and mentally keep track of what I use.

nuts and seedsI ALWAYS have a smallish lunch:  leftover meat or fish, a fruit or vegetable; sometimes nuts and seeds; sometimes a coconut-chocolate mix, or a store bought dark chocolate piece.

Dinner’s usually on the big side for me:  meat and vegetables, sometimes cheese. I’m simple with dinner though:  baked chicken breast (bone in, skin on), baked fish, sausage (we make our own, half venison, half pork, almost 200 pounds every December!), burgers or meatballs(no buns!),  slow cooked/pulled roasts:   ANY/ALL vegetables (corn, potatoes, peas ,broccoli, brussels, squashes, eggplant, greens, – I don’t care if they’re starchy or not), and I LOVE “mixes”.  I use a lot of sea salt, pepper, and herbs/spices.  Two nights ago my dinner was brussels, roasted tomatoes, onions, and sausage in broth, with a big side of sweet potato cut up, coated in butter, and roasted.  Last night my dinner was a left over spaghetti squash with left over homemade roasted vegetable soup, and two paleo cookies my youngest made last weekend and I’d thrown in the freezer.  Sometimes I make paleo biscuits or muffins (they’re great to freeze and pull out for breakfast – which is my youngest daughter’s favorite thing).

Does this help?  Breakfast doesn’t have to be cereal and toast, lunch doesn’t have to be sandwiches, and dinner doesn’t have to be pasta/pizza/chicken nuggets.   It doesn’t have to be what I eat either!    Leftovers, eggs, sausage, bacon, soup, vegetables, nuts and seeds, they can all be breakfast and lunch foods.  If you’re really struggling with what to eat, try to focus on Real Whole Foods with fat and protein that keeps you full for hours.   Frozen waffles, bagels, english muffins,… they’re just drilled into your head fromthinking outside box years of commercials and advertising.  Change the way you think about food from a calorie/fat perspective to a nutrient perspective.  What are the foods you put into your mouth going to do for your cells?  your organs?  your brain? Or your kids cells, organs, and brain?

Real change, about anything, begins in the mind.  Make a plan.  Stick to the plan.  You can do this

You Have The Power To Change Yourself!

youshouldtryeatingfoodI’ve got to stick with my cooking and packing theme for another day, after all, it’s one of the biggest topics I get emailed about.  More than anything, I want to convince you all that your health and weight aren’t the result of not enough pharmaceuticals or diet foods, but the end product of your everyday food choices and lifestyle habits.  You Have So Much Power to Change Yourself!!!

I love all the new Paleo/ Real Whole Food recipe sites out there, and the Cookbooks that go with them are amazing (although I ONLY use the internet for my recipes).  HOWEVER……  between the FoodNetwork, Food TV shows, the Cooking Channel, internet recipes, and food magazine covers and recipes, there’s this HUGE MISPERCEPTION that to make great food, you need to invest time, money, and a lot of effort.  You. Don’t.

I rarely ever, ever, ever, make a “recipe” in the past couple of years.  I don’t really need to anymore.  I did when I cooked lowfat/lowcal, because you need a LOT of tricks to make bland, fatless food taste good, but that’s just not necessary when you use Real Whole Food with Fat Attached.  Honestly.    All the years of combing through chicken recipes, (I have one old cookbook called “1,000 Chicken Recipes”) , marinating the chicken, coating it, sauteing it, blahblahblahblah, and sometimes it still came out tough and dry.  Now I buy bone in/ FAT ON chicken, pop it in the oven on 400 for 40 minutes with salt and pepper, and it comes out lovefoodnotgetfatperfect EVERY SINGLE TIME.  I slow roast meats with the “fat up”, with salt and pepper, and it comes out perfect every single time.  I cook fatty lamb sausage, or pork and venison sausage, and don’t drain off all the fat, and it comes out perfect every single time.  Vegetables??  Top liberally with butter or olive oil, salt and pepper, and some hard grated cheese – it’s perfect every single time.  I cut up potatoes or spaghetti squash, top with butter and cheese – everyone loves it. Kids eat vegetables when they have butter and cheese on them!!

My point:  we’ve been corrupted by decades of low fat thinking and cooking.  Good food isn’t hard, and it doesn’t need to be time consuming – recipes aren’t necessary.  Real food mixes perfectly with good butter ( get some Kerrygold – it’s grassfed and sold everywhere), or good olive oil ( get extra-virgin, first cold pressed),  good hard cheese, salt and pepper, and that’s good enough.  Quit stressing yourself out that you’re not Martha Stewart or Giada. You don’t need to be.

Still worried about the fat?  Please, go over my fat and cholesterol posts.  Fat is GOOD for us; our body needs cholesterol; these are necessary nutrients, and best of all, they’re satiating.  Repeat this:  Real fats don’t make me fat; processed, refined carbs do.   Eat Real Whole Foods, including fats, and you’ll feel full and satisfied.  This is in opposition to eating processed, refined, or (most)restaurant foods:  they’re full of sugar/flour/chemicals/and transfats that stimulate your brain into wanting more, and damage your liver, your immune  and your digestive system.

succsmorningStill worried because you’ve built such a high wall between yourself and cooking?  Don’t be.  Keep wrapping your mind around this new point of view: “Fat is good; cooking is relaxing; I can do this.”  That said, use the cookbooks/recipe sites/magazines if you want to, I’m just saying don’t be intimidated or fooled into thinking complex, lengthy recipes are the only way to make a good meal because they’re not.  Cook enough and pretty soon you’ll be comfortable taking what ever’s in your fridge and throwing it in the pan, adding a few herbs / spices and having it come out wonderful.  Here’s what I’ve been making all summer:  in a frying pan, tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini, basil, oregano, salt and pepper.  Cook down.  Add a meat and some grated parmesan, and  Wa La! it’s perfect.

Here’s something else we’ve done a hundred times this summer:  eggplant or zucchini pizza.  Cut zucchini into round discs, about 3/4 inch thick, or slice a medium zucchini length wise. Spread tomatoes or tomato sauce on, top with crumbled meat, some veggies, and plenty of mozarella, bake at 425 for 20 minutes.  It’s delicious.

This weekend we went to visit one of our daughters at her college and attended a 3:30 football game (Oregon is AMAZING!), we packed our lunch and ate in the parking lot: a shredded roast from 2 weeks ago that we got out of the freezer before we left, and some raw vegetables.  No, it wasn’t gourmet and it wasn’t even that delicious. It was just healthy food that filled us up. But we were going out to dinner and didn’t need to over-indulge.  We were fine and that was even after a big leg workout for both of us that morning.

A lot of changing your weight and changing your health will rest on changing your view of meg:reese:careating and cooking.  Real Whole Foods are delicious; they can also be simple and fast.  Not every meal needs to be a culinary experience, but every meal SHOULD nurture your body and satisfy your mind.  Real Whole Foods do that; processed, refined foods do neither.

Details on Weight Loss Strategies Classes coming tomorrow.  This Class will focus on Food/Biology/ and the How-To’s of permanent weight loss, which is a combination of Real Whole Food and Positive Thoughts and Attitudes.  Food is everything, but if you can’t break your self-defeating habits, thoughts, and patterns, you’re sunk.  We’ll fix that!

This last picture is my sweet Reese and oldest daughter Megan.  Talk about a positive image!

Change The Way You Think About Food and Skinny Cow

skinny cow ice creamDo you need to lose weight or get healthy? Because if you do, you need to make a  big, permanent mental transformation in the way you think about food. If you’ve been viewing food in terms of calories and fat, you’re on the Diet Ferris Wheel: trying to eat low cal, starving, overeating, trying to eat low cal, starving, overeating.  Low calorie diet foods, or low fat meals leave you hungry and unsatisfied.  Those kinds of meals are usually full of easy to digest, processed, refined carbs that get digested and leave your stomach very quickly.  The result: True Hunger.  If you’re eating processed/refined foods, those foods are created and designed to Make You Hungry Again Soon.Do you know what “Bliss Point” is?  It’s a term in Food Science that means a high level of Pleasure Neurons are stimulated, but Satiety is NOT stimulated (satiety comes from particular hormone signals). This isn’t a joke.

Food products are tested over and over with hundreds of subjects submitting to very technical tests to exactly determine what formula induces the highest Bliss Point.  That’s why you can’t get enough soda, crackers, frozen pizza, donuts, granola bars, etc.  These foods were created to stimulate your hunger; not satisfy your hunger.  The Snickers commercials about Snickers satisfying???  Snickers TRIGGERS the desire for more sugar or more food.This leads me to something I get asked about often: should you abstain, or can you eat junk food, or any trigger food, in Moderation?  Answer that question honestly for yourself.  Some people can’t do moderation.  They just get way too overstimulated from certain foods.  Sometimes even the THOUGHT of trigger foods sets off stimulation. (That’s why it’s smart to keep trigger foods OUT OF YOUR HOUSE OR IMMEDIATE WORK ENVIRONMENT.  Those things can call to you!) If that’s you, just be honest with yourself. If you can be truly moderate, as in a bite here or there because you’re being polite, or it’s a special occasion, be moderate.

Here’s some shocking information: Processed, refined food consumption increases every year. 70% of the foods Americans eat is Processed;  Diet Product consumption is up,  American’s total Calorie Consumption is DOWN, American’s weight continues to go UP (70% of all Americans are Overweight). Let’s just use common sense to connect these dots. Here’s a little example of a Processed Diet food, promoted to make you slim: Skinny Cow Milk Chocolate Dreamy Clusters. Skinny Cow junk foods have done an incredible job grabbing some market share as they’ve convinced lots of us that by eating their products, you can lose the pounds but keep the indulgence. Their ingredient list is protected, so I couldn’t copy it, but here’s the breakdown:  11 sources of refined carb/artificial sugar/real sugar = Insulin Up/Fat Storage increased; 3 sources of soy lecithin(allergenic, thyroid disruptor, phyto-estrogen); carrageen (major gut irritant/damager); and caramel color (carcinogen).

Your liver has to break down these chemicals, and it’s not easy.  So let’s add “liver clogger” to the list. (I’m pretty sure that’s a medical term!) Your liver is the majority of your Metabolism.  Clogged Livers = Slow Metabolism.

Does this sound like a good product to use if you want to get healthy or lose weight???  Plan, shop, chop, prep, cook in giant batches; if you want to indulge, at least make sure it’s homemade. Forget about the calories, worry about the ingredients.

Looking for recipes?  Visit these sites:,,,, TheFoodLoversKitchen, The recipe sites are endless- you’ll never need another cookbook again unless you just like cookbooks.And last, as we get to Farmers Market Season, here’s a great website to find Farmers Markets, Co-ops, Cow Shares, and local farmers selling local products near you, visit

What I Eat

debbie (22)Here’s a look at how I eat.  I tend to stick to a 3 times a day meal plan, with no snacks.  I want the hours between meals to pass so that my body can use Fat for fuel instead of Blood Sugar.   I pack my lunches almost every day of the week, and tend to cook batches of food and use these “leftovers” to assemble meals for me and my family of 6. I focus on Whole Foods:  plenty of healthy fats, proteins, and vegetables, with some fruit, some nuts and seeds, and some dairy.   And Paul Newman Coffee.  And Coconut Butter:)




Friday, Oct. 9, 2015

Organic coffee w raw cream and stevia
B – Smoothie:  2 raw eggs, 1 tbsp collagen, frozen cranberries/spinach/banana, manuka honey, flax, walnuts, coconut shreds
L – Leftovers: spaghetti squash/chicken/tomatoes/collards/basil/broth, 1/2 dark chocolate bar
D – zucchini/potato crust pizza w tomatoes/chicken sausage/basil/parm and cheddar,  salad,  a piece of chicken wrapped in bacon


Wednesday, Sept. 3 2015

Organic coffee w raw cream and stevia
B – Smoothie:  2 raw eggs, 1tbsp collagen, beets/blueberries/spinach, molasses, coconut and walnuts
L – leftovers from dinner: green beans/onions/tomatoes w olive oil, lemon juice, salt and parmesan
D – spaghetti squash topped with tomatoes/zucchini/onion/garlic/chicken sausage and feta topped w olive oil and salt     watermelon    dark chocolate


Monday, January 25, 2015

Green Mountain Espresso flavor w Raw Cream
B – Smoothie:  raw yogurt/vanilla/2 raw eggs/greens powder/cranberries/pecans/MCToil/cinnamon/coconut flakes
L – Leftover venison sausage w/kimchi and seaweed, homemade low carb macaroon
D – Spaghetti squash w: broth/tomatoes/chicken/onion/mushroom/garlic,  big salad with olive oil and Espresso Balsamic Vinegar

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Central Coffee Espresso flavor w Raw Cream
B – Smoothie: Jay Robb/2 raw eggs/flax seed/greens/ half an avocado/blueberries/ginger/nutmeg/coconut flakes/MCT oil and walnuts
L- leftover meatballs and vegetables, chocolate coconut oil treat
D – cod cooked in broth; collards/kale/onions cooked in broth and butter, topped w swiss,  roasted sweet potato

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Central Coffee Espresso flavor w Raw Cream
B – Smoothie: homemade yogurt/cranberries/2 raw eggs/greens powder/vanilla/stevia/chia/coconut flakes
L – leftover sausage and vegetables
D – meatballs (venision sausage and beef,) topped with slow roasted tomatoes, w: cauliflower/broccoli/onion/carrot in broth and butter w herbs and parm.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

****Central Coffee, Espresso beans!  I’ve graduated from flavored and ground to unflavored beans!****For my Fauquier Friends, I bought this at Tri-County Feeds ( waay more than just a Feed Store)……Raw Cream
B – Smoothie:  Jay Robb Vanilla Protein w/ blueberries/greens powder/2 raw eggs/flax/hemp/MCT oil/cinnamon/coconut flakes
L – leftover chicken and vegetables, homemade chocolate coconut oil treat
D – venison sausage w/broth/tomatoes/collards/onions/garlic/herbs  topped with shredded raw cheddar

Saturday November 8, 2014

Paul Newman Organic Vanilla Coffee w Raw Cream
B – Smoothie:  homemade Keifer, vanilla/stevia/  frozen cranberries and chard, 2 raw eggs, flax seed, ginger/cinnamon/mace,  ground rose hips, coconut flakes
L – curry chicken on sprouts,  frozen coconut candy, some of Marks shredded lamb
D – sautéed oysters, roasted sweet potato, collards in broth/butter/w tomatoes and cheese;  macaroons with Trickling Springs chocolate ice cream

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Paul Newman Organic Vanilla Coffee w Raw Cream
B – Smoothie:  water/hemp seed/frozen chard&blueberries/JayRobb Vanilla protein powder/1 raw egg/maca powder/ground rose hips/cinnamon/ginger/coconut flakes
L – pork sausage (Crow Foot Farms) w/ broth/yellow pepper/onion/kale;  coconut candy treat (coconut oil w stevia/salt/cinnamon/ginger/cloves/vanilla – frozen)
D – Hunters Head Tavern:  pumpkin soup, a few fried calamari, liver/onions, sweet potato fries, zucchini

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Paul Newman Organic Vanilla Coffee w Raw Cream
B – Smoothie: whey vanilla protein/flax/hemp/frozenbanana and chard/ coconut oil/2 raw eggs/cinnamon/ginger/mace
L – sardines/balsamic/tomato/basil,  coconut oil mixed with cocoa powder, stevia, and salt – frozen
D – leftovers:  spaghetti squash/burger/tomatoes/collards/onion/garlic/zucchini/red pepper/cauliflower  Tumeric/nutmeg/ oregano/S&P



Monday, August 25, 2014

Paul Newman Organic Vanilla w raw cream
B – Smoothie:  coconut cream, flax seeds, spinach, blueberries, 2 raw eggs, vanilla extract, stevia, MCT oil, nutmeg, mace, cinnamon
L – Sardines w/ Wilderness Mayo, 4 cherry tomatoes, pack of Annie Chung Seaweed snacks
D – big burger with cheese, brussels with bacon, onions w zucchini, all cooked in LOTS of Kerrygold butter, coconut oil treat mixed with cocoa powder and stevia


Friday, August 1, 2014, Off Keto; Staying in Hotel for DCAC Fitness Conference

Paul Newman Organic Vanilla with raw cream
B – in a cup: protein powder/flax seed/chia seed/hemp seed/greens powder mixed with water
L – sardines/greens/cuke/avocado/ balsamic; macadamias,  coconut oil treat w lemon oil
D – at Clydes:  fried chicken livers; caesar salad w anchovies and dressing; buffalo burger w/swiss,bacon,tomato, onions, and some french fries – my Ketosis is Over


Saturday, August 2, 2014, Hotel/DCAC Conference

Paul Newman Organic Vanilla w raw cream
B – in a cup: Jay Robb protein powder/flax seed/chia seed/hemp seed/greens powder mixed w water
L – sardines/greens/zucchini/cheese/avocado/ balsamic;  macadamias, coconut oil treat w lemon
D – at Clydes:  fried chicken livers; caesar salad w anchovies and dressing, crispy trout with hollandaise, and sautéed swiss chard


Tuesday, July 29, 2014, day 17 of Keto Diet

Paul Newman Organic Breakfast Blend with raw cream
B – Smoothie:  Jay Robb egg white vanilla protein/ half large avocado/ big scoop greens powder/spinach/raw egg/cinnamon/nutmeg/MCT oil, water and ice cubes; 10 macadamias
L – big leftover piece of meatloaf stuffed with cheese, basil, and tomatoes; pack of seaweed
D – sausage/zucchini/tomato/cheddar; 3 cream cheese balls

Saturday, July 26, 2014, day 14 of Keto Diet

Safeway Organic Coffee – DISGUSTING.  GROSS. I miss PN.
B – 2 Applegate Organic Grassfed hotdogs, handful Macadamia nuts
L – salad w/ olive oil, balsamic, and lots of pumpkin seeds and almonds
D – hot italian sausage (2) mixed with swiss chard, tomatoes, cauliflower, garlic, sautéed in butter;  2 cream cheese fat bombs
Tuesday, July 22, 2014, day 9 of Keto Diet

Paul Newman Organic Vanilla Coffee w raw cream
B – 1 cup coconut milk, 1 raw egg, 1 scoop Jay Robb Egg White Protein Powder, frozen spinach, 1 scoop Greens Powder, 1 tbsp chia seed, 1 tbsp flax seed, 1 tbsp MCT oil, cinnamon, ginger
L – left over chicken, half avocado, pea shoots, covered with coconut oil, S&P
D – chicken sausage;  in a pan cooked with butter, coconut oil, and some water:  onion, garlic, tomato, zucchini,  topped with parmesan.   1 cream cheese ball.     Saurkraut.   5 macadamias.


Sunday, July 20, 2014, day 8 of Keto Diet

Paul Newman Organic Vanilla Coffee w raw cream
B – 2 Applegate grassfed hotdogs cooked in butter, 10 macadamias
L – 1 Applegate hotdog, 10 walnuts ( my appetite is diminishing, and I didn’t workout at all this day)
D – roast chicken – lots of skin!, saurkraut, green beans;  broccoli and cauliflower;  all topped with chopped mushrooms/garlic/onions cooked in lots of butter, coconut oil, and lemon juice; parm.,  2 cream cheese balls

Saturday, July 19, 2014, day 7 of Keto Diet

Paul Newman Organic Vanilla Coffee w raw cream
B – 15 macadamias, 2 cream cheese balls ( check blog post July 19)
L – a few bites of leftover chicken, a few bites of broccoli slaw with Wilderness Mayo  ( literally still full from breakfast, it was 2pm and I thought I should eat something. )
D – 2 chicken sausages, saurkraut, green beans/onions/collards/pepper cooked in butter, topped with butter, cheddar, S&P

Friday, July 18, 2014, day 6 of Keto Diet – I’m Finally In Ketosis!

Paul Newman Organic Vanilla Coffee w raw cream
B – Smoothie:  1 c coconut milk (can)/2 raw eggs/ vanilla extract/2 tsp stevia/1 scoop greens powder, handful spinach/cinnamon/nutmeg / 1 tbsp hemp seed;  8 macadamias
L – big piece of leftover meatloaf w 3 cherry tomatoes,  MCT oil,  15 macadamias
D – baked chicken( ALWAYS: skin on-bone in), 2 cups cabbage and cauliflower cooked in butter and water, S&P, topped with lots of cheddar and parm;  2 cream cheese balls ( recipe on site)

Thursday, July 17, 2014, day 5 of Keto Diet

Paul Newman Organic Vanilla w raw cream
B – leftover cod, handful green beans, and 1 chicken sausage cooked in coconut oil
L – 1 fried oyster ( scraped off coating), Cobb Salad with Shrimp, oil and vinegar
D – leftover meatloaf, 1/2 c zucchini, big slice of cheese melted on it, cooked in butter

Wednesday, July 16, 2014, day 4 of Keto Diet

Paul Newman Organic Vanilla w raw cream
B – Smoothie: coconut milk, spinach, 1/2 scoop protein, 1 scoop greens powder, MCT oil, nutmeg, cinnamon
L – sardines/half avocado/basil leaves/mayonnaise, 10 macadamias
D – meatloaf;  swiss chard/zucchini/red onion/green beans in butter with cheddar;  cream cheese balls ( these were good – recipe on my site soon)


Tuesday, July 15, 2014, day 3 of Keto Diet

Paul Newman Organic Vanilla w raw cream
B – Smoothie:  1/2c coconut milk ( from can – more fat than carton)/ 1/4 c raw cream/1 raw egg/1 tbsp collagen/1 tbsp MCT oil/ 1/2 scoop whey protein/ ( ran out of eggs and wanted more protein)/1 scoop greens powder (4g carb), frozen spinach/ginger/nutmeg/ice; 10 macadamias
L – 3 pieces of bacon/1 chicken sausage/1 c basil leaves/ butter and cheese
D – Restaurant in Richmond – big hamburger with cheddar, brussels, and asparagus, extra blue cheese and gouda cheese ( from appetizer plate)


Monday, July 14, 2014 Day 2 of Keto Diet

Paul Newman Organic Vanilla w raw cream
B – a few chicken livers, 2 eggs, a lot of cheese, basil, cooked in butter
L- big container of tuna salad with olive oil mayo, onions, and celery ( over a cup full)
D – 2!!   (1) sausage/cheese/cauliflower and broccoli with MCT oil, and (2) 3 sardines, half avocado, saurkraut

Sunday, July 13, 2014  Day 1 Of Keto Diet

Paul Newman Organic Vanilla coffee, raw cream
B – 3 eggs and 2 grassfed/organic hotdogs in MCT oil, with cheddar
L – 1 grassfed/organic hotdog and 1/4 cup Wildbrine Saurkraut
D – ( had a small crowd)  shrimps and scallops wrapped with bacon; meatballs (recipe on blog), baked cabbage with mushrooms, onions, garlic, and Locatelli-Romano cheese;  hot toasted coconut w ghee (blog)

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Paul Newman Organic Vanilla coffee, raw cream
B – leftovers:  bacon with green beans/collards/onion/garlic/cheddar, topped with Skinny Fat MCT oil
L – Claire’s Restaurant:  2 fried oysters, Cobb salad: shrimp/bacon/eggs/avocado/blue cheese/greens with oil and vinegar
D – cooked Chinese Cabbage (in water and butter), topped with cheddar; sausage;  1/2 roasted sweet potato, a bowl of coconut milk ice cream


Sunday, July 6th, 2014 – Travel Day; visited Mark’s Parents in Richmond

Paul Newman Organic Vanilla, raw cream
B – 2 hardboiled eggs, homemade Pesto made with Skinny Fat MCT oil
L – Restaurant in Richmond:  artichoke and crab salad, omelet with crab/spinach/cheese/arugula, side of bacon
D – on the road, Jay Robb bar


Saturday, July 5th, 2014 – Full Day In Williamsburg

Paul Newman Organic Vanilla, raw cream
B – 2 hardboiled eggs, homemade Pesto made with Skinny Fat MCT oil
L – Jay Robb Bar
D- Huzzah Restaurant:  Caesar salad, grilled tuna steak/grilled asparagus and tomatoes/grilled potatoes;   dark chocolate bar


Friday, July 4th, 2014 – Full Day In Williamsburg

Paul Newman Organic Vanilla Coffee, raw cream ( I travel with my cream, coffee, and stevia)
B – 2 hardboiled eggs, homemade Pesto made with Skinny Fat MCT oil ( packed this too)
L – Jay Robb protein bar  ( packed this – don’t need pouchy stomach for sitting at the pool )
D – Second Street Bistro:  shared shrimp and onion rings appetizers, grilled caesar salad, bison meatloaf, green beans, and potato wedges;  shared a piece of cheese cake

Thursday, July 3, 2014 – Leaving for Williamsburg/ Busch Gardens

Paul Newman Organic Vanilla Coffee, raw cream
B – Jay Robb Vanilla protein powder, frozen spinach, frozen banana, Skinny Fat MCT oil, cinnamon, ginger, greens powder
L – pesto, sardines, tomato, basil leaves, whole avocado;  coconut cookie ball Megan and Shelby made
D – Huzzah Restaurant:  3 fried oysters, caesar salad with olive oil and vinegar, grilled wahoo, grilled asparagas/tomatoes,  roasted potatoes


Friday, June 13, 2014

Paul Newman Organic Vanilla Coffee w/ Raw Cream
B – Smoothie: Jay Robb organic whey vanilla protein powder, lemon balm leaves, frozen blueberries, half of a frozen banana, half avocado, 1 raw egg, nutmeg, ginger
L – leftovers from Thursday night: sausage burger with roasted tomatoes, cheese, cauliflower, and brussels
D – salad with turkey, cheese, balsamic, and extra virgin olive oil


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Paul Newman Organic Coffee w Raw Cream
B – Jay Robb Organic vanilla whey protein, spinach, blueberries, avocado, 1/2 banana, raw egg, cinnamon, nutmeg, chlorella powder
L – leftover sausage, tomatoes, brocoli, olive oil
D – cauliflower, carrots, red pepper, asparagus, chard, onion, chives, and chicken ( leftover from 2 days ago), cooked in a LOT of broth and butter, topped with cheese

Wednesday, January 22, 201

Paul Newman Organic Coffee w Raw Cream
B- full fat keifer smoothie w/spinach, bananas, cranberries, 2 raw eggs, cocoa powder, stevia, cinnamon, ginger, coconut flakes
L – apple with sunflower butter
D – ground lamb in broth w/ cauliflower, onion, parsley, garlic, red pepper flakes, S&P, gouda cheese, handful of carob chips ( my new love)


Friday, January 3, 2014
Paul Newman Organic Vanilla Coffee with Raw Cream
B – Smoothie: full fat keifer, 2 eggs, spinach, bananas, orange, coconut, vanilla extract, stevia, cinnamon, ginger
L- leftover/cold cabbage/onion/sausage   2 paleo chocolate chip cookies
D – sweet potato fries, omelet with onions/kale/mushrooms and cheese, another p.c.c.cookie

Sunday, December 8, 2013
Paul Newman Organic Vanilla Coffee with Raw Cream
Brunch – Bacon, eggs, avocado, and half an orange
D – Sausage stuffed with roasted tomatoes, topped with cheddar and onions;  brussels roasted in butter with parmesan

Thursday, December 5, 2013
Paul Newman Organic Vanilla Coffee with Raw Cream
B – Smoothie:  keifer, chia seeds, 2 raw eggs, spinach, cranberries, bananas, ginger, cinnamon, cocoa powder, stevia, molassas
L – left over chicken, coconut butter/cocoa powder/stevia
D – sausage, cauliflower, carrots, onion in broth; sweet potato; magic cookie bar

Wednesday, December 4, 2013 (Went to Mount Vernon with Shelby)
Paul Newman Organic Vanilla Coffee with Raw Cream
B – smoothie: keifer, chia seeds, 1 raw egg, spinach, blueberries, bananas, cinnamon, nutmeg, cocoa powder, stevia
L – (at the Mount Vernon Inn)  big salad with crab, bacon, cheese, greens,  and balsamic vinegar
D – roast chicken, roast cauliflower, kale/onions/garlic/tomato cooked in broth, topped with salt, herbs, and cheese

Tuesday, November 5, 2013
Had a fasting blood test this morning, brought coffee and breakfast with me:
B – salmon with avocado, Paul Newman Coffee w Raw Cream, apple
L – Chinese Restaurant:  roast pork with crispy skin, white fish, sprouts, and bok choy
D – brussels and sweet potatoes, roasted last weekend and then refried in butter, sausage on side, piece of dark chocolate

Monday, October 21, 2013
Paul Newman Organic Vanilla Coffee w Raw Cream
B – Smoothie:  1 raw egg,  scoop chocolate protein, frozen kale/banana/cranberries , coconut, kombucha, fish oil, cinnamon
L – apple with macadamia nut butter (ground macadamias, coconut oil, cinnamon, ginger, salt)
D – old frozen sausage vegetable mix, with added broth, broccoli, and carrots, topped with gouda

Sunday, October 6, 2013
Paul Newman Organic Vanilla Coffee w raw cream
Brunch – 3 eggs on a salad: spinach/beets/parm/olive oil and vinegar
D – pulled lamb, green beans, zucchini pizza (zucchini w tomato/basil/cheese), coconut milk homemade ice cream

Wednesday, October 2, 2013
Paul Newman Organic Vanilla Coffee w raw cream
B – Smoothie: 2 raw eggs, spinach, banana, cranberry, cocoa powder, stevia, ginger, cloves, coconut flakes
L – apple with nutbutter:  used my blender to mix multiple nuts with coconut butter and oil, cinnamon, and salt – DELICIOUS!!!!!!,  plus a couple extra spoonfuls of coconut butter
D – bacon with cauliflower and cheese

Tuesday, September 16, 2013
Paul Newman Organic Vanilla Coffee w Raw Cream
B – 5 eggs (3 yolks) w swiss chard, mushrooms, cheddar
L – ground lamb (leftovers) w whole avocado;  sliced apple with Earths Balance coconut/peanut spread
D – cod cooked in broth with brussels and onions; large sweet potato roasted in butter w S&P

Tuesday, September 10, 2013
Paul Newman Organic Vanilla Coffee w Raw Cream
B – smoothie:  2 raw eggs, kombucha, gelatin, cocoa, stevia, frozen spinach/banana/beets
L – 2 tins sardines w basil, whole avocado;  plum
D – turkey breast, roasted potato w butter and rosemary, salad with balsamic and EVOO, and a paleo cookie

Sunday, September 8, 2013
Paul Newman Organic Coffee w Raw Cream
B – scoop of protein powder mixed with water and coconut butter
L – shredded lamb (leftover) roast with cheddar and zucchini, apple
D – shrimp,  broccoli and onions sauteed in broth with cheddar, sweet potato with butter and salt

Wednesday, September 4, 2013
Paul Newman Vanilla Coffee w Raw Cream
B – Smoothie: 2 raw eggs, gelatin, cocoa powder and stevia, frozen spinach/bananas, ginger
L – salmon and homemade peach salsa
D – leftover pulled lamb roast, on huge salad: greens, tomato, green beans, corn, zucchini, cheese, w/ balsamic, and roasted potato

Wednesday, August 7, 2013
Paul Newman Organic Vanilla Coffee w Raw Cream
B – smoothie: raw egg/kombucha/frozen spinach/bananas/cranberries/ whey protein/ ginger/molassas
L – leftover liver and onion w/whole avocado, walnuts (a bunch)
D – scrambled eggs w/ garlic and feta, zucchini patties, white potato w/ butter and rosemary

Wednesday, July 31, 2013
Paul Newman Vanilla Organic Coffee w Raw Cream
B – smoothie w/kombucha,spinach,bananas, blueberries, raw egg, whey, collagen, cinnamon,walnuts,   2 coconut flour cookies
D – shrimp, potatoes w/rosemary and butter, grilled plantain,  summer veg mix:tomatoes/3 kinds of squash/onion/basil/thyme

Friday, July 26, 2013
Paul Newman Organic Coffee w Raw Cream
B – raw egg/kombucha/whey/collagen/spinach/strawberries/banana/cinnamon
L – salmon w balsamic,   coconut butter w cocoa powder and stevia
D – (restaurant – Mojitos):  grilled calamari on spinach w mustard dressing, fried yucca and fried plantain,  grilled green beans

Thursday, July 25, 2013
Paul Newman Organic Coffee w Raw Cream
B – raw egg/kombucha/spinach/flax/coconut chunks/banana/whey protein/collagen powder/nutmeg/ginger
L – (restaurant – Claires)  beet salad with chicken and goat cheese,   handful of almonds
D – sausage/tomatoes (from my garden)/green and yellow squash(friends garden)/onion/thyme/basil (my garden), roasted white and sweet potatoes, cauliflower w cheese

Sunday, July 21, 2013
Paul Newman Organic Coffee w Raw Cream
L – whole avocado mashed with half banana and scoop of whey
D – baked chicken on salad/balsamic/evoo, with roasted potato in butter and rosemary

Saturday, July 20, 2013
Paul Newman Organic Coffee w Raw Cream
B – scoop of whey protein mashed with scoop of coconut butter
L – Food of all Nations/Charlottesville Va: baked salmon with teryaki, roasted brussels, chocolate bar, 60% w cayanne and cinnamon and pepitas
SNACK – Richmond Va/Bevs Homemade Icecream  2 scoops in a cup: pb and coconut
D – Richmond Va/Cafe 821: salad with goat cheese, balsamic and EVOO, burger(no bun) with swiss, mushrooms, and bacon; french fries

Thursday, July 18, 2013
Paul Newman Organic Vanilla w Raw Milk
B – Smoothie: raw egg, keifer, whey powder, banana, cranberry, spinach, beets, nutmeg
L – sardines, yellow squash and green with EVOO and balsamic;  chocolate coconut butter
D – scrambled eggs w/ onion, salad with greens, fresh tomato EVOO and balsamic, roasted chopped potato w/ Kerrygold, rosemary and salt

Tuesday, July 16, 2013
Paul Newman Organic Vanilla Coffee – we’re out of milk and cream:(
B – raw egg, raw keifer, cocoa powder and stevia w/ beets, spinach, bananas, cranberries, cinnamon and ginger
L – whole avocado mashed w half banana and scoop of protein, seedweed snacks
D – sausage mixed with onion, eggplant, zucchini, herbs and salsa,  roasted potatoes (leftover from monday and refried in Kerrygold butter w tons of rosemary) , all topped with grated parmesan

Sunday, July 14, 2013 day 4 of Nutritional Therapy Workshop/Hotel Living
Paul Newman Vanilla Organic w Raw Cream
B – 3 whole eggs fried in Kerrygold butter with half a chopped onion, topped w feta
L – big salad w sardines, EVOO/balsamic and goat cheese
snacked on celery and peanutbutter/coconut butter; handful of walnuts and coconut chips
no dinner

Saturday, July 13, 2013, day 3 of Nutritional Therapy Workshop/Hotel Living
Paul Newman Vanilla Organic w Raw Cream
B – Whole avocado mashed with whey protein and 1/2 banana
L – big salad with sardines, EVOO, balsamic, and goat cheese, LOTS of coconut butter
No Dinner, too full

Friday, July 12, 2013 day 2 of Nutritional Therapy Workshop/Hotel Living
Paul Newman Vanilla Organic Coffee w Raw Cream
B -1 whole avocado w 1/2 banana – Mashed with scoop of chocolate whey
L – big salad w sardines, balsamic, chocolate coconut butter, dates (too many!)
D – salad bars at Whole Foods – ate a bunch of different choices, all vegetables, with chicken, and a Justin’s Peanutbutter candy bar

Thursday, July 11, 2013  day 1 of Nutritional Therapy Workshop/Hotel Living
Paul Newman Organic Vanilla Coffee w Raw Cream
B – Chocolate whey with LOTS of coconut butter
L – (packed) big salad with sardines, EVOO, balsamic, goat cheese, and a chocolate coconut butter treat
Snack – lots of fresh black berries, fermented carrots, around 5:30
D – (brought food and cooked in room in my plug-in hot pan) 3 whole eggs in Kerrygold with onion, sweet potato (already cooked at home), basil, S&P, and feta;   zucchini with more feta, 3 dates

Wednesday, July 10, 2013
Paul Newman Organic Vanilla Coffee w Raw Cream
B – Smoothie: raw egg, keifer, cocoa, stevia, spinach/beets/banana cinnamon and ginger
L – chicken (leftover) w avocado
D – sausage w/ onions, peppers, garlic and feta,  sweet potato, green beans with Kerrygold butter, S&P

Friday, July 5, 2013, day 6 at the Beach
Paul Newman Organic Vanilla Coffee, w Raw Cream
B – Chocolate whey protein with coconut butter
L – Sardines w/ balsamic, macadamia nuts
D – Shrimp, zucchini and eggplant with tomato sauce and mozarella, sweet potatoes, (also on the table: lamb burgers, corn on cob, salad)

Thursday, July 4, 2013, day 5 at the Beach
Paul Newman Organic Vanilla Coffee w Raw Cream
B – scoop of chocolate whey protein with scoop of coconut butter
L – salmon w balsamic, pumpkin seeds
D – shredded lamb and shredded chicken on salad, with feta and bbq sauce; roasted squash and tomatoes w mozarella, 4 dates,  small slice of cheesecake from a bakery w sugar/flour/lots of other bad stuff!  27 for dinner again, my house. Also on table: lamb burgers, grilled potatoes, watermelon, cheese.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013, day 4 at the Beach
Paul Newman Organic Vanilla Coffee w Raw Cream
B – scoop of chocolate whey protein w coconut butter
L – sardines w salad, pumpkin seeds
D – chicken enchilada,  spiced beef, on big salad, w lots of cheese, ear of corn, 10 corn chips, 4 small paleo cookies – there were 27 of us at my house for dinner! Also on table: watermelon.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013, day 3 at the Beach
Paul Newman Organic Vanilla Coffee w Raw Cream
B – scoop of protein w scoop of coconut butter
L – sardines w/ salsa, pumpkin seeds and madadamias
D –  (dinner was at my sisters house this time)  pumpkin seeds, chicken, salad, cauliflower au gratin, 5 tortilla chips, SEVERAL small paleo chocolate chip cookies – too many:) ( 21 for dinner, my sister hosted)Also on table: beef burgers, fruit, cheese)

Monday, July 1, 2013, day 2 at the Beach
Paul Newman Vanilla Organic Coffee w Raw Cream
B – chocolate whey protein mixed w heaping spoon of coconut butter and water
L – can of salmon w salsa, pumpkin seeds and cashews, square of dark chocolate
D – (at my house) sausage w eggplant, zucchini, tomatoes, onions, garlic, red peppers,  big salad, roasted potatoes and beets,  square of dark chocolate (also on table: sausage burgers, baked chicken w bbq sauce, peaches, cheese) (19 of us for dinner)

Sunday, June 30, 2013, 1st Full Day at the Beach/Duck, NC
Paul Newman Vanilla Organic Coffee w Raw Cream (we brought 2 pints of cream and 5 gallons of raw milk with us)
B – scoop of chocolate whey protein, a bunch of cherries
L – can of salmon mixed with salsa, 2 squares of dark chocolate, peach
D – Big Family Dinner – 17 of us/what I put on the table:  beef and lamb burgers, eggplant with sausage/onions/peppers and cheese, big salad, roasted white/sweet potatoes/beets, watermelon, peaches/blueberries, cheese slices.  What I ate:  the eggplant stuff, giant salad w/feta/olive oil/balsamic, and peaches/blueberries.     Macy made Paleo chocolate chip cookies – had 2.  (made with almond flour and 1/4c honey, no grains or white sugar)

Saturday, June 29, 2013Travel Day, 8 hours
Paul Newman Vanilla Coffee w Raw Cream
B – (packed) scoop of protein, 2 tbsp coconut butter, mixed w water
All my kids packed nuts and grapes to eat in the car
L – (packed) big salad w chicken, balsamic, and olive oil
All my kids packed:  3 did sandwiches (turkey/cheese and pbj),  2 did salads
SNACK – stopped at Grandy’s and bought fresh ground HOT peanut butter – delicious! ate on a few peanut-squares
D – meatballs (I’d made them last week and frozen them),  green beans and corn, with lots of garlic in melted butter, cukes/tomatoes/mozzarella, cherries and grapes

Wednesday, June 26, 2013
Paul Newman Vanilla Coffee w Raw Cream
B – 2 eggs w parsley, onion, gouda cheese
L – chicken/avocado/salad   coconut butter/coconut oil/stevia/cocoa powder
D – lamb (shredded and left over from Monday) w corn, potatoes, salad, watermelon

Wednesday, June 19, 2013
Paul Newman vanilla coffee w raw cream
B – chocolate protein w/ kombucha, spinach, shredded beets, banana, blueberries, coconut, cinnamon/ginger
L – chocolate protein powder mixed with coconut butter
D – half baked potato w/ sausage/onion/garlic/broccoli/red pepper cooked in broth, goat cheese

Saturday, June 14, 2013
Paul Newman organic vanilla coffee w raw cream
B -1 scoop chocolate protein with water
L – out, new restaurant in Arlington called Protein Bar – EXCELLENT!!  Big salad w chicken, flax  crisps, 2 big protein cookies  – they had sugar and flour:(
D – shrimp and fish baked in butter and seasonings, zucchini and onions w cheddar, sweet potatoes, corn on cob;  daughter #3/Macy/aka The Baker, made 2 Paleo treats, an amazing paleo brownie and fig bars.  Ate too much!!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013
Paul Newman organic vanilla coffee w raw cream
B – 2 whole eggs w 4 egg whites/half chopped onion, parsley, gouda cheese;  coconut flakes
L – sardines mixed with whole avocado, S & P
D – sausage/onion/artichoke/garlic   on top of big lettuce/tomato salad with cheddar; roasted white potato

Thursday, June 6, 2013
Paul Newman organic vanilla coffee w raw cream
B – homemade keifer(w/ raw whole milk) cocoa/stevia/shredded beets/blueberries/chia/almonds/cinnamon/ginger
L – sardines/whole avocado      Quest bar
D – sausage (venison/homemade w/ my dad) mixed w/ onions/garlic/zucchini/artichokes/mushrooms/broth served on bed of greens and topped w/ feta, half twice baked potato (made a week ago and froze a bunch)

Monday, June 3, 2013 
Paul Newman vanilla organic coffee w/ raw cream
B – chocolate protein powder (designer whey Naturals), with kombucha / spinach / cranberries / bananas / chia / cinnamon / nutmeg / walnuts / coconutflakes
L – sardines w/ whole avacado, salt & pepper,  2 big carrots
D – roasted half eggplant topped with lamb burger/mushrooms/onions/garlic and cheese w BIG salad, olive oil, feta, S&P

Saturday, June 1, 2013
Paul Newman vanilla organic coffee w raw cream
B – 3 eggs w/parsley, garlic, goat cheese,  banana
L – chicken breast (leftovers from roasting 7 last week), salad with olive oil and balsalmic, chocolate-coconut butter
D – Restaurant – BIG medium rare burger with the works BUT NO BUN/BREAD: cheddar, bacon, onions, bbqsauce, salad with pears and figs and balsalmic dressing, french fries

Monday, May 20, 2013
Paul Newman vanilla organic coffee w raw cream
B – chocolate whey, kambucha, spinach, beets, blueberries, flax seed, cinnamon, ginger smoothie
L – 2 hardboiled eggs w/ pesto and kelp,  coconut chocolate bar
D – big salad with greens, asparagus, carrots, cukes, tomatoes, feta, sauerkraut, canned salmon, balsalmic and EVOO.

Thursday May 16, 2013
Paul Newman vanilla coffee with whole raw cream (got a pint from my dairy – so thick I needed a spoon)
B -chocolate whey mixed with Keifer (fermented tea), spinach,cherries, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, chia seeds, and coconut flakes
L – shredded lamb (pulled from freezer – I made it 2 weeks ago) w half an avocado and half a tomato, S&P, almond butter mixed w chocolate and coconut butter, rolled into balls – delicious!
D – big salad w sardines, cheese, balsalmic and olive oil

Tuesday  May 7, 2013
paul newman vanilla coffee w whole raw milk
B -2 whole eggs plus 1 white w parsley, gouda, S&P, bowl of blueberries and walnuts
L – leftover spaghetti squash w/ chicken and pesto, coconut butter w/cocoa & stevia
D – salad w/slow roasted pulled lamb w olive oil, balsamic, S&P

May 4, 2013   Gone Whole Day at a Lecture
B – 2 scoops Designer Whey chocolate with a tablespoon coconut butter and water
L – (packed)  Salad:  greens, sauerkraut, spring onions, avocado, salmon, asparagus, EVOO and Balsamic, S&P, whole orange, dark chocolate bar
D – out for dinner/Chipolte : salad: chicken, greens, peppers, guac, salsa, dark chocolate bar

April 27, 2013
Away for the weekend at the Homestead, regular room/no kitchen, brought a packed cooler for the weekend.
-Paul Newman organic vanilla coffee with raw/ff/milk
B -1 scoop designer whey chocolate protein mixed with water, 4 dates, 1/2 banana,  1 hard boiled egg
L -salmon packet (2.5 servings, ate the whole thing) mixed with Bubbies relish; 2 carrots, 1/2 dark chocolate bar
D -out for dinner: fried green tomatoes, salad w/ homemade ranch dressing, blackened catfish w / roasted tomatoes, grilled asparagus,  split a piece of cheesecake with Mark

April 22, 2013
-Paul Newman organic vanilla coffee with raw, full fat milk
B – 2 eggs with yolks plus 3 more egg whites, parsley, gouda, 1 banana
L – salmon, Bubbies pickles, pickle juice, half avacado, 2 carrots, 2 dates
D – leftover salad w left over burger, EVOO & Balsalmic, 2 dates

April 17, 2013
-Paul Newman organic vanilla coffee with raw milk (always full fat)
B – 1 scoop designer whey chocolate protein w/ 2 spoons of coconut butter, blueberries, water
L – 2 meatballs (made 3 weeks ago and frozen), a carrot, a celery stalk w/ sunflower butter
D – leftover Cod cooked in chicken broth, roasted potatoes w/ cultured butter, salad w/ EVOO/balsalmic

April 15, 2013
-Paul Newman organic coffee with raw cream
B – keifer, cocoa, stevia, spinach, chia seeds, banana, berries, cinnamon, ginger, cocoa nibs, coconut butter smoothie
L – leftover lamb mixed with leftover cabbage/apple slaw spoonfuls of coconut butter
D – leftover chicken with salad, EVOO